Monday, May 26, 2014

Another week gone by!

Happy Memorial Day! Wow I just love all of you! :) hope you all had a great week and are having an awesome day off! Guess what? We don't even get a full P-day today... we get to email and shop and thats that! But it's worth it because on Wednesday… WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE! :)  So here is our week! 

Monday: Last Monday was great! After P-day we were able to go and see a potential investigator we finally made an appointment with and when we walked into his house his two friends were in there and they wanted to be taught as well! So we taught them all and now we have 3 new investigators! They seemed to understand the Restoration and why we need it! It is still super fun to teach with Sister Robison because she can teach! :) I love it! After we had our first family home evening with our recent converts! It was great! We played a game and read the scriptures and it was fun to watch them grow closer together! :)

Tuesday: This was a sad one... We were able to have interviews with President and Sister Jeppson and they were our last ones before they go home... :( Oh yeah. I cried! I love them both so much and they have taught me more than I can even imagine! I will be sad to have them leave... the new ones have big shoes to fill! But after that we were able to see some Less Actives and keep up the contacting! :) We had a cool story though! We were asked by the ward to go and try to find some more people on the ward list. They gave us some new address so we went to look for this guy and it turned out being his friend’s house and he just used his address for some things… WELL the friend said-hey I will have him call you tomorrow or something! So not even an hour later we get a call from this guy we were looking for telling us he was so grateful that we were looking for him! It made him feel so special and he wants to come back to church! :) Finding the lost sheep! Love it! Too bad he now lives in the Elders area.... :( hah
Wednesday: We were able to have district meeting! That was good! After that we went to see some more Less Actives which was good too! :) We also served our recent convert and spent time with the ward at young women’s! It’s been cool to see the way the relationship with this ward has increased! They trust us with a lot more things now! :) 

Thursday: Weekly Planning day! We also had the bishop’s wife take us out and we went and saw an investigator from a while back. We lost contact but got in touch with him again! He is great... just gonna keep working with him! After that we went to do more work with the ward list! Then we saw a family we have been working with! We were able to talk with them about Book of Mormon again and then the Spirit told us to invite them to be baptized and they said yes! We set them on a date of June 29! We still have a lot of work to do with them but they have a goal! :) 
Friday: We had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and I went with Sister Nelson again, my Trainer! That was good! We stayed in our area and saw some Less Actives again and did lots of contacting! :) 

Saturday: We exchanged back and we were able to go to a ward activity on Saturday and then the rest of the night we contacted because everything kinda fell through! But it was good and we were able to meet some fun potentials! :) 
Sunday: Was a good day at church! I love it so much! We had to sing in Sacrament! Joy... But it turned out okay I guess. ha! After we taught the youth Sunday School! That was fun! They are great kids here! Then after church we did our studies then went to contact some more! I am loving contacting because we meet the strangest people! Ha! :) 

Sorry this week is kinda boring... we are just doing a lot of contacting lately and so we are just praying to get this area booming! :) And I am really excited for temple this week! WOO! :) But I hope you all have a good week! I know that through God all things are possible! Something big I learned this week is having expectations! When you have expectations, you set those goals then God is able to use you better as a tool! :) I am grateful to be here as a missionary and serve my Father in Heaven! Have a great week! Love ya!
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 Sister Robinson and I
 Sister Nelson, my trainer, and I
Me with the Jeppsens!

Monday, May 19, 2014

and we're off! But don't worry... WE HAVE A CAR! :)

Well helloooo! I never realized how much I loved having a car… till I got one back! So drama down in Eatontown this week that is for sure.... herrrreeee we go!

Monday: Monday night we got all packed up... went to see our recent convert so Sister Mendoza could say goodbye and a couple of others then that was really it... ha! 

Tuesday: All morning we packed up and got her already... I woke up with a! But all is well… Then we traveled 2 hours to Morristown with the other Sisters for transfer conference! It was funny because I fell asleep in the car-go figure right?-and I wake up to everyone yelling at me and screaming and I look up and the Sisters took a wrong turn and ended up on a toll road and they didn't know what to do...keep in mind I was with 2 Filipinos and 1 Sister from Hawaii! All Islanders! It was great... but we payed our way through and made it there! Sooo we find out who our Companions are! Sister Mendoza went with Sister Spencer...I was her companion for a little bit in Fardale! She is great and will do really good with her! After that! My companion! Sister Robison! She is from a little town outside of Seattle, Washington! Goooo Boeing Inc! She came out a Transfer after me and she is just ready to work! Sooo get this...The other set of Sisters here in Eatontown are the ones that have been driving us everywhere...well one of them got transferred too...soooo they call the new one and the new Sister is Sister Fjerstad with Sister Trias from the Philippians. And neither of them can drive! And President didn't know that until Transfers... soooo there was drama and they are in an area that definitely needs a car...but instead they told them to get bus passes and then we got their car!!! haha crazy right?????????????????? So that’s that... We have a car now! :) And Sister Robison is driving us all around! HA! 

Wednesday: (Lou's Birthday!!!!) So this day was great! We had district meeting and then we were able to go and see some people after that! We saw a less active family! That was great! Then our recent convert. She was going to go out and teach someone with us but they cancelled… :( So then we just went to teach her and her kids which was great! :) After that we went to the church and we met with a less active who we have been seeing for a while and for some reason... the Lord touched her heart! :) She told us, and she never said this before, that she needs to get back to church... She knows it! She was so open and it was just great! :) So that was fun! It was fun to teach with Sister Robison because she is a great teacher and we can just go by the Spirit... I feel like we work well together! :) 
THURSDAY: We did our weekly planning and then we had a chance to go and see another Sister! She is great but we had a wonderful lesson with her! After that we stopped by the Taxi Cab driver... I am still not sure of his real name... haha and explained to him that if he wanted us to teach him he had to get an interview by the mission presidency because he is Muslim (don't remember if I told you that) but he said that wasn't a problem!!! So he will have an interview this week and we will be able to meet with him soon! God works in mysterious ways! :) And that was it! 

Friday: We spent the morning getting a map and organizing our area a little so we know where we need to go and work! Sister Robison has some great ideas of how to get things organized! I like it! But we were able to go and see a Less Active sister who is kinda newish... and it was great! She knows she needs the church back in her life and she just needs to act... so we will keep working with her! We saw another Less Active man... and he is so old we have to yell at him for him to hear haha.. but he said a really good prayer! :) After that we had the chance to go to Morristown with Bishop and his wife and our recent convert because members from the General Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society came to Jersey to talk to us! :) It was sooo great and such a great experience! The Spirit was strong and our convert really felt it! :) Then we drove all the way back that night! :) 
Saturday: Great day... we got to see a lot of potentials and contact a lot! Then we were able to teach our recent converts and get them ready to receive the Holy Ghost and it was good! It's so cool to see the difference in them this past week… even the difference in their home. It’s more calm and peaceful and you can feel the Spirit there. They are so great and will be strong members! :) We are lucky to find them! :) 

Sunday: Our recent converts received the Holy Ghost! There were really great blessings afterwards. The boy talked about him serving a mission! Any missionary wants to hear that! :) We had a linger longer after church and that was fun! Then we were able to go and study and the rest of the night we did some contacting! 
But that’s really our week! It's been good… next week will be awesome because we are going to find some new people to teach! We have to! :) Haha 

Preach My Gospel: This week in PMG I studied about how powerful one-liners are when you are teaching! That’s something that is powerful. Short simple statements that help. One of my favorite lines in PMG is… Heavenly Father weeps when you suffer and rejoices when you do what’s right! That is so cool to hear that... for the first time or if you know it already. Knowing that we have a Father in Heaven who loves and cares about us that much... makes things possible. 
Well... I love you all so much! I hope you have a good week! 
Sister Dahl
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 My new companion, Sister Robinson and I!
All the sisters at the transfer

Monday, May 12, 2014

...what a GREAT day yesterday!

Goooood morning! :) Well what a GREAT day yesterday! How cool is that to be able to talk to 16 family members! MAN I love you all! :)  I have to admit... I miss you guys! It was weird calling and having it be my last time because I knew that I will be home so soon... I mean I still have 5 months but holly molly. But hey anyways. Time to focus! :) And I am sorry but this email will be WEAK… I mean come on… I just talked to you so I don't really know what else I have to say. :) But I have pictures! 

Oh you might want to know about transfers.... Yes! I am staying! Here in the big E-TOWN! My companion Sister Mendoza is getting transferred! That will be good for her to learn from someone else and it will be a good change for me. This will be the first time in my mission I will have a regular study schedule because I will be getting a missionary that ISN'T new and I won't have language study... I won't know what to do... I guess keep walkin... doinks. But I will let ya know who my know comp is next week!!! :) 
So our baptisms went so great! :) It was so spiritual! All the missionaries sang “I like to Look for Rainbows” song for them and she started to cry! It was special! She could feel the Spirit so strong! Her little boy was just jumping up and down like crazy!!! hah he was so happy! :) Her other little son will turn 8 in October and CAN'T wait to be baptized then! :) I love them so much and have truly grown with them and to see them take this step was just incredible! What I love more than anything too is to see how they have grown. Knowing that WE didn't do one thing... but it was all the Spirit that touched their hearts and taught them! :) 

Okay so I don't know what else to say... other then I love ya! :) I hope you all have a good week... see ya soon! :) 

Sister Dahl
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 Baptisms yesterday!
Talking to the family! :)

Monday, May 5, 2014

we have 2 baptisms to plan for now... yes 2! :)


How is everyone? Things are going great here... this week was amazing and I was really able to strengthen my testimony on the Atonement of Jesus Christ! What could be better than that? Also we have been going crazy because we have 2 baptisms to plan for now... yes 2! :) Hereeeee we gooo! 

Monday: ohh what a good day of preparation! 6 o’clock sharp we were able to get ready and go and see our baptismal candidate! :) She is doing soo good and this night we were able to teach her some commandments! :) Word of Wisdom! (no problem with it.. literally the most prepared person I have ever met!) Then we had to walk home... and it was scary in the dark... wanna know a secret? We found a hole in the fence that connects our appt with hers so we climb through it and try not to get caught! hahah it's awesome… probably bad… but saves us time okay? :) Don't worry! We are safe :) #thatswhathappenswhenyouwreckyourcar:(
Tuesday: District meeting! Then it was raining... but luckily we had a member to take us! :) So we went to visit a less active which was really great! :) Then we had a relief society activity (yay wendle) where they taught people how to garden! Our baptismal candidate was super excited and so she went too! :) So that was fun to be there and help out the ward with that as well... then that is really it! 

Wednesday: Great Wednesday because we had the Elders car! :) So nice of them... but it rained... all day. I felt horrible because that meant they were walking... :/ but we were able to see the sister we have been teaching and have a pretty good lesson with her and then we were able to go and see our baptismal candidate that night again! :) When we got there her kids were going crazy and she just got home so we decided to help her out and do the dishes and clean up and serve her before we had the lesson. It was nice! :) After the lesson... her 10 year old son decided he wants to get baptized too!!!! With her! So we have given him a Book of Mormon and stuff. He has come to church so we said okay! Let’s teach him as well! :) So now we will have two baptisms next week! What’s really cool is that we wanted them to get baptized as a family... well mostly the son and his mom... and it wasn't happening… so we have been praying for a way that it could happen and this was it! They finally will be baptized together! :) Then…get this... on the way home it was pouring rain... and had been ALL day and so we were driving to our appt and we they wouldn't let us into the complex because it was flooded!!!! So we had to park on the street and walk in and the water was up to our ankles and we had to walk in the street to get all the way back to our complex! CRAZY RIGHT??? probably a had to be here moment... ha but it was crazy.  :) p.s. good thing we live upstairs!
Thursday: ZONE CONFERENCE! YAY! So Sister Mendoza and I had to come early to the church because we had to learn how to be better drivers... worst thing in the world...but then after that we were able to just sit and listen to President and Sister Jeppson. Wow. I love them so much! They go home in July and so this was their last Zone Conference and it was so sad... :( But Pres talked so well on how to explain the Atonement of Jesus Christ... and It was amazing! The Spirit I felt was so strong and I can't really describe it... I just know that my faith grew! A LOT! :) So grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and the fact that He did what He did... for me! :) And that I get to share that with others. There is a line in Preach My Gospel that says something like... The more you Understand about the Atonement of Jesus Christ... the greater your desire to share the gospel will be. And that is so true. Once you FEEL the power of the Atonement in your life, you really truly want to share it with everyone you see because you want them to feel it too! It's incredible! :) After that, a member took us out to dinner! :) I got some gluten free pizza... yum! Yes I am spoiled! :) 

Friday: BUSY DAY! We had the car again today so we were able to get a lot done! So nice! :) We were able to teach a member and then we went to see this Less Active who hadn't met with missionaries before but she let us in :) She is a sweetheart so that was fun! After we went to see the family we taught earlier again... they are great... but they kinda listened... THEN we went to teach our baptismal candidate again and taught her about Tithing and fasting! :) That was good... she was so excited! Then to see a Less active member again and taught him about the Book of Mormon! It was a good day! Can’t really explain everything that happened... I am sorry! just know it was busy and fun! :) 
Saturday: We had correlation which was great! Then we were able to go and see the boy and teach him about the Restoration! :) Already knew about Joseph Smith because of the Book of Mormon stories! But it was fun trying to teach him... we taught him how to pray as well and it was super good! :) After that we went to see a Less Active, she is doing good… she is still struggling with her Testimony but it was great to see how she let us in on that. We talked about the Atonement and it was a really powerful lesson! After that we get a text from our District Leaders saying that President challenged us to have a street lesson with someone before the night was over! So we did! The next two people we saw we taught them about the gospel on the street... they were two teenagers! ha! We prayed with them and asked for their number so we could call them and teach them and their families! :) It was cool to see our faith be put to the test! Then we went home and did weekly planning! :) 

SUNDAY: YAY! Great day! Went to church! Our baptismal candidate and her boys came! :) She even fasted!! It was great! Then after church we went to teach a new guy we found on the street last week... he was great but ya know… Jersey people love to talk... love to talk... so it was hard to cut him off and teach him much... so hopefully we will get to see him again soon! :) Then we went to teach our boy again and talk about the Plan of Salvation and what it means to get baptized! It was fun! :) But that was really our day! :)

That was really our week... kinda boring I am sorry.. But it was still a great week! :) Now this week will be crazy being able to plan for baptisms and teach and it’s the last week of the transfers! AH! And MOTHERS DAY! :) YAY! 
Well I know with all my heart that this is the true church of Jesus Christ! :) I am so grateful to be a part of it and know what I know. I do know that we are all going to be able to live with God again... if we live the gospel. How great is that? Well have a good week! :) See ya next Sunday… really I will... 
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A beautiful tree in our complex and the sisters in our area!