Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Well Good morning everyone! :) What a good week behind us... I mentioned last week the amount of miracles we are seeing... but the Lord provided us with seeing even more this week! It just amazes me! I have never seen so many my whole mission...! This just really is the Lords work... big or small... He knows what He is doing! :) HOW LUCKY AM I TO BE HIS TOOL??? So yes, GREAT WEEK! :)

MONDAY: Snow snow go away.
Tuesday: We had a busy Tuesday! :) We were able to go and work and find some more people to teach... I think I mentioned last week we have a goal of contacting 10 people and we were able to do that! Then we had the chance to see a Less Active. Cute old man! Taught him about the importance of prayer. Hope to be getting him back to church soon! We then found another Less Active member we have been looking for for three weeks! SCORE! Then We saw a member who is just recently coming back... we taught her the word of wisdom cause we didn't think she was keeping it... but she was! MIRACLE! She is so sweet! Then we had dinner with a Recent Convert. Then we were able to go and see a member we hadn't really met yet that is in our area! That was good! :) And that was our night!!

Wednesday: Wednesday... We had Zone meeting, which was great! P.S. I don't know if I ever told you... My Zone Leader is Elder Bigler! He is the other Elder from South Weber that left just before me! Cool huh? We actually serve in the same ward! Anyways, if you ever see the Stake Pres. let him know! But after that we had to come and finish our studies and then all our appts cancelled but I was able to go to the sister area and do service for this really old lady by cutting her hair! :) That was fun! After, we drove on Ocean Ave and looked at the ocean for a sec... okay maybe like 3 min! So cool! Then off to young women's! :)
Thursday: WALKING DAY! :) And boy it was cold! ha! But Sunny! :) So at the last minute our team up cancelled on us and she was going to drive... so we decided we better start walking to the church cause that's where our appointment was! Well the church is 2.8 miles away! So we started walkin... it took us an hour and ten minutes but we had a great lesson! We taught our investigator about the Plan of Salvation. She had a lot of questions... but it was good! :) After that we had an apt with a Less Active! She is a sweet heart and we taught her the Restoration! It was a good one! She didn't remember much! But then on the way home we contacted and walked and when I got home I cooked myself some nice chicken noodle soup! :) YUM! Then we did weekly planning! Good day!

Friday: Great, busy day! We were able to go and teach a member... she is funny! Then we saw an investigator. He is so kind and isn't sure if there is a God but he agreed that he needs to try more things to find out! We had a powerful lesson with him and so hopefully he will come around! :) Then we had a lesson with another less active just coming back and that was really great :) then we had dinner with a member! She made me Gluten free brownies! So sweet! :) And that was our day! The miracles are coming I promise! :)
Saturday! So we had correlation, and then we had studies so we only had a little while to go out to teach after that, and honestly we didn't have any apt set so we didn't have a real concrete plan of what to do! So we went to see this one Former inv and he was excited to see us and asked us to come back another day! :) Then we decided to go and see a family and they said we could come over! Well by the time we got there... they had all disappeared... ha weird! So we decided to walk around their apt complex and go tracting! So we start walking to the end and we look over and see this lady across the street carrying a big bag of who knows what... so we offered to help! She said yes! So we introduce ourselves and she was like... I know who you are! and we were like really? ha she said yes! I used to have guys come over all the time and teach me and my mom! So we followed her back to her house and she was soooo excited she ran inside and showed us her Book of Mormon (they were really old copies) and she said yes! I want you all to come back and teach me again! :) MIRACLE! :) It was so amazing that God placed us, once again, in the right place at the right time! :) I know that is real! I can't wait to start teaching her!!!!! :) pray for her! :)

Sunday: We had church! WOOT! President and Sister Jeppson showed up to our Sacrament meeting... that always makes a person nervous!!! But it was great to see them! :) Then we taught the 16-18 year old Sunday School class! That was fun! :) After that, we went over to a member’s home that is sick and we were able to sing her a song and then she received the sacrament in her home. It was amazing! :) Then we had a night of studies! Got to get those in! YAY! I have had 3-4 hours of required studies my whole mission! Did you know every single one of my comps have needed Lang study? Crazy right? But it is good! Heavenly Father knows I need it :)

Well good week right? I love it! It is the best thing ever! :) This next week we have loads of meetings we have to go to for New Missionaries so it will be interesting and so powerful I am sure :) Well I know that this is God’s work! I know He lives and His Son, came down and died for us all! I know the Book of Mormon is true. Every time I ask my Father if it is, I get the strongest, most reassuring answer... It is HIS words! Well I love you all! Seeeee ya soon!

Sister Dahl
(Click on photos to enlarge)
 The baptism of the brother and sister I wasn't able to attend because of transfers...love them!
The Whole Mission!! This is the day I was sick :( I'm on the left behind the President.

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