Monday, June 23, 2014

I know families CAN be together forever.

Wow! what a crazy weeeek! I feel like i have a lot to tell ya'll... So hopefully I get it in... I think the biggest news is that I am getting transferred! Last week here in Eatontown was a great one! :) We worked hard and saw lots of people! :) I am so grateful for the time i had here and to share it with so many great people! I love them all very much! But here is the weeeeek...

Monday: After p-day we went to work! We first went to see our new inv from last week but he wasn't there but his wife was and so we were able to see her and talk with her and get to know what her beliefs are which is great. After that we went to go and see a member and we talked with her about the plan of salvation! :) It was good! 
Tuesday: We had district meeting and that was a good one! I learned about the importance of making and setting goals! After that we were able to go and see a Less active and we talked with her about Faith then to see an inv. And that was fun! We were able to talk to him about the Holy Ghost... he got distracted though and started to talk about different things... ha then we went to see our recent convert! We just talked and we shared a message with her boys! Then we were able to go and see another Less Active that i have seen really progress here! It’s been fun! :) 

Wednesday: We did lots of contacting. It WAS SOOOO HOT THOUGH! The heat has come... and the humidity! I was sweatin like crazy!!! But all is well, we were able to see three less actives who we have been working with and we had great lessons with them! I had a feeling i was leaving so i knew it'd be my last time seein them it was kinda sad... :( 
Thursday: We spent the day doing weekly planning and cleaning the apartment getting it all ready for the next transfer and making transfer plans! That was good. Then we went to a member’s house and they love to feed us. So let me just tell you. I ate so much at their house I thought i was going to BARFFF! I have never been so full in my life! Needless to say, I have been a little more careful about how much i put into my stomach as of late... :( But they are a great family!

Friday: We had a super busy day! We were able to meet up with our recent convert again and talk with her... I am going to miss her. Then we went to see an investigator again and taught him about the Plan of Salvation. We only got through the first half and he was sooo amazed when we told him that we lived with God before this life. He had never heard that before and it never occurred to him... So that was fun to see the Spirit enlighten his mind! :) After that we did some contacting, and then we went to see two less actives and talked to them about their individual worth! :) Then we went to see the man we taught about the Holy Ghost again! 
Saturday: We had correlation in the morning then we were able to go and see two investigators that day and then we came home to finish our weekly planning and we get a call telling us that our area is getting combined with the other Elders and Sister in our area... and that we needed to pack up because the Elders were moving into our apartment! Man! So we spent some time getting all that organized... then… oh then we went to dinner with the bishops family! He kinda likes us... so he took us to Out back Stake House! :) It was soo yummyy! Then to an Italian Ice place after which again was soo yummy! :) They spoiled us! So sweet! I will really miss them a lot! 

Sunday: Last day at church in Eatontown… Pretty sad... :( but it was good! Felt the Spirit a lot! After church our recent convert fixed us dinner so we went there to eat and then we were able to go to a fireside with a guy who is over the teaching and learning in seminary for the state of New Jersey! So that was soo good being able to listen to him talk... and learn a new way to study! It was for the ward but we were invited too! :) Then we came home and packed some more! :) Then at 10:26 at night... right before bed... i get a call from President extending the call to be a Sister Training Leader! AHHH! 
So this next transfer will be a fun one! :) I will let ya know next week where i am going but as for now I am so grateful for my time as a missionary! When President calls you to a leadership position something he always says is... "Sister Dahl... The Savior has extended a call to you..." and that right there just humbles you right away. To know that the Lord has trust in ME… a 21 year old girl who likes to get in wrecks and talks too much... it's just humbling. I hope that I will be able to serve the Sisters I am in charge of and help them out as much as I can! I know this gospel is the only way to happiness. I know Heavenly Father is bound to bless us when we obey! I know families CAN be together forever. And i know that God loves us all! :) Have a good week!

Sister Dahlll :)
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 Our District! 
 A family in our ward. They are moving to FARMINGTON this week! Don't be surprised if they show up at our door step mom... ha he has our address. 
 The Jersey Shore Sunrise this morning at 5:30 am!!

Our group of last time on the shore!

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