Monday, June 9, 2014

I love missions!

Welllll I love missions! :) That’s all. I love being able to LOVE people so much! It's so great to feel the love for other people that the Savior has! If that makes any sense at all... Love. It's just a great word and I can truly feel how much Heavenly Father and our Savior love the people of New Jersey! :) Even if they are a little on the strange side...

Monday: Okay. Monday was awesome because we literally played sports all P-day! I was dying by the end of the day but it was a lot of fun! :) After that we were able to go and see a less active, and talk to him about the Holy Ghost and how he can receive answers to his prayers :) Then we went to see our recent converts and taught them about how to improve their prayers! :) They are doing sooooooo good! :) Oh yeah… a member did take us out for Gluten Free Pizza as well! :) So sweet!
Tuesday: We had a great day after Zone Meeting and then we were able to go and see a Less Active with a member... this old guy is so funny and he can't even hear us but we still try to help him out! :) After we went contacting and we met this lady who let us right in and wanted to talk about Jesus! She said she just "found Him" a little bit ago and she was so happy! ahha she was a hoot but hopefully we can really help her "find Him"! :) Then we met up with another Less Active! We are doing a lot of that in this area! :) Meeting with people who need to get back to church! :) 

Wednesday: We had a day of service so that was nice! We helped a member get packed up to move and they are moving to FARMINGTON, UTAH!!! They are the funniest couple and I am pretty sure I am the only one that is excited they are moving! :) Then we went and did service for our convert as well. She didn't feel good at all and so she needed help with some things! After we met another cute couple contacting and they let us teach them a lesson so that was good as well! :) 
Thursday: Remember the referral from last week? Well this week they wanted us to come back and meet with their Daughter. So we did. When we went over there the mom  sat us down and said here is my daughter and her friend... talk to them! Tell them what you do as missionaries... ha a little different than we expected but we talked for a bit then we shared the Restoration and it was probably the most spiritual lesson I’ve had in a long time! It was two 15 year old girls who were just soaking up everything we said! After the lesson they said they could feel the Spirit and they never had felt that way before and they really wanted to keep feeling it and that they would read the Book of Mormon for sure! It was great! After though the mom wouldn't really let us make another appt…so we are just praying that they will call us soon so we can go back over cause they are amazing! :) After that we met with a new couple we met the other day and we taught them the Restoration and they were so excited to hear we have a Prophet on the earth again today! :) That was fun! So it was a good Spiritual day! :) 

Friday: Sister Robison had to go to the doctor so we spent most of the day up North for that... then when we got back we were able to have a member take us to meet this man that we met at Walmart the other day! Yes grandma he works there! :) But anyways, a couple weeks back we gave him a card with our number on it and he called us! He said he was so impressed that he wanted to know more! So that was great! :) We met with him and he just drilled us with questions... but he said he liked what he heard and wants to meet again! :) 
Saturday: We taught a former investigator again and we had a wonderful lesson with him. He had been taught like everything from the missionaries before so we wanted to talk about something different. He is a Methodist so we talked about the structure of Christ’s Church in the Bible and after that he realized his church wasn't doing things right! He said he needed the weekend to think about things... so we have another appt with him this week so I’ll let ya know how that goes! :) But that was the highlight of that day! :) 

Sunday: Was the best! :) We were able to do some contacting after church and some studies and that was that! :) 

This week we are excited because on Friday we are getting together with the whole mission for a summer bash where we play games all day and it will be President and Sister Jeppsons last hoorah before they go home! :) But other than that, we get to keep working! :) Know that I know this truly is Christ’s Church. I know this church is run by Him and I am so grateful I get to share that with the rest of the world! :) Love you all so much! Have a good week! :) 
Sister Dahl! 

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