Monday, June 16, 2014

...another one bites the dust!

Wellll Happy Late Father’s Day to all those Dads out there! :) Isn't it amazing how lucky we are to have Fathers? I was asked to share a spiritual thought this week in Ward Council and I looked up in the Family Proclamation to the World what it said about Fathers and it said something about them being primarily responsible for the love and righteousness and necessities of their children. I know that is true with my father. But as I was thinking more, I love that those are the exact characteristics of our Loving Father in Heaven! He watches over us with love and righteousness and he will take care of our every NEED because He knows us all so well. It makes so much sense of how we, as human beings, are capable of becoming someone like Him.  As Fathers and (and even mothers in their responsibility) we have those God-like characteristics inside of us! Just proof that we are His children and that He wants us to become like Him! :) I love my Father in Heaven and my earthly dad soo much :) 

This week was sure great... and fun! :) Here we goooo:
Monday: We had a great time because as a zone we dyed all our shirts that we were going to wear for our summer bash and we practiced our skit and it was fun! :) Then we went to have dinner with a member... they took us out to Perkins and that was yummy and that was pretty much our night!

Tuesday: We had district meeting and then we were asked to take the others Sister down south because they don't have a car so we spent time driving them around and then we made it back to our appointment with one of the sisters in our ward and talked with her about the Plan of Salvation. Then our recent convert had us over for dinner :) And that was really our night too! 
Wednesday was a fun day!: We started out the day after studies at lunch with a member-she took us to eat Sushi! :) love her! Then we were able to go and see an investigator with a member and we had a great lesson with him about prayer. He has never really prayed before so we helped him with that! Then we went to contact and we were knocking on some doors in an apartment complex and we looked behind and we saw these two little 8 year old girls following us... ha so they asked us what we were doing we told them we shared a message about Jesus Christ and they said we wanna learn! So we sat down with them for a little bit and started talking to them about Christ… when out of nowhere one of the girls gets up and realizes she lost her phone (yes an 8 year old with a phone... sick. anyways) they ran and started to look for it and couldn't find it anywhere... so they came back to us and I had an idea to say a prayer with them. So we did… we said a prayer with them and asked to help us find the phone! And seriously not even 2 seconds after we were done with the prayer the little brother comes running over saying he has the phone!!!! It was so great to see how Heavenly Father just wanted to show His power to the little girls! After that they came over SCREAMING telling us "The prayer worked! It worked!!!!" So cute! :) After that we taught some less actives and it was a good night! :)

Thursday: We taught 2 Less Actives which was fun then we weekly planned then that night we drove up to Freehold to stay the night at a Sisters house so we didn't have to drive so far the next morning! Don't worry-I gave two haircuts that night too! Keepin in practice! :)

Friday- All day in Morristown! We were supposed to go to a park but it POURED RAIN all day so we had to play games and have fun inside. :) Our cake and pictures to follow! It was a fun day! Also Spiritual... president and Sister Jeppson talked to us for pretty much the last time and let’s just say there wasn't a dry eye in the place! It was crazy and one day I will tell you the amazing stories president has... and all the stuff he has went through! That night we had a ward party so we went to that as well! :) 

Saturday: Great day! We taught lots of door step lessons contacting and it was fun! :) (sorry I am running out of time)
Sunday: Fun day as well! There was a baptism in the ward, someone taught by the Elders so that was fun to watch! After church we did some contacting and that was really that! :) 

So sorry this is short! We did have a great week... this email time goes by way too fast! Know that the gospel is true. :) 
Love ya all! Sister Dahl! :) 

(Click on photos to enlarge)
 Me giving a haircut!
 Our cake: “Jeppson Ark” We were all an animal (our zone) and it was gluten free! :) 
The zone and our shirts and flag! 


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