Monday, March 24, 2014

WOW! I love being a missionary!

Well... I'm back. Still alive. Still cold. But all is well! :) Wanna know why? Because the Lord is blessing us so much. Coming to a new area that didn't have much work to begin with, we have been seeing soooo many miracles and being sooo blessed and led to those people that really are prepared. It's incredible! :) I am just excited to tell you about the week! :)

Soooo Tuesday: We emailed last Tuesday so that night we were able to go and see a recent convert family and that was crazy! ha! But it was an okay lesson... Then we were able to contact and we contacted a couple people that were interested and got return appts but then the cool one was on the way home! We had to walk home cause our car was still in the shop-horrible right? spoiled missionary with cars- but I am sooo grateful we were walking because we passed this lady on the road and we talked to her! She just moved here from New York and she is just trying to get back onto her feet. BUT she used to see the missionaries ALL the time at the store in NY and never talked to them but noticed something about them... but she was always interested about us so she said she would love it for us to come by! :) So we got her info! Simply amazing when the Lord lets our paths cross! :)

Wednesday: Pretty much all our appts cancelled on us this day and we were walking so we contacted and half way through the day they called and said our car is done so we had some other missionaries come get us and we got our car and went to see the lady that came to church last week! Sweet heart... but we decided she needed to go to the Spanish Sisters for sure so that's what we talked about! :) But then we had another great day of contacting around her and found like 5 more potentials! :)
Thursday: We had appointments this day! :) We were first able to go and see an investigator and we had a lesson with her that kinda went all over the place... but it was fine! ha she is a sweetheart that just wants to know more… not sure how willing she is to act... but we will keep trying! Then we met former inv. He has met with the missionaries before and agreed to meet with us again! He has already read the Book of Mormon and so we are excited to see where it takes us! :) After that we were able to see a LA who was so sweet! But we talked with her about the Book of Mormon and read chapter 1 and it's so fun reading the BOM with someone and watching them get excited about it too! :) Amazing! :) That night we saw the first family again and that was good… had a good calm lesson with them :)

Friday: We were able to go on exchanges so we drove to Toms River and I dropped Sister Mendoza off with another Sister and I got to take Sister Houghton with me! :) She is the best-she is from Ogden… the girl I facebook Stalked before I left! We have served around each other our whole missions and we have become good friends! :) She is so sweet! But we had a busy day! We saw our neighbor again! And we had a great lesson with her about being baptized and we invited her and she said yes! :) After we saw a former investigator. He has also read the whole BOM and was excited to talk about it again... he is 85 but looks like he is 60! Very active! We talked with him about gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon! It was cool... then we met with another brother and talked with him about coming to church! :) Then did some more contacting and met another lady. So sweet! Let us right in and we testified and taught her about the BOM! :) Then we ate dinner and right after we were done, a member called us and told us to go to dinner with him! ha! Soooo we couldn't say no soooo we ate another dinner! :) Then we went to our next apt with him and we taught a Less Active lady about Trusting in God and it was a strong lesson! :) Then we went home! Good day!
Saturday! We exchanged back to our regular companions and had a cool little day... so we had appts set but we got there to their house and they weren't there... :( so we decided to teach a member that lived close and that was good! :) Then we were able to go do some contacting and we met two MIRACLES! :) One: We knocked on her door and she opened it and let us right in! We were a little scared... usually that doesn't happen! haha we thought we were gonna get yelled at... but she was like... I love your church! I used to be in the military and I used to go to your church every Sunday! I've even been to the Washington DC temple and everything! AHHH! what? So cool right? So she said out of all the churches ours was her favorite and she wants to go to church again! :) She has two little boys! Soo amazing! She even had her BOM by her bedside! I don't know how she lost contact with the church but it was amazing how God made all our appts cancel... so we could go and see this lady! :) WOW! I love being a missionary! So we have an appt with her next week and we will let you know how it goes :) Then we knocked into this other lady. Sweet lady but loved the book of Mormon...only thing is she is moving! But she really wants missionaries to come see her there! So we got her info and that should be happening soon too! So great day don't ya think?? :)

Sunday! CHURCH! :) Wonderful... of course! Then we were able to go to choir after. woot. not so wonderful! But all is well! :) Then after we were able to teach another lady from last week. Wow. This lady is cool! She was so excited to have us over again and she read the BOM and everything and wanted to know how to recognize her answer from God so we helped her understand a little more, then talked about coming to church so she should be there next week! This lady though is the most prepared person I have ever met! :) So excited to watch her grow! Then we did our studies and later that night we had an apt with the one who wants to get baptized! So we taught her the Plan of Salvation and we invited her to be baptized and we set a date for her on May 18th! :) She is so excited so now we just have to prepare her! :) Great way to end the night! :)
Well that was our miracle filled week!!!!!!!! I just love the way God works-he really is all knowing! I know He knows every one of His children and wants them ALL to hear the gospel! I am so blessed and lucky to have them come into my path to share it with them! :)

I love you all! Have a great week! Pray for it to get warm... on the other hand one of the sisters here today said if it is warm... we would be tempted to go to the beach! ha! True fact! Soooo I guess have a good week ya'll! :) And wish Doug happy birthday! :)
Sister Dahl! :)

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