Monday, April 29, 2013

Momma and Family

Just emailing you real quick to tell you that I made it here to New Jersey! I am safe and sound and I love you guys so much! :) talk to ya soon!
Sister Dahl
p.s. i ate a great dinner tonight mom so don't worry!!! :)

Saturday, April 27, 2013

they named me the "Ultimate King"!

Mom! :)
Thank you so much for everything! WOW! You are just the best! :) Hopefully this email will be better organized because I have a little more time and I have been writing things down this week so that I can remember to share them with you! :) Alright! So here it goes!
Saturday: After emailing we were able to go to the temple, AWESOME! :) i loved feeling the spirit there! We are going there again today... can't wait!
Sunday: Sundays here are the best because they are a day that you really don't have to rush... they really are restful! We were able to have a temple walk which was great and what some of the pictures are from! We just go and walk around the temple! :)  For relief Society the General Primary President came and talked to us! It was a great SIMPLE talk! My kind of learning! :) haha The BYU men's choir came that night for a devotional... it was alright... haha :)
Monday: Was right back to learning! :) Jammed packed of trying to role play and getting comfortable with teaching other people! It is fun!
Tuesday: Same thing.. haha only we were able to have a devotional by David F. Evan... AMAZING! He is of the 70's... it was super cool to be in his presence! I know he is going to be a 12 one day.. haha you can just feel it!
Wednesday and Thursday: Same thing just different day! LEARN LEARN LEARN! :) CLASS CLASS CLASS! But I still love it! :)
Friday: We had an in-field training all day... kind of just telling us what to expect and everything! It was really good! It is making me more excited/nervous to get out there!
Today: We are just spending the day packing all day and getting ready to head out to JERSEY!
That's my week! :) Here are some other random things:
-my contacts came
-THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the packages!! :) you are the best! My roommates are in love with your salsa.. yes we pretty much ate it all ready haha and for all of the other stuff! Also thank you for the cookies.
-I have been playing basketball and FOUR SQUARE! :) Thanks to the Visser Family I pretty much rocked it... and they named me the "Ultimate King!"
-YES I got my calling card! AHH I can't believe I am leaving so soon!
-Tell Taylor Anderson that i have seen her boyfriend a couple times! haha He still wears his boots and he was getting ready to write her a big long letter! :)
-How is Nana and Grandma Dahl doing? i got a sweet note from Grandma Dahl this week! :)
-Also.. could you get me Korinnes address when you get a chance? Thanks! :)
Alirght hopefullly that covers everything... Man I love you guys! :) I am doing soo good and I am getting soo fat from all the carbs this place is feeding me! AHHH! can't wait till i will be able to walk around and not sit on my behind allll day long! ;)I loved the picutres minus the eye brow one.. its growing in... slowly! ;) haha dangit... :( but oh well! Also Laynee looks soo cute and fat as ever!!! :) Thanks again for everything you do for me! I love you so much!!! :)
 Sister Dahl!!!! :)
Sister Germer from our Layton ward!

Me and my companion

Saturday, April 20, 2013

We made history!

April 20, 2013
Hellllo Mom! :)
YES! It is P-Day! That means I get to email you! :) I am so excited! Well I hope you got my letter! I sent it the first night and sorry it was so sloppy... :/ I was kind of in a hurry! As we always are here! Which is good! We do not waste time! Well I love it here! :) The MTC is sooo amazing and so spiritual! You just feel it all around you! You really do sit in a class room alllllllll day but it is so different than school! I am actually interested in what I am learning. I want to learn more all the time! it is amazing! :) Well know that I am sending you a letter later today with more detail and stuff but I wanted to send you some pictures and show you things! :) Some of the pictures are of my comp and I.... Sister Maclay! There is one of my little bed... (yes i miss my bed...) There is a picutre of my district around the map! :) My district is awesome! There is so many sisters! On Wednesday when we arrived there were more sisters here then elders for the first time ever!!! We made history! It is great that there is this much excitement! All the girls in my district are my room mates as well which is so fun! We are always together and I feel like we are more of a comp of 6 rather then 2 haha it is fun! :) The other picture is of all of us with suckers! I had to go get my tetnus shot... :( so I got suckers and brought them back for everyone to study! It made the shot worth it ;)  Well... I don't really know what else to say other then if you could... could you send me the things of my blessing...? I want to know what it said about my comp... because it was right! :) I'll explain more in the letter. I will be back on later today... I don't know when though... but they allow us an hour so my comp and i decided to split the time up... so hopefully this makes your saturday because it has made mine! I love you so much! I miss you guys... but I know this is where I am supposed to be! The church is true... and that is that!!!
Love you,
Sister Dahl
also... I am eating more then I ever have in my whole life! good thing I am only here for 2 weeks or I would be gaining some serious weight haha love you! :)
I love my name tag!

My companion sister Maclay.

Suckers for my group because I got a shot!

I miss my bed.

New Jersey, here we come!