Monday, June 30, 2014

...back up to the North!

Wellll good morning! :) I am here reporting from Caldwell, NJ! Right where I thought I would go! :) Here is my info!!
my phone number is 862-223-.. hahah just kidding :) 
GET THIS! Caldwell touches Fardale and Fardale touches New City! So coming back to visit will be easy... my areas are really close... minus the Shore! :) 

Well this week has been super crazy and I don't even know where to start! Sooo I guess I will just start on Tuesday! :) 
Tuesday: After packing everything up we went and ate Sushi and went to transfer conference! Probably the saddest Transfer Conf ever! We got the whole mission together because President and Sister Jeppson were leaving! And boy did they make their testimonies short! THEY WOULD! We all wanted to hear more... hah but they are amazing! Afterwards we all got to give them hugs and confession! President totally hugged me! It was great! :) I love that man so much! Okay so yes, found out my new companion and it is Sister Shearer! From Hurricane, Utah! She is the greatest! :) I love her! :) After that we came home and ran over to our Ward Mission Leaders house and that was it! :)

Wednesday! We had district meeting! Which was super great to meet all the Sisters in the Zone! :) And Elders I guess.. ha but after that we went to visit a sweet Filipino lady and had a great time with her! :) Then that night we saw a Recent Convert! He is funny! But then we played Volley Ball with the Young Single Adults and one of them even brought a friend! Then we went to institute! 
Thursday: WE found out at the last min I had to go to a meeting to be trained on how to be a Sister Training Leader That was great! Seeing how the mission works is amazing! Sad though President wasn't there... but it was still good! :) 

Friday: We had a crazy day with back to back appointments! Seeing a Less Active first who is making those first steps at coming back. It was an incredible lesson we had with her! :) Then to see a Recent Convert, he worries me… :(  I guess he used to be addicted to drugs and we think he may be back on that... Then we went to see some investigators whose lessons went pretty crazy... haha but then too see Filipino lady again and then to see another Less Active that night! Sorry there isn't much detail. But it was a crazy day! There is so much work here! We are the only missionaries in the area and we cover 24 cities! INSANE! p.s. mom... don't google where I am at... I may or may not be right next to Newark... doinks..
Saturday: Wonderful day! We did service for a member who is moving! Didn’t even get to know them... ha, then we were able to go and see an investigator named who is planning on getting baptized July 27th! :) Hopefully... she is currently trying to stop smoking so pray for her! She is really excited to get baptized though! :) Then that night we did Exchange planning and we planned out all of our exchanges for the transfer! It was so cool. We are in charge of 9 companionships of Sisters so that means 9 exchanges in 6 weeks! Crazy! But we were able to pick days for them... and it was cool because when we started I didn't feel good about it... but we prayed and revised many times and finally we got it figured out! :) And the last time all the bad feelings went away and it felt great! :) The Lord has such a huge part in this! :) I can't wait... we are going to be BUSY though! :) LOVE IT!

Sunday: We went to church! Met everyone! Which is super nice... love being able to put names with faces! Then we taught a lesson to a guy after church and get this-he works down south in Eatontown at a Subway and when I was there I met him and talked to him and he said he was meeting with the missionaries! And now look at this! I am teaching him! :) Then we went to see a Recent Convert after that... well two different ones! See we are so busy... it was a long day! :) But all is well! I love it! :) 
I am so excited... this week I am going to NEW CITY and ENGLEWOOD on exchanges! It will be so much fun! Especially going back to my old area!!!! I can't wait to help these Sisters out and I am excited to update you next weeek! :) Well know I love you all so much and sorry this is crazy! 

Have a good week!
Sister Dahl
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My new Companion and all my STUFF!!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

I know families CAN be together forever.

Wow! what a crazy weeeek! I feel like i have a lot to tell ya'll... So hopefully I get it in... I think the biggest news is that I am getting transferred! Last week here in Eatontown was a great one! :) We worked hard and saw lots of people! :) I am so grateful for the time i had here and to share it with so many great people! I love them all very much! But here is the weeeeek...

Monday: After p-day we went to work! We first went to see our new inv from last week but he wasn't there but his wife was and so we were able to see her and talk with her and get to know what her beliefs are which is great. After that we went to go and see a member and we talked with her about the plan of salvation! :) It was good! 
Tuesday: We had district meeting and that was a good one! I learned about the importance of making and setting goals! After that we were able to go and see a Less active and we talked with her about Faith then to see an inv. And that was fun! We were able to talk to him about the Holy Ghost... he got distracted though and started to talk about different things... ha then we went to see our recent convert! We just talked and we shared a message with her boys! Then we were able to go and see another Less Active that i have seen really progress here! It’s been fun! :) 

Wednesday: We did lots of contacting. It WAS SOOOO HOT THOUGH! The heat has come... and the humidity! I was sweatin like crazy!!! But all is well, we were able to see three less actives who we have been working with and we had great lessons with them! I had a feeling i was leaving so i knew it'd be my last time seein them it was kinda sad... :( 
Thursday: We spent the day doing weekly planning and cleaning the apartment getting it all ready for the next transfer and making transfer plans! That was good. Then we went to a member’s house and they love to feed us. So let me just tell you. I ate so much at their house I thought i was going to BARFFF! I have never been so full in my life! Needless to say, I have been a little more careful about how much i put into my stomach as of late... :( But they are a great family!

Friday: We had a super busy day! We were able to meet up with our recent convert again and talk with her... I am going to miss her. Then we went to see an investigator again and taught him about the Plan of Salvation. We only got through the first half and he was sooo amazed when we told him that we lived with God before this life. He had never heard that before and it never occurred to him... So that was fun to see the Spirit enlighten his mind! :) After that we did some contacting, and then we went to see two less actives and talked to them about their individual worth! :) Then we went to see the man we taught about the Holy Ghost again! 
Saturday: We had correlation in the morning then we were able to go and see two investigators that day and then we came home to finish our weekly planning and we get a call telling us that our area is getting combined with the other Elders and Sister in our area... and that we needed to pack up because the Elders were moving into our apartment! Man! So we spent some time getting all that organized... then… oh then we went to dinner with the bishops family! He kinda likes us... so he took us to Out back Stake House! :) It was soo yummyy! Then to an Italian Ice place after which again was soo yummy! :) They spoiled us! So sweet! I will really miss them a lot! 

Sunday: Last day at church in Eatontown… Pretty sad... :( but it was good! Felt the Spirit a lot! After church our recent convert fixed us dinner so we went there to eat and then we were able to go to a fireside with a guy who is over the teaching and learning in seminary for the state of New Jersey! So that was soo good being able to listen to him talk... and learn a new way to study! It was for the ward but we were invited too! :) Then we came home and packed some more! :) Then at 10:26 at night... right before bed... i get a call from President extending the call to be a Sister Training Leader! AHHH! 
So this next transfer will be a fun one! :) I will let ya know next week where i am going but as for now I am so grateful for my time as a missionary! When President calls you to a leadership position something he always says is... "Sister Dahl... The Savior has extended a call to you..." and that right there just humbles you right away. To know that the Lord has trust in ME… a 21 year old girl who likes to get in wrecks and talks too much... it's just humbling. I hope that I will be able to serve the Sisters I am in charge of and help them out as much as I can! I know this gospel is the only way to happiness. I know Heavenly Father is bound to bless us when we obey! I know families CAN be together forever. And i know that God loves us all! :) Have a good week!

Sister Dahlll :)
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 Our District! 
 A family in our ward. They are moving to FARMINGTON this week! Don't be surprised if they show up at our door step mom... ha he has our address. 
 The Jersey Shore Sunrise this morning at 5:30 am!!

Our group of last time on the shore!

Monday, June 16, 2014

...another one bites the dust!

Wellll Happy Late Father’s Day to all those Dads out there! :) Isn't it amazing how lucky we are to have Fathers? I was asked to share a spiritual thought this week in Ward Council and I looked up in the Family Proclamation to the World what it said about Fathers and it said something about them being primarily responsible for the love and righteousness and necessities of their children. I know that is true with my father. But as I was thinking more, I love that those are the exact characteristics of our Loving Father in Heaven! He watches over us with love and righteousness and he will take care of our every NEED because He knows us all so well. It makes so much sense of how we, as human beings, are capable of becoming someone like Him.  As Fathers and (and even mothers in their responsibility) we have those God-like characteristics inside of us! Just proof that we are His children and that He wants us to become like Him! :) I love my Father in Heaven and my earthly dad soo much :) 

This week was sure great... and fun! :) Here we goooo:
Monday: We had a great time because as a zone we dyed all our shirts that we were going to wear for our summer bash and we practiced our skit and it was fun! :) Then we went to have dinner with a member... they took us out to Perkins and that was yummy and that was pretty much our night!

Tuesday: We had district meeting and then we were asked to take the others Sister down south because they don't have a car so we spent time driving them around and then we made it back to our appointment with one of the sisters in our ward and talked with her about the Plan of Salvation. Then our recent convert had us over for dinner :) And that was really our night too! 
Wednesday was a fun day!: We started out the day after studies at lunch with a member-she took us to eat Sushi! :) love her! Then we were able to go and see an investigator with a member and we had a great lesson with him about prayer. He has never really prayed before so we helped him with that! Then we went to contact and we were knocking on some doors in an apartment complex and we looked behind and we saw these two little 8 year old girls following us... ha so they asked us what we were doing we told them we shared a message about Jesus Christ and they said we wanna learn! So we sat down with them for a little bit and started talking to them about Christ… when out of nowhere one of the girls gets up and realizes she lost her phone (yes an 8 year old with a phone... sick. anyways) they ran and started to look for it and couldn't find it anywhere... so they came back to us and I had an idea to say a prayer with them. So we did… we said a prayer with them and asked to help us find the phone! And seriously not even 2 seconds after we were done with the prayer the little brother comes running over saying he has the phone!!!! It was so great to see how Heavenly Father just wanted to show His power to the little girls! After that they came over SCREAMING telling us "The prayer worked! It worked!!!!" So cute! :) After that we taught some less actives and it was a good night! :)

Thursday: We taught 2 Less Actives which was fun then we weekly planned then that night we drove up to Freehold to stay the night at a Sisters house so we didn't have to drive so far the next morning! Don't worry-I gave two haircuts that night too! Keepin in practice! :)

Friday- All day in Morristown! We were supposed to go to a park but it POURED RAIN all day so we had to play games and have fun inside. :) Our cake and pictures to follow! It was a fun day! Also Spiritual... president and Sister Jeppson talked to us for pretty much the last time and let’s just say there wasn't a dry eye in the place! It was crazy and one day I will tell you the amazing stories president has... and all the stuff he has went through! That night we had a ward party so we went to that as well! :) 

Saturday: Great day! We taught lots of door step lessons contacting and it was fun! :) (sorry I am running out of time)
Sunday: Fun day as well! There was a baptism in the ward, someone taught by the Elders so that was fun to watch! After church we did some contacting and that was really that! :) 

So sorry this is short! We did have a great week... this email time goes by way too fast! Know that the gospel is true. :) 
Love ya all! Sister Dahl! :) 

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 Me giving a haircut!
 Our cake: “Jeppson Ark” We were all an animal (our zone) and it was gluten free! :) 
The zone and our shirts and flag! 


Monday, June 9, 2014

I love missions!

Welllll I love missions! :) That’s all. I love being able to LOVE people so much! It's so great to feel the love for other people that the Savior has! If that makes any sense at all... Love. It's just a great word and I can truly feel how much Heavenly Father and our Savior love the people of New Jersey! :) Even if they are a little on the strange side...

Monday: Okay. Monday was awesome because we literally played sports all P-day! I was dying by the end of the day but it was a lot of fun! :) After that we were able to go and see a less active, and talk to him about the Holy Ghost and how he can receive answers to his prayers :) Then we went to see our recent converts and taught them about how to improve their prayers! :) They are doing sooooooo good! :) Oh yeah… a member did take us out for Gluten Free Pizza as well! :) So sweet!
Tuesday: We had a great day after Zone Meeting and then we were able to go and see a Less Active with a member... this old guy is so funny and he can't even hear us but we still try to help him out! :) After we went contacting and we met this lady who let us right in and wanted to talk about Jesus! She said she just "found Him" a little bit ago and she was so happy! ahha she was a hoot but hopefully we can really help her "find Him"! :) Then we met up with another Less Active! We are doing a lot of that in this area! :) Meeting with people who need to get back to church! :) 

Wednesday: We had a day of service so that was nice! We helped a member get packed up to move and they are moving to FARMINGTON, UTAH!!! They are the funniest couple and I am pretty sure I am the only one that is excited they are moving! :) Then we went and did service for our convert as well. She didn't feel good at all and so she needed help with some things! After we met another cute couple contacting and they let us teach them a lesson so that was good as well! :) 
Thursday: Remember the referral from last week? Well this week they wanted us to come back and meet with their Daughter. So we did. When we went over there the mom  sat us down and said here is my daughter and her friend... talk to them! Tell them what you do as missionaries... ha a little different than we expected but we talked for a bit then we shared the Restoration and it was probably the most spiritual lesson I’ve had in a long time! It was two 15 year old girls who were just soaking up everything we said! After the lesson they said they could feel the Spirit and they never had felt that way before and they really wanted to keep feeling it and that they would read the Book of Mormon for sure! It was great! After though the mom wouldn't really let us make another appt…so we are just praying that they will call us soon so we can go back over cause they are amazing! :) After that we met with a new couple we met the other day and we taught them the Restoration and they were so excited to hear we have a Prophet on the earth again today! :) That was fun! So it was a good Spiritual day! :) 

Friday: Sister Robison had to go to the doctor so we spent most of the day up North for that... then when we got back we were able to have a member take us to meet this man that we met at Walmart the other day! Yes grandma he works there! :) But anyways, a couple weeks back we gave him a card with our number on it and he called us! He said he was so impressed that he wanted to know more! So that was great! :) We met with him and he just drilled us with questions... but he said he liked what he heard and wants to meet again! :) 
Saturday: We taught a former investigator again and we had a wonderful lesson with him. He had been taught like everything from the missionaries before so we wanted to talk about something different. He is a Methodist so we talked about the structure of Christ’s Church in the Bible and after that he realized his church wasn't doing things right! He said he needed the weekend to think about things... so we have another appt with him this week so I’ll let ya know how that goes! :) But that was the highlight of that day! :) 

Sunday: Was the best! :) We were able to do some contacting after church and some studies and that was that! :) 

This week we are excited because on Friday we are getting together with the whole mission for a summer bash where we play games all day and it will be President and Sister Jeppsons last hoorah before they go home! :) But other than that, we get to keep working! :) Know that I know this truly is Christ’s Church. I know this church is run by Him and I am so grateful I get to share that with the rest of the world! :) Love you all so much! Have a good week! :) 
Sister Dahl! 


Hey! Man... What a great week! :) Ya know… I am running out of ways to start my emails... ha so I guess I'll just go into what happened this week! Okay cool. 

Monday: Memorial day! YAY! So we had a half p-day because we were going to the temple and that is supposed to count as the p-day soo anyways we were able to go out and work that night a little earlier than usual. So we started by visiting some potential investigators at their homes. We went to one person’s house looking for this man and his wife answered the door and we said we were looking for him and she said he was sleeping but told us to come right up stairs! So we said okay! So we sat down and talked to her for a while and she is from Brazil! :) She is so sweet, eventually I think we woke up her husband cause he came out and we taught them about the Book of Mormon and I have never seen anyone get so excited about anything! After we explained it a little bit, she stops and says... "Can I have one?" And so of course we gave her one and she is so excited to continue learning more! What a miracle! :) So pray for them! That was the cool part of that night.
Tuesday: We had a great day as well... it was the first hot day in Jersey... 90 degrees with what felt like 400% humidity! YAY! Bring it on. But we had district meeting then we were able to go and do some knocking on doors and we met one cool guy! He said he would love to read the Book of Mormon so he took one and we got his info and will be meeting with him soon... (side note on him, we called him this weekend and asked if we can meet him and these were his words "Ya know what guys, I am really sorry... I didn't read as much as the Book of Mormon as I would have liked.. I am only about a quarter of the way through... give me till Friday and then I will be ready to talk it over with you!" WHAT?? He read so much! In like two days... this doesn't happen... so we are really excited to meet with him soon!) That night we were able to see the family we are teaching and our recent converts! That was good! They are still doing great...they have family home evening and read their scriptures as a family every night! I love them! :) 

Wednesday: TEMPLE DAY!! WOOOOOOO! Best day ever! :) I have decided that it is almost good for me to only get to go to the temple once every 6 months… bear with me... because when I do go, I get to appreciate it even more! :) So we were able drive to Newark... then hop on a train that took us under the Lincoln tunnel then pres. didn't want us walking around New York so he had us take the subway to the temple and back! And don't you even worry... I didn't even get robbed! :) In fact on the way there I contacted someone and gave them a card! That was fun! But anyways the temple was so great... I felt so much peace there. I missed it. After that we left and came on back! :) We got up at 5 that morning... so we were tired but we went to a members home and they fed us so much food... I have never been more full in my life then we came home and went to bed! :) Wonderful day! :) 
Thursday: We had a busy day this day! After our Weekly planning we were able to walk and go to teach a fun member... then we went with a member to go and see our recent convertl! WE actually went with her Visiting Teacher! So that was great! Then another member came and got us and fed us and then took us back home! :) That was a great day! :) 

Friday: This was our busy day! :) We were able to go and see a Less Active! She was married on our birthday mom! ha! Cool right? Anyways... that was a good lesson! She started to read the Book of Mormon again! Then we went to see another Less Active and she is really coming along great! :) then one more stop, a former investigator and super old but he let us back in. He knows lots of members so he said we could teach him again so we will see how far that goes! :) Then we had correlation that night and that was really that! haha 
Saturday: Now this day was one of the worst days... we set some time to go and knock doors for a couple hours because we really need to find new investigators... well we knocked all morning and got 31 rejections! (I know Cade.. that is like nothing.. but it was rough for us haha) anyways...we were super down so after our time was up we went to go to our appointments that night and they all juked us! Sooo I said a lil prayer and I asked Heavenly Father where He wanted us to go... and then a thought came to my mind to go to a referral that a member gave us so we did! :) And we knocked on their door and the lady let us right in! :) She said she was really impressed by the members that gave us the referral and she wanted to learn more! We gave her and her husband a Book of Mormon and we have an appointment next week! Goooood night :) Heavenly Father blesses us so much! 

Sunday: Awesome day! Went to church then we came home and we were able to go and after to study then they had a birthday party for our Less Active which was good and that was really it for the day! :) 
This week was great! Well that was that! We are super excited to keep working this week and to keep finding new people! Sister Robison and I get along great... it's been fun! :) I do know that the power of prayer is real. It's amazing how my testimony has strengthened of that overtime. I know that personal revelation is needed in this life. I don't know what I would do without it. What better thing than to know our Loving Father in Heaven is going to tell us exactly how to get back to Him. 

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! :) 

Sister Dahl! :)
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