Monday, September 30, 2013

I LOVE being a missionary!

Well! Good morning all! :) Thank you for all the sweet notes for my birthday! Can you even believe I will be 21 this week... man... I am getting old... that's scary... anyways! Another week in the big NY! Still going strong! The work is great... the ward is still struggling... but I guess you can't have it all!  ha! Here is my week though... and I am hoping next week goes a little better...
Monday: Real quick... last p-day I have to tell you... I did something I have never done before... I bought a green squash (don't worry dad... yours are much better) and a tomato at the store. AND I HAVE BEEN EATING THEM! AND MORE THAN THAT, I LIKE THEM! Something about going on a mission, your taste buds change... I don't know how I feel about it... but maybe it is a blessing because the Lord is allowing me to eat cheap things! :) hah anyways... thought my family would be proud! I am being healthy!
Tuesday: Tuesday we spent most of the day meeting with the Elders and the senior couple planning out our member missionary lesson we were given the opportunity to teach during third hour at Church on Sunday. We put a lot into this... we wanted this to be perfect!!!! We also had the chance to see a less active who really wants to come back to church! :) We set Goals and Plans for her to do that! (and she was there on Sunday!)
Wednesday: This day was a busy day!!! We were able to go and teach quite a few lessons. We had a member of the ward with us and she is awesome and super bold! :) And she knows French so she was teaching me! :) But we were finally able to stop by a Less Active that we have been trying to see for a while. Had a good little lesson with her and that was super good! :) Then we were able to see our investigator, who last week I said had a Word of Wisdom problem and needs help. Well he was super defensive in our last lesson. So we went into this lesson and the Spirit was just telling us to apologize... and we were able to re-teach the Word of Wisdom a better way using D&C 89. (We should of used that first... ahh.. who would of guessed.. missionaries aren't perfect! haha) but after he read that section and could see how important living the Word of Wisdom is, he realized that he can do this! :) It was like a whole change of heart! :) It was cool and we were so grateful for the chance to re-teach this again! Pray for him that he has the strength to overcome this! :)  We were also able to meet with another investigator who really just talked the entire lesson soooo we weren't able to say anything! It's crazy when that happens... ha then we were able to have a great lesson with another Less Active. After all that we ended the night with an awesome blessing! :) We had another lesson with the girl who is the friend of a member and comes to church and her dad wasn't too happy about her being baptized. WELLLL the prayers worked because she had her dad read the introduction to the Book of Mormon and they talked and now her dad is totally fine with the baptism and he said that he will be there when she does get baptized! :) How amazing is that?? I was so excited! We taught her a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation and she loved it! :) So that was our busy but super great Wednesday!
Thursday: We did weekly planning, where we planned out our whole week, then for the first time we didn't really have anyone to see... and it was our walking day... so we spent the rest of the night walking around the little city where we live and we were able to find one lady, she has twins girls and two boys! She said she would like to listen to our message and so we set up a time to go see her tomorrow! :) We are super excited! It's so awesome when the Lord puts you in the right place at the right time! :) Then we met with the Elders and senior couple again to have another run through of our Sunday lesson!

Friday: This day was a good day! :) We were able to meet with another investigator who I think I have talked about  before... he is awesome he just needs some motivation. So we had a really spiritual lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ with him!! Then we were able to make the packets that we needed to make for the lesson on Sunday then we met with two less active people (who are just awesome!!!) we had really spiritual lessons with them, then we had dinner at a members house that night! :) She was a sweet heart and really just needed to talk to someone! And she speaks French too so she was teaching me as well! (Cade is going to be impressed... haha) after that it was pretty cool, we were on our way home and the GPS couldn't find a signal so we had no idea where to go... it was dark… and so we just said a little prayer and we started driving! Haha. Wellll we just made some random turns and finally we found ourselves on the main road that leads to our house! :) The Lord is so mindful!
Saturday: We had a lesson with another girl. She is one that we found but wants to be taught in Spanish... However, the Elders were sick or something so they asked us to teach so we ran over and just taught her in English! :) She understood very well and it was fun! We also had a lesson with a member that is struggling! :) Then that night we met at the church for the General Relief Society Broadcast!! The ward had planned to meet together early and have dinner with all the Sisters so that was really fun! :) But then the plan was that someone was going to show up to hook up the TV for the broadcast... however it was 7:30 and it started at 8 and no one was there... ahh!! So it was up to us to figure it out! So we couldn't find out how... and everyone kind of lost hope... but I said a little prayer in my heart to figure it out and just before it started the former bishop called and told us what to do and it worked just fine! :) BLESSING! :) But the broad cast was sooo good! :) All about making and keeping those promises with our Heavenly Father! I loved the sweet little Prophets talk as well... I have grown such a testimony of prophets since I have been out here... What would we do without someone like President Monson leading the way??

Sunday: Well the big day came! It was the primary program during sacrament and the little kids did such a good job! :) There are only about 20 kids in the primary (crazy huh mom? there was that many Sunbeams in our ward!!! haha) but it was so cute and had such a sweet spirit! After that it was us... so during the 3rd hour we had a whole program planned about how sharing the gospel isn't inviting someone to be baptized... it's about being a Christian all the time! IT went really great and the ward seemed to really love it! :) The Lord really helped us out with this and we really hope that the work starts to Hasten here in New City! :) The rest of the night we were able to go teach a lesson with a man and lady! :) It was really good... we also had dinner with a member!
But that was our week! :) The work is still progressing and we hope to continue it even more! I LOVE being a missionary. I LOVE learning the things that I am learning. I LOVE seeing all the miracles and answered prayers that my Father in Heaven gives me! :)
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 My companion and I enjoying NY in the fall!

Monday, September 23, 2013

... they can't even tell I am a cowgirl!!

WELL! Good morning! How is everyone doing? Man... It is getting chilly here. We used to go outside and run in the mornings and this week it has been even too cold for that! haha I do not want the snow to come. AT ALL. :/ But nevertheless, the work still goes on! I feel like once it gets cold outside the work picks up cause more people stay inside and it gives US a better chance to see them! :) So I guess I will just tough out the cold weather because meeting with people is much better! :)
Well this week was a great week! (I am sure everyone is getting tired of me saying that but when I look at the week as a whole, every week is really great! Yes, there are the ups and downs... but there is always more ups because I am a servant for the Lord! That alone is the biggest up I can have!) So really, it was great! :)

Tuesday: We were able to have district meeting and so that was good. We got told that we need to work on our baptismal dates. Get more people on the date to enter the waters of baptism so that was our goal this week. (don't worry we did good) After that we were able to go to see two investigators, one teenage kid... who needs a lot of help. I don't know if he takes us seriously... Then a new lady we met... so we will see how that goes! :) After we went to see a member who broke her arm and so that was really good! :) She said the closing prayer to our meeting and she blessed my comps and my whole life, our friends, our family, our future family, our grandkids, the whole works! It was pretty great! :) ha! After that we spent the night knocking doors... (cause that’s what our bishop wants us to be doing.. yay.) Every single door said no, except one! It was this man that was super impressed that young girls, like us, would care so much to come out and share the gospel with those that don't have it! We shared Joseph Smiths story and he loved it! He said... yes... that’s really cool! So we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he will read it and we said we will follow up with that! :) So pray for him!
Wednesday: We had a super busy day this day, and we were able to see lots of people and help them come closer to our Father in Heaven! We saw a man we met in the Park one day... he kind of would rather preach to us so we don't think we can see him much anymore. We also saw Dominique-our investigator that is about 20 and has 2 kids but is soo awesome! She really just wants to make life better for her and her kids! She loves seeing us and calls us her "Missionary girls" We also saw a less active member and had a great lesson with him! Then we were able to go to dinner at a member’s house! (the family that knows Chris dad) so that was great! :) Then we went to see a lady that has a baptismal date for Oct. 27! She is the mother of a recent convert. She has been hard to get ahold of so this was the first time I met with her and it was a great meeting! We talked about her goal and how she is preparing to be baptized and what she still needs to do! It was good and she was really receptive! :) After that we were able to meet with her son and talk with him about the Book of Mormon! Then we called it a night. As you can see, BUSY! :) Love busy days!

Thursday: GREAT DAY! :) We were able to go to Liberty Island one last time before they close the part that we do down. So it was so fun to be able to go and see so many different people again. It is such an amazing privilage to be able to go there and serve! An experience that I will never forget! :) I hope I am close enough so that I can do it next year too! Then we were late getting home because of the Jersey Traffic. (where we live in NY.. the traffic is sooooo much better then Jersey.) Then we went to Young Women’s because we had two people coming and we played Volleyball with them! :) It was fun! After we met with the Ward Mission Leader (who is actually our Senior Couple over the Zone. They live by us. Elder and Sister Kay. They help out with the ward because it is struggling so bad...) And that was our day!
Friday: Was another really, really great day! :) We were able to see Dominique that morning and teach her the Plan of Salvation and she said she wants to be baptized so that will be happening on Oct. 27 as well! :) Then we met with these two other investigators, who we randomly met outside and wanted to learn more and they were super interested! They loved the Joseph Smith Story! So hopefully things will go good there! :) Then we met with the guy who likes to preach to us... one last time. ha! It is hard because I felt such a love for that guy... he just isn't ready to hear our message. And when we have such little time, we can't be preached to. So hopefully missionaries will find him in the future! After that we met with an investigator who likes to party... but we were able to talk to him more about the Book of Mormon. He likes our messages! :) Then we saw a 15 year old and she is a friend from a recent convert who just started to come to church last week. We asked her if she wanted to learn more about things and she said yes! She loves our church because people are so nice to her! :) Sooo we went over there and we were able to teach her the first lesson and she loved it and also wants to be baptized! Soo she will be baptized on Oct 27 as well! :) We are super excited because she is really prepared! :) Only problem is... at the end of the lesson... her dad came in and she told him that she is getting baptized and he didn't really like that... he is catholic... so we need prayers because we are going to go over and talk to him on Saturday. Hopefully he will soften his heart and allow her to be baptized!!!!

Saturday: This day we were able to go down to Jersey for a big service project! 5 zones came together and cleaned up Passaic, New Jersey! It was fun to see everyone and to be able to do service for the community! Then we came home and got ready and we had a lesson with another investigator... and sadly he said he doesn't think this is the path for him. So he dropped us. It was really hard but I really feel that he will come back around one day! After that, members took us out to eat at Chilis!! :) mmm! The members are great! That was fun! Then we were able to have two lessons that night and we saw another guy who is actually scheduled to be baptized next week... however, we went over the Word of Wisdom... and so the date might be pushed back a little bit. Sooo yes. Then we had one more lesson then Correlation that night and that was it! :)

Sunday: The greatest day ever! Soooo... I was asked to talk in church on Sunday and introduce myself and talk about why I came on a mission (I thought I was almost off the hook...) I think it went okay. No one believed me when I told them that I ride horses... haha New York is getting to me... they can't even tell I am a cowgirl!! AHHH!!!!!!!! But it went good... I think... The 15 year old was able to come to church and 3 of our Less actives that we have been working with were there too so that was really good! :) After that we went home and we had to do weekly planning... then we met with the bishop... and after that us and the Elders were frustrated cause we don't know how to help this ward the best so we went over to the Senior Couples apt and we talked the rest of the night on how we can help this ward. Good things came out of it... and we hope that we can help this ward pick up! :) It's hard because there is only like 14 active adults... there is a lot of youth... so they are really struggling. So more than anything please pray for this ward!!

Well that is our week! As you can see it was a great week! :) We have 4 people who are set to be baptized this next month and soo we hope and pray that the Lord will help us in preparing them for this important step! :)

All is well... I hope all is well back at home! :) Know that I love you all very much and I pray for you all the time! Keep being a good example to all those around you because that is the easiest/best way to share the gospel! LOVE YOU! HAVE A GREAT WEEK! :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Another week hard at work! :)

Good morning everyone! :) Well another week I get to email home! As much as I am focused and ready to work, I have to admit these are still some of the best days! Being able to talk and to think about your family and friends! :) Well this week I have learned a lot about Charity. This work that I am doing can't be done without Charity! You really truly have to love everyone the way that the Savior would love them. Something that has really helped me is thinking of them the way the Savior would... Besides the fact that I need this to serve a mission, there is a scripture in Moroni 7 that Charity is the only way to get into Heaven! Soooo it is prettyyy important! :)
Monday: Well after our emailing I was able to get some food and finish out our p-day before we had to go to a sweet member’s house for dinner! :) (yes the members feed us here! Not as much as Fardale, but they try really hard!) Then we were able to have a lesson with a Recent Convert and a Lesson with an Investigator! It's always great when you can still get so much accomplished even on a P-day! The Investigator seemed like he took in the message really good... however, he was going to be partying alll weekend sooo either he has a lot to learn still or he isn't really interested in changing his life! ha! We will see! :) Cool thing... (kinda) happened this day... Well right after our P-day ended my eye started to get really red and itch way bad and it didn't look good! So I told my comp that I needed to get some eye drops bad! So we went into Walgreens to get some and we saw one of our investigators that didn't come to church! She said she was sorry but that she wanted to meet with us tomorrow! :) That was good! Then when we were checking out, there was a guy in line and he asked us what Church we were from... so of course we told him and he was like "ahh.. I want to learn more!" So we got his information and told him we would be calling him! :) So that was great! I got the eye drops and my eye hasn't had a problem since... so I think the Lord wanted us in that Walgreens pretty bad! :) hahah
Tuesday: We were able to have District meeting in the morning which happened in New City which is great so that means that we didn't have to drive far! :) Then we had an appt with another Investigator that was interesting... he talks a lot! ha! And it's in half French half English so it's like Frenglish! It's hard to understand to say the least. ha! Then we were able to have dinner with a Less Active who the missionaries have been trying to see for a while! He bought us Pizza! :) Then we went to see our investigator that works at Walgreens and we had a great lesson with her! :)
Wednesday: Now this day was probably one of the hardest days so far. First off we woke up and it was 100 Degrees! NO JOKE. It was crazy!!!! ha! We had 8 appts set up for this day.... and ALL of them but one stood us up. It wasn't very fun... ha! But we were able to use our back up plans and find some potential investigators which was really good! :) The one appt we were able to go to was a younger kid. He was a former investigator and he is awesome! He really does want to learn more so hopefully things with him will go good! :)
Thursday: Okay now remember how yesterday was 100?? Now this day was like 50 degrees! It is out of control! ha! We had weekly planning this morning which was good because we stayed inside all morning planning, and there was a GIANT THUNDERSTORM! It was crazy! To me, it was like a mini Hurricane! ha! It only lasted like 5 min though!  Then we had a great lesson with a Recent Convert then we went to teach a lesson to a 13 year old girl we found trackting and she speaks great English however, we had a team up that translated Spanish to her mom... and after the lesson she said she would rather be taught in Spanish. That was super sad because she is awesome! She will be baptized one day! :) Soooo we gave her over to the Elders! ha yay. At least we are all on the same team.
Friday: This was a great day! We were able to meet with the new guy at Walgreens! We met him in the park and he was super late so while we were waiting we did some contacting! That was fun... however we met this one guy on the bridge over a little stream and he made me so upset that I was about to push him over the bridge! Ha! BAD BAD BAD! Don't worry...  I didn't! He just kept saying the Book of Mormon wasn't true... he had read it and everything is a lie. It doesn't talk about Christ or anything. WOW. No matter what we shared with him... he wouldn't listen. You never realize how much you care about something till you have times like these. After, I calmed down and walked away haha. I am just so grateful for the testimony that I do have to know that this is the True Church of Jesus Christ. That is that! None of it is made up. It all came from GOD!!! I really hope he softens his heart one day! :) Anyways we were able to meet with the man and introduced the Book of Mormon and he said he really just wants to learn more and more so we were able to set up another appt! We then went to dinner at another Member’s house! :) They are Spanish and we trackted around their house before we went there cause we were early and the whole community spoke Spanish so I learned how to say “We are Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” in Spanish so when they answer the door we could say it! :) Now all I need is French... :)
Saturday: Was another rough little day where everything fell through... :( But we were able to do lots of trackting! That was good! Then we had a lesson with our Progressing investigator and it went good! Then we had this other lesson with an older man and he seriously talked the entire lesson. He thought he was preaching to us... little confused there... soooooo yes, it was great. ha! But that was really our day!

Sunday: Sunday was a great day like always! The older investigator came to church and that was good! :) Then we were able to study and go to dinner at another member’s home that night... it was tasty! :) Then we went out all night visiting investigators that didn't come to church! They all had excuses but it was a good time! :) Oh I almost forgot, this senior couple from the New York North Mission visited our ward today... they do something for our ward I don't really know... but they live over by Swan Lakes! And guess who they know?!? NANA AND PAUL!!!!!!! :) Their names are Elder and Sister Pead. They said they used to be in their ward but then it got split... but they would still go visit them all the time! Tender Mercy! I love being able to run into people all the way across the country! :) Tell NANA they said hi and tell her that I love her! :)

Wellll that was our week here in New City! :) Things are still going good! :) I am still loving it and still know that this is what I should be doing! :) I love you alll so much! :) HAVE A GOOD WEEK! :)
Our New Apartment

Monday, September 9, 2013


Well! Good Morning! :) It's about time I get to email you! Sorry that I didn't get a chance to email this week… it has been a really busy week and we didn't have any time to get on the computers to tell you where I was! But no worries, all is well… I am happy, safe, and IN NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
So my mission covers a little tiny tiny area of New York, Rockland County! And that is where I am! In the New City Ward! The ward is really small and struggling... the Bishop wants us to find new people every chance we get so that the ward can be strengthened! So I will be doing lots of tracting and finding new people! :) And I am pretty sure there are maybe 5 white families... it is really amazing and a great place to be! Rockland County is full of people from Hatti or Jewish. Soooo we teach the Hattians! :) They are the sweetest most humble people I have ever met! And they can speak French! :) I've been learning a little...
I am soo lucky to have my companion be Sister Gaihe from the Phillipians! She is amazing. She has been out one transfer less than I have but I am learning so much from her! She is a recent convert of about 4 years. Both her parents passed away and the only member of her family is her Sister and her Aunt. Being out here on a mission means EVERYTHING to her! It is so amazing! She isn't afraid to talk to anyone. She will go up out of nowhere and ask people if we can come see them... it took me by surprise the first couple of days but that’s how we get so many appts and investigators! She has really brought me out of my shell! :)

I don't even know where to begin, but this week has been incredible! The field is white and really ready to harvest here. There are people everywhere that want to learn more about Christ! But I’ll start with my last day in Fardale!
Monday: Well last Monday was spent teaching our investigator who is getting baptized for the last time and visiting families for the last time before I left... I never realized how close I got to the people in Fardale. Leaving them was almost as hard as leaving my family!!! I loved them so much! I know that they have taught me a lot too! :) I had dinner at the Bishop's family’s house... that’s where my first dinner was and my last! :)
Tuesday: Tuesday morning was full of packing alll my stuff! I NEVER KNEW how much junk I have collected over the period of time that I was in Fardale... I am already scared for all of the stuff I am going to have when I come home... it's going to be scary! hahah but then we were able to say goodbye to more people then head off to Morristown for Transfer Conference! So President starts off by just calling people up and telling them where they are going and who their comp is... it is sooooooooooo nerve wracking! So he called my name and told me I would be in New City with Sister Gaihe and I would be the driver... AGAIN! :( ha! So after that all the departing missionaries that are leaving bare their testimonies and it was really good because 3 of the AP's were leaving and so was some STL's! So it was a great conference! Then we were off! I loaded all the stuff into the new car... Chevy Cruise! :) It's nice! Then drove off to New City! It was about an hour away... we were able to go see an investigator that night! :) We didn't get to talk too much but he had some questions so that was great! Then we came home and brought all my stuff in and went to bed. I was tired! :) p.s. I will take pics of the apartment next week... It’s huge!

Wednesday: We woke up and had Zone meeting so we headed down to West New York, NJ. The road we take hugs the Hudson River the whole way so the drive is so pretty! It's the coolest view of New York City EVER! :) AHH! I just can't believe I am here... hah We had a great Zone Conference then we were able to come back and we had appts alll day! It was great! We had appts with a couple new people, an older man who wants to learn more so we taught him then a lady who just happened to be in the room while he was there and we taught her as well. We visited three former investigators and we got an appt with them and they said that the missionaries before just stopped meeting with them but they want to learn more! So we are teaching them and they are great! They are all about in their 20's and are super cool and want to learn more! :) Then we also met with a Less Active which was really great! :)
Thursday: Was our walking day but the ward really helped us with rides and they picked us up and dropped us off everywhere which was really great! We found 3 new investigators this day and they are really interested in joining a church! A lady and her brother and his wife! The lady told us that she was having a really crazy day but as soon as she met with us she felt peace. Her mind seemed calm! It was so cool to hear her say that! :)
Friday: Busy day... but I can't really remember... haha I think we met with some investigators and things! :) sorry family! haha
Saturday: I remember this day we were able to see our investigator who has a baptismal date! He is really cool! His cousin just got baptized so he is really interested in the church! He still has a lot to learn but I believe he will make it there! He used to play college football! We also were able to see some less active people and do a little tracting and see two previous investigators again! :)

Sunday: We went to church! It was actually ward council so the Stake Presidency came and 3 members of the Stake Presidency/high council were from my ward in Fardale so it was sooo good to see them again! :) Church was great! There are some Spanish in the area so everyone goes to church together and the Spanish just have headsets on! It’s great! The ward is really nice and they were all so loving and kind! I loved it! After that pretty much all our appts fell through but we were able to see a couple people and find some new people that want to hear about the church! :) 

But that is my week! I am really looking forward to this week to WORK! This past week I really have learned what that actually means... I am so tired... like soo tired every night! My head literally hits the pillow and I am out! haha But it's the most rewarding work ever! Being able to allow people to feel the spirit that comes with the sacred calling I have is amazing! I am so grateful for the trust the Lord has in me and for Him allowing me to serve! :) The Church is TRUE! :) I love you all and hope you have a good week! P.s. it's getting chilly isn't?

 An Investigator from Fardale
 Great family from Fardale!
 Me playing the drums at their house :)
 Bishop and family from Fardale
 Ward Mission Leader and his wife
 ALL my stuff to pack!
 Recent convert from Fardale ward
 My new companion Sister Gaihe
About half the sisters in our district

Monday, September 2, 2013

Last day at church in Fardale!

Hey hey hey! :) Well this week has been quite a different week... but a good one! :) My brain is kind of spinning so this might be a little confusing but I will try to update you the best I can! :)

Tuesday: We just had district meeting and then a member took us to Chili’s that night! :) MMM! :) (yes mother... I got the grilled salmon! The member is the one who is running the Metlife Stadium.

Wednesday: We had a great day... we finally got our ticket paid... ha! :) Then we were able to go and see a family who just moved in which is super good! Then we went to see a lady who is really struggling right now in our ward and she was getting ready to go "down the shore" (that’s how you say it here in Jersey) and guess what she needed? Her toenails painted! ha! So I was able to provide her some service! :) We painted them a cute color and she was super grateful! It's fun to be able to use my skills! Then we had dinner at a member’s house then I was off to Patterson! :) We went out for a little bit that night and it was so cool... I talked to so many people! There is people everywhere just walking around on the streets! People there are really humble so they really want to listen! It was defiantly different then I was used to... however I love it! :) (minus the part where a big dog tried to attack me.. when missionaries say dogs don't like them.. they aren't kidding!!!)

Thursday: So my new companion was Sister Morrison! There were 4 Sisters in one house there and it was pretty crazy! :) hahah but it was good! Thursday we were able to go to Liberty Island and serve there! It is always great! But so tiring... I met someone from Bordeaux, France and I told them to look for someone with a tag like I had on and tell him I said hi! :) haha I don't think they understood me! :) Then it took us 2 hours to get home (Jersey traffic is INSANE fyi.) but then I don't know how, but Sister Morrison has serious connections and we went to eat with an investigator at the Cheese Cake Factory! :) YUM! 2 weeks ago they came out with a NEW GLUTEN FREE MENU!! So I was able to have noodles AND a CHEESE CAKE!!!!! :)

Friday: Friday we woke up and we were able to go and do some service for a lady. We cleaned up her yard because we were having a young single adult party at their house the next day! So that was great! Then we went and got the supplies for the party... then we went and did more service for another lady... then we went to a member in my area's house for dinner! :) That was about it...

Saturday: We woke up and went and helped someone move!! Remind me to tell you why she was moving when I get home... I am pretty sure if I told you now, mom would be coming to get me! ha :) Then we went to my area because my other comp went to Liberty Island so we were able to meet a Less Active for lunch... (man... we eat so much) then we went and had a great lesson with our Catholic Investigator!  While I was gone they had a lesson with him and told him that pretty much he had to choose what church because he couldn't have one foot in both... so he was going to pray about it so in our lesson with him we were flowing up with that and it turned out the Spirit was sooo strong so we had him kneel and pray right there and ask what path he should take and after the prayer he paused and said.. "This is the path I am supposed to take..." I don't think I have ever been more happy! It is so cool to see the Spirit work inside someone like it did with him! So he will for sure be getting baptized Sept. 15! :) After that we ran back to Patterson and had the party for the Young Single Adults! That was great! Of course I had to do something embarrassing while I was there... we were all playing a game and we were sitting on chairs in a circle and I (thinking I am all tricky) am leaning back on two legs of the chair... and BAM! Fell backwards and gave everyone there a little show! My skirt was flying everywhere! It was great! hahah You would think I would learn! After that we came on back to my area and Sister Webb went with Sister Morrison and I stayed with Sister Spencer! It was good to be back home!

Sunday! Well Last day at church in Fardale! So it was really good! Our investigator (the children’s book author) came! :) It was really good to look around the ward and feel like I have done my purpose here! :) I felt at peace! Then after church we were able to study then go over to see a 10 year old girl who isn't a member and we taught her a great lesson about prayer! She will be baptized real soon! Then we went to dinner at another member’s house... they cooked us steak! Lucky right? Then we came home and waited for the transfer text... then at 11:40 at night I got word that I will be getting transferred! ahh! 

So that is why my mind is racing right now... I just don't know what to think! I can't believe I am leaving this area... these people have become my family! I love them all so much! But I know that the Lord needs me somewhere else and I will trust in Him... because He knows what is up! :) I will know where I go tomorrow... sooo I will hopefully let you know as soon as I can! If not, I love you all! And know I will be somewhere in Jersey! :) (Pray I get sent somewhere that feeds me as much as here! haha jk!) 

Have a great week! :)

 Our investigators...the one below is getting baptized!