Monday, March 31, 2014

No snow = rain!

Welll hola! Comoesta?? haha -that's why Heavenly Father called me English! Anyways! Good morning! I am so grateful I get to be here and get to email you another day! Transfers came and I am staying with Sister Mendoza... what I expected! So for 6 more weeks, I will be on the Jersey Shore! :) I am excited because of all the success the Lord has been blessing us with! :) We had another great week so here we goooo:

Monday night: Last Monday was incredible! :)  I love being led by the Spirit... well what was really cool is that day Sister Mendoza and I had a little "tiff"... it happens right? But I told her that we aren't going to work until we work it out and get the Spirit back with us! So we did and it showed that that's what we really needed. To be led by the Spirit. So we had appointments but they all cancelled on us! So we prayed about where to go... she felt one place and I felt another... so we split it in half! We decided to go to this Referral the Elders gave us of a lady they met on the bus the other day and she said she wanted a Book or Mormon! So we met with her and it was the craziest lesson and she was soo excited to see us! She had already known a bit about the church and so we introduced the Book Of Mormon and we both felt prompted to invite her to be baptized! So we did! And she said YES! She wants to quit smoking and she needs something to look forward too! So we gave her a date of May 4th and said that we will help her! :) It was amazing!!!!!! Then after that, we were able to go where I was prompted to go... it was an investigator who we haven't been able to contact for a while. She is a sweet heart. So we go to her house and she answered and let us right it! She told us that her husband was doing bad things so she had to kick him out and she was really struggling and not knowing what to do... so she was just there to talk to us! It was so good... we said a prayer with her and after she told us... maybe this is a sign from God! The fact that you two showed up tonight when I really needed you! It was so cool to hear that! It was so amazing to be led by the Spirit. It clearly is the most important aspect of this work! If we don't have it with us, it's pointless! I am so grateful for that clear example of the Spirit and that we were led into people’s lives!

Tuesday! March 25... wonder why that day is special? ;) Anyways we were able to have district meeting... that's where the pictures below were taken! :) Then we had to chance to go and to contact and we met this really super cool guy and his girlfriend! He let us right in the house and he is having a hard time understanding Christ and he really wanted to know Him better! :) Helloooo that's what we are here for! So we taught him about the Book of Mormon and asked him to read the intro! And we are going to see him this week again! YAAYY! :) After that we had dinner with a member family. They are the greatest and always cook Gluten-Free!
Wednesday: Lots of our appointments juked us... so we did some contacting! :) Great morning of that... then we got into this big... heated discussion... with a man from Brazil... who let us in and who later we found out is a minister for another church!! He tried to convert us. Too bad buddy! But after he told us that the Holy Ghost didn't tell us the Book of Mormon was true and that we were being misled. I walked out of his house! The Spirit was not there. Bad bad bad. After that we went to see another family! Read the BOM with them! :) Then we were able to go and teach a recent convert and we had a great lesson with her! :) About SCRIPTURE POWER! :)

Thursday!! We were able to see our investigator this day and had an interesting talk with her. She is so great! Just not wanting to act... so we will see! After that, we were able to see another investigator and we talked with him about the Plan of Salvation and that was great as well! :) After that, our Team up dropped us off and we spent the rest of the day cleaning because we got ready for Transfers! And planning! YAY!
Friday: Friday was a pretty good day! :) We were able to go and see another investigator with a member from the YSA who lives in our ward and that was really good... she still wants to be baptized and everything! :) She is great! After that we did some contacting and we also saw a Less Active and that was good as well... but other than that, our day was just finding people! We contacted 25 random people this day! It was great! :)

Saturday! We had meetings in the morning, then studies, so we had time for one lesson and we taught a less active and it was great! After that a member drove us to the Stake Center in Brunswick and we got to be with the whole stake to watch the Womens Conference! Our stake had all these fun activities beforehand... then at 8 o'clock we watched the broadcast! Late right? I'm still not used to this being two hours behind ya'll! But it was sooooooooooo good! I loved the message: WE ARE DAUGHTERS OF GOD! COVENANT KEEPING DAUGHTERS OF GOD! Simply amazing. My favorite speaker was Elder Eyring. He was so loving! ahh I can't wait for General Conference next week! :)

Sunday: We had a great Sabbath day! :) AND we were able to teach sharing time! It was so fun... I miss the little kids! We taught them reverence! That way everyone could go to the 5th hour! It was great! :) After church we had a great night of teaching lessons! We were able to first go and see a lady we contacted the other day. She is a sweetheart... but we taught her the Restoration and invited her to be baptized as well! :) She wants to be and wants to come to church on Sunday as well! After her we met with another girl... I don’t know if you remember me talking about her or not…we contacted her one day and she let us right in and told us that she had been to the Washington DC temple and all that and had a BOM and loves our church but she ISN'T a member! ha well we got to see her again and we taught her the Restoration and she really wants to go to church as well! :) And her Husband... maybe ex husband… was there too and he was worried about knowing if a prophet is real or not and so we challenged him to come to church next week too to listen to conference and see if those men are real! :) REALLY FROM GOD! So he said he would! AMAZING! awe. The Lord blesses us so much! :)
Anyways, that is our week! Pretty great and still filled with miracles! I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful work... yes there are hard days... but those days fade away when you have those good ones :) I know that WE ARE CHILDREN OF A LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER! I know that He cares about each one of us so deeply and gave us covenants in this life as a guideline to keep us on that straight and narrow path! I love you all and hope you have a goooood week!

Sister Dahl
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 Our District
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