Monday, May 19, 2014

and we're off! But don't worry... WE HAVE A CAR! :)

Well helloooo! I never realized how much I loved having a car… till I got one back! So drama down in Eatontown this week that is for sure.... herrrreeee we go!

Monday: Monday night we got all packed up... went to see our recent convert so Sister Mendoza could say goodbye and a couple of others then that was really it... ha! 

Tuesday: All morning we packed up and got her already... I woke up with a! But all is well… Then we traveled 2 hours to Morristown with the other Sisters for transfer conference! It was funny because I fell asleep in the car-go figure right?-and I wake up to everyone yelling at me and screaming and I look up and the Sisters took a wrong turn and ended up on a toll road and they didn't know what to do...keep in mind I was with 2 Filipinos and 1 Sister from Hawaii! All Islanders! It was great... but we payed our way through and made it there! Sooo we find out who our Companions are! Sister Mendoza went with Sister Spencer...I was her companion for a little bit in Fardale! She is great and will do really good with her! After that! My companion! Sister Robison! She is from a little town outside of Seattle, Washington! Goooo Boeing Inc! She came out a Transfer after me and she is just ready to work! Sooo get this...The other set of Sisters here in Eatontown are the ones that have been driving us everywhere...well one of them got transferred too...soooo they call the new one and the new Sister is Sister Fjerstad with Sister Trias from the Philippians. And neither of them can drive! And President didn't know that until Transfers... soooo there was drama and they are in an area that definitely needs a car...but instead they told them to get bus passes and then we got their car!!! haha crazy right?????????????????? So that’s that... We have a car now! :) And Sister Robison is driving us all around! HA! 

Wednesday: (Lou's Birthday!!!!) So this day was great! We had district meeting and then we were able to go and see some people after that! We saw a less active family! That was great! Then our recent convert. She was going to go out and teach someone with us but they cancelled… :( So then we just went to teach her and her kids which was great! :) After that we went to the church and we met with a less active who we have been seeing for a while and for some reason... the Lord touched her heart! :) She told us, and she never said this before, that she needs to get back to church... She knows it! She was so open and it was just great! :) So that was fun! It was fun to teach with Sister Robison because she is a great teacher and we can just go by the Spirit... I feel like we work well together! :) 
THURSDAY: We did our weekly planning and then we had a chance to go and see another Sister! She is great but we had a wonderful lesson with her! After that we stopped by the Taxi Cab driver... I am still not sure of his real name... haha and explained to him that if he wanted us to teach him he had to get an interview by the mission presidency because he is Muslim (don't remember if I told you that) but he said that wasn't a problem!!! So he will have an interview this week and we will be able to meet with him soon! God works in mysterious ways! :) And that was it! 

Friday: We spent the morning getting a map and organizing our area a little so we know where we need to go and work! Sister Robison has some great ideas of how to get things organized! I like it! But we were able to go and see a Less Active sister who is kinda newish... and it was great! She knows she needs the church back in her life and she just needs to act... so we will keep working with her! We saw another Less Active man... and he is so old we have to yell at him for him to hear haha.. but he said a really good prayer! :) After that we had the chance to go to Morristown with Bishop and his wife and our recent convert because members from the General Primary, Young Women, and Relief Society came to Jersey to talk to us! :) It was sooo great and such a great experience! The Spirit was strong and our convert really felt it! :) Then we drove all the way back that night! :) 
Saturday: Great day... we got to see a lot of potentials and contact a lot! Then we were able to teach our recent converts and get them ready to receive the Holy Ghost and it was good! It's so cool to see the difference in them this past week… even the difference in their home. It’s more calm and peaceful and you can feel the Spirit there. They are so great and will be strong members! :) We are lucky to find them! :) 

Sunday: Our recent converts received the Holy Ghost! There were really great blessings afterwards. The boy talked about him serving a mission! Any missionary wants to hear that! :) We had a linger longer after church and that was fun! Then we were able to go and study and the rest of the night we did some contacting! 
But that’s really our week! It's been good… next week will be awesome because we are going to find some new people to teach! We have to! :) Haha 

Preach My Gospel: This week in PMG I studied about how powerful one-liners are when you are teaching! That’s something that is powerful. Short simple statements that help. One of my favorite lines in PMG is… Heavenly Father weeps when you suffer and rejoices when you do what’s right! That is so cool to hear that... for the first time or if you know it already. Knowing that we have a Father in Heaven who loves and cares about us that much... makes things possible. 
Well... I love you all so much! I hope you have a good week! 
Sister Dahl
(Click on photos to enlarge)
 My new companion, Sister Robinson and I!
All the sisters at the transfer

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