Monday, March 3, 2014

The shore isn't cool with the snow...!

Wellll! Hello family! :) How are you all? Things are going great here... minus the winter. Like really? Maybe the Lord is telling me something. Maybe if I stop complaining, it will stop snowing. Ah. But all is well! We had a good week this week and were able to see the shore TWICE! WHAT? Cool right? :) But we were also able to see plenty of miracles! It's amazing-this really is the Lords work! :) But here we go, I’ll tell ya about my week!

Monday: Soooo after emails, we ran to the shore! :) We were there about five minutes, got some pictures, then it was sooo cold we ran back! ha! There was NO ONE on the shore and people looked at us like we were insane... well mostly just me. ha! I was with two people from the Philippians and one from Hawaii... the ocean is like nothing to them. But it was still fun, we did some shopping, went to the mall, bought stuff I shouldn't of... grr... then we were ready to go out and serve! :) We saw a family that was recently baptized, and we taught them a lesson about prayer! It was really good! Then we were able to go and see a Less Active lady. She is sweet... but it was mostly just a get to know you lesson! :) And that was really all we had time for! Great day though! :)
Tuesday: Tuesday we had district meeting and then we actually were able to go and find some people to teach! :) We found a Less Active on our list and he is super old but he was excited to see us and let us right in! He said he would love if we keep coming back and teaching him so we will see how that goes and hopefully we can help him endure to the end! After we had dinner with another Less Active, she is a sweet heart and we had a good lesson with her afterwards about Testimonies! She is really starting to come to church a lot which is great! And that was really our day!

Wednesday: We actually had an okay day! :) Lots of driving around trying to find people, we go to people on our ward list, or Formers or potential investigators! We actually got a couple of return appts! We met one Former who was excited to see us and wanted us back! :) We will tell you how that goes next week! We were able to still see people that day though- we saw an investigator who really doesn't even believe in God. :( We met him on his front porch and he said he would let us come back next week and so hopefully we will be able to help him! We also saw a Less active, she is sweet and we talked to her about prayer! Then that night we went to see a Former Investigator! She is a sweet heart and she told us that she wanted us to teach her and her husband! :) So we got to know them, and talked about the Book of Mormon and they said we could come back! So two new investigators! :) yay!
Thursday: We had a good day! It was walking day but a member picked us up because we had an appt and we went to McDonalds cause that's where the Lady wanted to meet. Her son was baptized in Florida and actually went on a mission all within a year and she just wants to know what her son believes! Interesting lady but we will try to help her and hopefully she will feel the Spirit! :) After we were done teaching her, a man came up and said he was really impressed with us for doing our "scripture study" and so we asked if we can with him too! hah unfortunately he lives in PA and was just here for work, but he said we could send missionaries up that way! :) But still a good day, after that, we walked home and I had a cool experience. We were passing houses and I knew we needed to start knocking on them so said a little prayer and asked Heavenly Father where He wanted us to go... Well I got an answer back that said keep walking! Don't knock on the doors. I was confused and thought it was my fears... so I asked again, again getting the same answer! So I just said okay and kept walking... well a couple seconds later I looked up and saw two people walking towards us! So I knew that we needed to contact them! So we did and they really were impressed with us and said we could give them a call and they even said we could call their Grandma too! She would love it! It was a cool experience realizing that this is the Lords work! :) That night we were able to do our weekly planning! YAY!

Friday: We did some more looking for people to teach which was great :) we met this Former inv who told us that he read the Book of Mormon in 2 days!!!! Why isn't he baptized? Who knows? He said we could come back and teach him so hopefully we can get that worked out! :) So cool! But we also met with a member. Funny lady... and then we saw the family that was recently baptized again and talked to them about Revelation! :)
Saturday: We had correlation with our Ward Mission Leader in the morning, then we had a super Saturday activity with the relief society and we are learning how to make a skirt! That's right Grandma- I am making a skirt! :) A lady provided the fabric for us! We just cut the fabric and we will sew later... but I will show you the finished project! :) Then we did our studies, and went out and tried to find people with no luck...

Sunday: Church! :) That was great! :) Less actives came and so that was really good! But then after we did our studies and then we were able to go and do some more finding but with no luck. But hey, at least the church is still true right? :)

THEN IT SNOWED TODAY! :( But still an okay week! :) We are getting there... next week will be better! I still love that I am here and am able to serve a mission! I am so grateful to be learning so much and having my testimony grow every day! I love you all very much!!! :) Hope you have a great week!
Sister Dahl!
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 Me at the Shore!!!

 "Keeping Jersey Strong is Right" :)
 Me at the Shore again...see the snow? Sick
Me at this big Horse Race Track. So cool...I did have to take a little detour and look at it! :)

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