Monday, March 31, 2014

No snow = rain!

Welll hola! Comoesta?? haha -that's why Heavenly Father called me English! Anyways! Good morning! I am so grateful I get to be here and get to email you another day! Transfers came and I am staying with Sister Mendoza... what I expected! So for 6 more weeks, I will be on the Jersey Shore! :) I am excited because of all the success the Lord has been blessing us with! :) We had another great week so here we goooo:

Monday night: Last Monday was incredible! :)  I love being led by the Spirit... well what was really cool is that day Sister Mendoza and I had a little "tiff"... it happens right? But I told her that we aren't going to work until we work it out and get the Spirit back with us! So we did and it showed that that's what we really needed. To be led by the Spirit. So we had appointments but they all cancelled on us! So we prayed about where to go... she felt one place and I felt another... so we split it in half! We decided to go to this Referral the Elders gave us of a lady they met on the bus the other day and she said she wanted a Book or Mormon! So we met with her and it was the craziest lesson and she was soo excited to see us! She had already known a bit about the church and so we introduced the Book Of Mormon and we both felt prompted to invite her to be baptized! So we did! And she said YES! She wants to quit smoking and she needs something to look forward too! So we gave her a date of May 4th and said that we will help her! :) It was amazing!!!!!! Then after that, we were able to go where I was prompted to go... it was an investigator who we haven't been able to contact for a while. She is a sweet heart. So we go to her house and she answered and let us right it! She told us that her husband was doing bad things so she had to kick him out and she was really struggling and not knowing what to do... so she was just there to talk to us! It was so good... we said a prayer with her and after she told us... maybe this is a sign from God! The fact that you two showed up tonight when I really needed you! It was so cool to hear that! It was so amazing to be led by the Spirit. It clearly is the most important aspect of this work! If we don't have it with us, it's pointless! I am so grateful for that clear example of the Spirit and that we were led into people’s lives!

Tuesday! March 25... wonder why that day is special? ;) Anyways we were able to have district meeting... that's where the pictures below were taken! :) Then we had to chance to go and to contact and we met this really super cool guy and his girlfriend! He let us right in the house and he is having a hard time understanding Christ and he really wanted to know Him better! :) Helloooo that's what we are here for! So we taught him about the Book of Mormon and asked him to read the intro! And we are going to see him this week again! YAAYY! :) After that we had dinner with a member family. They are the greatest and always cook Gluten-Free!
Wednesday: Lots of our appointments juked us... so we did some contacting! :) Great morning of that... then we got into this big... heated discussion... with a man from Brazil... who let us in and who later we found out is a minister for another church!! He tried to convert us. Too bad buddy! But after he told us that the Holy Ghost didn't tell us the Book of Mormon was true and that we were being misled. I walked out of his house! The Spirit was not there. Bad bad bad. After that we went to see another family! Read the BOM with them! :) Then we were able to go and teach a recent convert and we had a great lesson with her! :) About SCRIPTURE POWER! :)

Thursday!! We were able to see our investigator this day and had an interesting talk with her. She is so great! Just not wanting to act... so we will see! After that, we were able to see another investigator and we talked with him about the Plan of Salvation and that was great as well! :) After that, our Team up dropped us off and we spent the rest of the day cleaning because we got ready for Transfers! And planning! YAY!
Friday: Friday was a pretty good day! :) We were able to go and see another investigator with a member from the YSA who lives in our ward and that was really good... she still wants to be baptized and everything! :) She is great! After that we did some contacting and we also saw a Less Active and that was good as well... but other than that, our day was just finding people! We contacted 25 random people this day! It was great! :)

Saturday! We had meetings in the morning, then studies, so we had time for one lesson and we taught a less active and it was great! After that a member drove us to the Stake Center in Brunswick and we got to be with the whole stake to watch the Womens Conference! Our stake had all these fun activities beforehand... then at 8 o'clock we watched the broadcast! Late right? I'm still not used to this being two hours behind ya'll! But it was sooooooooooo good! I loved the message: WE ARE DAUGHTERS OF GOD! COVENANT KEEPING DAUGHTERS OF GOD! Simply amazing. My favorite speaker was Elder Eyring. He was so loving! ahh I can't wait for General Conference next week! :)

Sunday: We had a great Sabbath day! :) AND we were able to teach sharing time! It was so fun... I miss the little kids! We taught them reverence! That way everyone could go to the 5th hour! It was great! :) After church we had a great night of teaching lessons! We were able to first go and see a lady we contacted the other day. She is a sweetheart... but we taught her the Restoration and invited her to be baptized as well! :) She wants to be and wants to come to church on Sunday as well! After her we met with another girl... I don’t know if you remember me talking about her or not…we contacted her one day and she let us right in and told us that she had been to the Washington DC temple and all that and had a BOM and loves our church but she ISN'T a member! ha well we got to see her again and we taught her the Restoration and she really wants to go to church as well! :) And her Husband... maybe ex husband… was there too and he was worried about knowing if a prophet is real or not and so we challenged him to come to church next week too to listen to conference and see if those men are real! :) REALLY FROM GOD! So he said he would! AMAZING! awe. The Lord blesses us so much! :)
Anyways, that is our week! Pretty great and still filled with miracles! I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful work... yes there are hard days... but those days fade away when you have those good ones :) I know that WE ARE CHILDREN OF A LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER! I know that He cares about each one of us so deeply and gave us covenants in this life as a guideline to keep us on that straight and narrow path! I love you all and hope you have a goooood week!

Sister Dahl
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 Our District
 Happy Birthday Doug!
I love my Filipinas!

Monday, March 24, 2014

WOW! I love being a missionary!

Well... I'm back. Still alive. Still cold. But all is well! :) Wanna know why? Because the Lord is blessing us so much. Coming to a new area that didn't have much work to begin with, we have been seeing soooo many miracles and being sooo blessed and led to those people that really are prepared. It's incredible! :) I am just excited to tell you about the week! :)

Soooo Tuesday: We emailed last Tuesday so that night we were able to go and see a recent convert family and that was crazy! ha! But it was an okay lesson... Then we were able to contact and we contacted a couple people that were interested and got return appts but then the cool one was on the way home! We had to walk home cause our car was still in the shop-horrible right? spoiled missionary with cars- but I am sooo grateful we were walking because we passed this lady on the road and we talked to her! She just moved here from New York and she is just trying to get back onto her feet. BUT she used to see the missionaries ALL the time at the store in NY and never talked to them but noticed something about them... but she was always interested about us so she said she would love it for us to come by! :) So we got her info! Simply amazing when the Lord lets our paths cross! :)

Wednesday: Pretty much all our appts cancelled on us this day and we were walking so we contacted and half way through the day they called and said our car is done so we had some other missionaries come get us and we got our car and went to see the lady that came to church last week! Sweet heart... but we decided she needed to go to the Spanish Sisters for sure so that's what we talked about! :) But then we had another great day of contacting around her and found like 5 more potentials! :)
Thursday: We had appointments this day! :) We were first able to go and see an investigator and we had a lesson with her that kinda went all over the place... but it was fine! ha she is a sweetheart that just wants to know more… not sure how willing she is to act... but we will keep trying! Then we met former inv. He has met with the missionaries before and agreed to meet with us again! He has already read the Book of Mormon and so we are excited to see where it takes us! :) After that we were able to see a LA who was so sweet! But we talked with her about the Book of Mormon and read chapter 1 and it's so fun reading the BOM with someone and watching them get excited about it too! :) Amazing! :) That night we saw the first family again and that was good… had a good calm lesson with them :)

Friday: We were able to go on exchanges so we drove to Toms River and I dropped Sister Mendoza off with another Sister and I got to take Sister Houghton with me! :) She is the best-she is from Ogden… the girl I facebook Stalked before I left! We have served around each other our whole missions and we have become good friends! :) She is so sweet! But we had a busy day! We saw our neighbor again! And we had a great lesson with her about being baptized and we invited her and she said yes! :) After we saw a former investigator. He has also read the whole BOM and was excited to talk about it again... he is 85 but looks like he is 60! Very active! We talked with him about gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon! It was cool... then we met with another brother and talked with him about coming to church! :) Then did some more contacting and met another lady. So sweet! Let us right in and we testified and taught her about the BOM! :) Then we ate dinner and right after we were done, a member called us and told us to go to dinner with him! ha! Soooo we couldn't say no soooo we ate another dinner! :) Then we went to our next apt with him and we taught a Less Active lady about Trusting in God and it was a strong lesson! :) Then we went home! Good day!
Saturday! We exchanged back to our regular companions and had a cool little day... so we had appts set but we got there to their house and they weren't there... :( so we decided to teach a member that lived close and that was good! :) Then we were able to go do some contacting and we met two MIRACLES! :) One: We knocked on her door and she opened it and let us right in! We were a little scared... usually that doesn't happen! haha we thought we were gonna get yelled at... but she was like... I love your church! I used to be in the military and I used to go to your church every Sunday! I've even been to the Washington DC temple and everything! AHHH! what? So cool right? So she said out of all the churches ours was her favorite and she wants to go to church again! :) She has two little boys! Soo amazing! She even had her BOM by her bedside! I don't know how she lost contact with the church but it was amazing how God made all our appts cancel... so we could go and see this lady! :) WOW! I love being a missionary! So we have an appt with her next week and we will let you know how it goes :) Then we knocked into this other lady. Sweet lady but loved the book of Mormon...only thing is she is moving! But she really wants missionaries to come see her there! So we got her info and that should be happening soon too! So great day don't ya think?? :)

Sunday! CHURCH! :) Wonderful... of course! Then we were able to go to choir after. woot. not so wonderful! But all is well! :) Then after we were able to teach another lady from last week. Wow. This lady is cool! She was so excited to have us over again and she read the BOM and everything and wanted to know how to recognize her answer from God so we helped her understand a little more, then talked about coming to church so she should be there next week! This lady though is the most prepared person I have ever met! :) So excited to watch her grow! Then we did our studies and later that night we had an apt with the one who wants to get baptized! So we taught her the Plan of Salvation and we invited her to be baptized and we set a date for her on May 18th! :) She is so excited so now we just have to prepare her! :) Great way to end the night! :)
Well that was our miracle filled week!!!!!!!! I just love the way God works-he really is all knowing! I know He knows every one of His children and wants them ALL to hear the gospel! I am so blessed and lucky to have them come into my path to share it with them! :)

I love you all! Have a great week! Pray for it to get warm... on the other hand one of the sisters here today said if it is warm... we would be tempted to go to the beach! ha! True fact! Soooo I guess have a good week ya'll! :) And wish Doug happy birthday! :)
Sister Dahl! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day AND my 11 month mark!

Hey everyone! Sorry I am like a day late and a dollar short... Is that the saying? Who knows. But I am writing! :) It was like Christmas again with all the people who emailed me this week! Thanks sooo much! :) I loved it! But this week we had a good week... lots of trainings and driving but still good and I learned a lot! :) Here we go… p.s. it snowed on Monday again... GAHH it's never going to stop!!!!

LAST Monday: After p-day we were able to go and teach a member who is struggling right now. She is great! But that's really all that we had that day, after we were able to contact people for a while and try to find people to teach! We found one lady who was interested! So that was great! :) And that was really it!

Tuesday: We were able to have district meeting then after that we had appointments and every single one cancelled on us! ha! But it was okay because we were able to go and contact again! :) We found one lady whose door we just randomly knocked on and she opened and we testified of the Book of Mormon and she sits there for a second and goes... "yeah… I wanna know more about Joseph Smith!" We didn't even bring up his name in the whole conversation and yet she wanted to know more! It was amazing and we have an apt with her on Sunday I will tell you more about later in this email! :)
Wednesday! This day we had a day for all new missionaries in Morristown! So we got to all meet together with President and Sister Jeppson and it was great... only I am a whole lot further away from Morristown now than I ever have been so man that was a drive!!!! But it was good! :) By the time we got back all we had time for was to finish our studies!

Thursday: We had another day of training for new missionaries in New Brunswick that was super good! President is amazing and is so inspiring and always makes us want to be better! :) After that we came and back and did our studies again!
Friday: Another day... same thing! It was great because it really helps us with our teaching skills! We do trainings and role plays allll day! After that though we were able to go and see a member again and teach her and then we contacted and went and saw another lady! She is a sweetheart and she let us in right when we knocked on her door! She said that she wanted to come to our church and try it out so we said ooookay! :) Only thing is she is Spanish... she can speak a little English but she is still a sweet heart! :)

Saturday:  We had correlation and then studies, after which we were able to go and teach. We taught our recent convert family and that was good... they are struggling right now but we are trying to help them the best we can! After we were able to find another lady. She let us teach her at her door and she sounds really interested in hearing the gospel so that is great as well! And that was really our night! :)
Sunday: Great day! We went to church! Of course! ha! It's not like missionaries really skip that... ;) but anyways, the lady who wanted to come to church came and she loved it! I don't know how much she really understood... I think we are going to have to give her to the Spanish sisters but still it was great! :) We also taught the youth Sunday School class again... that class is hard and makes me feel bad for all my Sunday School teachers... I was totally the worst girl in the class! :( That’s what repentance is for though right? ha! But after that we were able to go and teach the lady from Tuesday! Anyways, she was soo excited to hear! We taught her the Restoration and right after the first vision we paused and she looks at us and goes... "KEEP GOING I WANT MORE!!!" haha she was so excited! She loved hearing about the Priesthood Authority and she said it just all made sense! I love that so much! It was just amazing because the Spirit was so strong. I know that it was the Spirit teaching her! So pray that she will get an answer to know if the Book of Mormon is true because she said she would consider being baptized if it is! :) After that amazing lesson we had our studies then we had another lesson with a new girl and that was good! I don't really know what she believes in...but she said we could come back so we will see! :)

Monday: Woke up to snow... boo... Then we had to drop our car off because something happened with the Sister before and it had to be fixed…so we are now walking sisters for a couple days... :( After that we were able to go to Morristown again and we spent the day with all the Sisters in the mission and president and Sister Jeppson! It was great! Long day...after that we just came home and did our laundry and all that good stuff and got ready for bed! :)
Pretty crazy week! Not really a lot done...but we were able to take some time to see how we could be more effective missionaries which is always the best :) My testimony is always strengthened when I am around President Jeppson. He and his wife are really amazing and I am so lucky to be serving with them! :) President has also committed us to ALWAYS carry around in our hands a Book of Mormon! It's amazing how good you feel when you have that in your hands... and I love the way people look at it! Not all people will stop and ask what it is...but they see it and they will remember it! :) Love it!

Well keep being awesome! Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day AND my 11 month mark! WHAT? That's crazy. Well see ya in 7 months!
PS A million people emailed me this week and I don't have time to email them all back... :/ but tell them I love them if they say anything! ha!

Love ya!
Sister Dahl
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 Cool sunset on a river!

 Sister Webb and I
 Our green shirts for the training meeting.
 A group of us at training
 Sister Legg and I!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Well Good morning everyone! :) What a good week behind us... I mentioned last week the amount of miracles we are seeing... but the Lord provided us with seeing even more this week! It just amazes me! I have never seen so many my whole mission...! This just really is the Lords work... big or small... He knows what He is doing! :) HOW LUCKY AM I TO BE HIS TOOL??? So yes, GREAT WEEK! :)

MONDAY: Snow snow go away.
Tuesday: We had a busy Tuesday! :) We were able to go and work and find some more people to teach... I think I mentioned last week we have a goal of contacting 10 people and we were able to do that! Then we had the chance to see a Less Active. Cute old man! Taught him about the importance of prayer. Hope to be getting him back to church soon! We then found another Less Active member we have been looking for for three weeks! SCORE! Then We saw a member who is just recently coming back... we taught her the word of wisdom cause we didn't think she was keeping it... but she was! MIRACLE! She is so sweet! Then we had dinner with a Recent Convert. Then we were able to go and see a member we hadn't really met yet that is in our area! That was good! :) And that was our night!!

Wednesday: Wednesday... We had Zone meeting, which was great! P.S. I don't know if I ever told you... My Zone Leader is Elder Bigler! He is the other Elder from South Weber that left just before me! Cool huh? We actually serve in the same ward! Anyways, if you ever see the Stake Pres. let him know! But after that we had to come and finish our studies and then all our appts cancelled but I was able to go to the sister area and do service for this really old lady by cutting her hair! :) That was fun! After, we drove on Ocean Ave and looked at the ocean for a sec... okay maybe like 3 min! So cool! Then off to young women's! :)
Thursday: WALKING DAY! :) And boy it was cold! ha! But Sunny! :) So at the last minute our team up cancelled on us and she was going to drive... so we decided we better start walking to the church cause that's where our appointment was! Well the church is 2.8 miles away! So we started walkin... it took us an hour and ten minutes but we had a great lesson! We taught our investigator about the Plan of Salvation. She had a lot of questions... but it was good! :) After that we had an apt with a Less Active! She is a sweet heart and we taught her the Restoration! It was a good one! She didn't remember much! But then on the way home we contacted and walked and when I got home I cooked myself some nice chicken noodle soup! :) YUM! Then we did weekly planning! Good day!

Friday: Great, busy day! We were able to go and teach a member... she is funny! Then we saw an investigator. He is so kind and isn't sure if there is a God but he agreed that he needs to try more things to find out! We had a powerful lesson with him and so hopefully he will come around! :) Then we had a lesson with another less active just coming back and that was really great :) then we had dinner with a member! She made me Gluten free brownies! So sweet! :) And that was our day! The miracles are coming I promise! :)
Saturday! So we had correlation, and then we had studies so we only had a little while to go out to teach after that, and honestly we didn't have any apt set so we didn't have a real concrete plan of what to do! So we went to see this one Former inv and he was excited to see us and asked us to come back another day! :) Then we decided to go and see a family and they said we could come over! Well by the time we got there... they had all disappeared... ha weird! So we decided to walk around their apt complex and go tracting! So we start walking to the end and we look over and see this lady across the street carrying a big bag of who knows what... so we offered to help! She said yes! So we introduce ourselves and she was like... I know who you are! and we were like really? ha she said yes! I used to have guys come over all the time and teach me and my mom! So we followed her back to her house and she was soooo excited she ran inside and showed us her Book of Mormon (they were really old copies) and she said yes! I want you all to come back and teach me again! :) MIRACLE! :) It was so amazing that God placed us, once again, in the right place at the right time! :) I know that is real! I can't wait to start teaching her!!!!! :) pray for her! :)

Sunday: We had church! WOOT! President and Sister Jeppson showed up to our Sacrament meeting... that always makes a person nervous!!! But it was great to see them! :) Then we taught the 16-18 year old Sunday School class! That was fun! :) After that, we went over to a member’s home that is sick and we were able to sing her a song and then she received the sacrament in her home. It was amazing! :) Then we had a night of studies! Got to get those in! YAY! I have had 3-4 hours of required studies my whole mission! Did you know every single one of my comps have needed Lang study? Crazy right? But it is good! Heavenly Father knows I need it :)

Well good week right? I love it! It is the best thing ever! :) This next week we have loads of meetings we have to go to for New Missionaries so it will be interesting and so powerful I am sure :) Well I know that this is God’s work! I know He lives and His Son, came down and died for us all! I know the Book of Mormon is true. Every time I ask my Father if it is, I get the strongest, most reassuring answer... It is HIS words! Well I love you all! Seeeee ya soon!

Sister Dahl
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 The baptism of the brother and sister I wasn't able to attend because of them!
The Whole Mission!! This is the day I was sick :( I'm on the left behind the President.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The shore isn't cool with the snow...!

Wellll! Hello family! :) How are you all? Things are going great here... minus the winter. Like really? Maybe the Lord is telling me something. Maybe if I stop complaining, it will stop snowing. Ah. But all is well! We had a good week this week and were able to see the shore TWICE! WHAT? Cool right? :) But we were also able to see plenty of miracles! It's amazing-this really is the Lords work! :) But here we go, I’ll tell ya about my week!

Monday: Soooo after emails, we ran to the shore! :) We were there about five minutes, got some pictures, then it was sooo cold we ran back! ha! There was NO ONE on the shore and people looked at us like we were insane... well mostly just me. ha! I was with two people from the Philippians and one from Hawaii... the ocean is like nothing to them. But it was still fun, we did some shopping, went to the mall, bought stuff I shouldn't of... grr... then we were ready to go out and serve! :) We saw a family that was recently baptized, and we taught them a lesson about prayer! It was really good! Then we were able to go and see a Less Active lady. She is sweet... but it was mostly just a get to know you lesson! :) And that was really all we had time for! Great day though! :)
Tuesday: Tuesday we had district meeting and then we actually were able to go and find some people to teach! :) We found a Less Active on our list and he is super old but he was excited to see us and let us right in! He said he would love if we keep coming back and teaching him so we will see how that goes and hopefully we can help him endure to the end! After we had dinner with another Less Active, she is a sweet heart and we had a good lesson with her afterwards about Testimonies! She is really starting to come to church a lot which is great! And that was really our day!

Wednesday: We actually had an okay day! :) Lots of driving around trying to find people, we go to people on our ward list, or Formers or potential investigators! We actually got a couple of return appts! We met one Former who was excited to see us and wanted us back! :) We will tell you how that goes next week! We were able to still see people that day though- we saw an investigator who really doesn't even believe in God. :( We met him on his front porch and he said he would let us come back next week and so hopefully we will be able to help him! We also saw a Less active, she is sweet and we talked to her about prayer! Then that night we went to see a Former Investigator! She is a sweet heart and she told us that she wanted us to teach her and her husband! :) So we got to know them, and talked about the Book of Mormon and they said we could come back! So two new investigators! :) yay!
Thursday: We had a good day! It was walking day but a member picked us up because we had an appt and we went to McDonalds cause that's where the Lady wanted to meet. Her son was baptized in Florida and actually went on a mission all within a year and she just wants to know what her son believes! Interesting lady but we will try to help her and hopefully she will feel the Spirit! :) After we were done teaching her, a man came up and said he was really impressed with us for doing our "scripture study" and so we asked if we can with him too! hah unfortunately he lives in PA and was just here for work, but he said we could send missionaries up that way! :) But still a good day, after that, we walked home and I had a cool experience. We were passing houses and I knew we needed to start knocking on them so said a little prayer and asked Heavenly Father where He wanted us to go... Well I got an answer back that said keep walking! Don't knock on the doors. I was confused and thought it was my fears... so I asked again, again getting the same answer! So I just said okay and kept walking... well a couple seconds later I looked up and saw two people walking towards us! So I knew that we needed to contact them! So we did and they really were impressed with us and said we could give them a call and they even said we could call their Grandma too! She would love it! It was a cool experience realizing that this is the Lords work! :) That night we were able to do our weekly planning! YAY!

Friday: We did some more looking for people to teach which was great :) we met this Former inv who told us that he read the Book of Mormon in 2 days!!!! Why isn't he baptized? Who knows? He said we could come back and teach him so hopefully we can get that worked out! :) So cool! But we also met with a member. Funny lady... and then we saw the family that was recently baptized again and talked to them about Revelation! :)
Saturday: We had correlation with our Ward Mission Leader in the morning, then we had a super Saturday activity with the relief society and we are learning how to make a skirt! That's right Grandma- I am making a skirt! :) A lady provided the fabric for us! We just cut the fabric and we will sew later... but I will show you the finished project! :) Then we did our studies, and went out and tried to find people with no luck...

Sunday: Church! :) That was great! :) Less actives came and so that was really good! But then after we did our studies and then we were able to go and do some more finding but with no luck. But hey, at least the church is still true right? :)

THEN IT SNOWED TODAY! :( But still an okay week! :) We are getting there... next week will be better! I still love that I am here and am able to serve a mission! I am so grateful to be learning so much and having my testimony grow every day! I love you all very much!!! :) Hope you have a great week!
Sister Dahl!
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 Me at the Shore!!!

 "Keeping Jersey Strong is Right" :)
 Me at the Shore again...see the snow? Sick
Me at this big Horse Race Track. So cool...I did have to take a little detour and look at it! :)