Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day AND my 11 month mark!

Hey everyone! Sorry I am like a day late and a dollar short... Is that the saying? Who knows. But I am writing! :) It was like Christmas again with all the people who emailed me this week! Thanks sooo much! :) I loved it! But this week we had a good week... lots of trainings and driving but still good and I learned a lot! :) Here we go… p.s. it snowed on Monday again... GAHH it's never going to stop!!!!

LAST Monday: After p-day we were able to go and teach a member who is struggling right now. She is great! But that's really all that we had that day, after we were able to contact people for a while and try to find people to teach! We found one lady who was interested! So that was great! :) And that was really it!

Tuesday: We were able to have district meeting then after that we had appointments and every single one cancelled on us! ha! But it was okay because we were able to go and contact again! :) We found one lady whose door we just randomly knocked on and she opened and we testified of the Book of Mormon and she sits there for a second and goes... "yeah… I wanna know more about Joseph Smith!" We didn't even bring up his name in the whole conversation and yet she wanted to know more! It was amazing and we have an apt with her on Sunday I will tell you more about later in this email! :)
Wednesday! This day we had a day for all new missionaries in Morristown! So we got to all meet together with President and Sister Jeppson and it was great... only I am a whole lot further away from Morristown now than I ever have been so man that was a drive!!!! But it was good! :) By the time we got back all we had time for was to finish our studies!

Thursday: We had another day of training for new missionaries in New Brunswick that was super good! President is amazing and is so inspiring and always makes us want to be better! :) After that we came and back and did our studies again!
Friday: Another day... same thing! It was great because it really helps us with our teaching skills! We do trainings and role plays allll day! After that though we were able to go and see a member again and teach her and then we contacted and went and saw another lady! She is a sweetheart and she let us in right when we knocked on her door! She said that she wanted to come to our church and try it out so we said ooookay! :) Only thing is she is Spanish... she can speak a little English but she is still a sweet heart! :)

Saturday:  We had correlation and then studies, after which we were able to go and teach. We taught our recent convert family and that was good... they are struggling right now but we are trying to help them the best we can! After we were able to find another lady. She let us teach her at her door and she sounds really interested in hearing the gospel so that is great as well! And that was really our night! :)
Sunday: Great day! We went to church! Of course! ha! It's not like missionaries really skip that... ;) but anyways, the lady who wanted to come to church came and she loved it! I don't know how much she really understood... I think we are going to have to give her to the Spanish sisters but still it was great! :) We also taught the youth Sunday School class again... that class is hard and makes me feel bad for all my Sunday School teachers... I was totally the worst girl in the class! :( That’s what repentance is for though right? ha! But after that we were able to go and teach the lady from Tuesday! Anyways, she was soo excited to hear! We taught her the Restoration and right after the first vision we paused and she looks at us and goes... "KEEP GOING I WANT MORE!!!" haha she was so excited! She loved hearing about the Priesthood Authority and she said it just all made sense! I love that so much! It was just amazing because the Spirit was so strong. I know that it was the Spirit teaching her! So pray that she will get an answer to know if the Book of Mormon is true because she said she would consider being baptized if it is! :) After that amazing lesson we had our studies then we had another lesson with a new girl and that was good! I don't really know what she believes in...but she said we could come back so we will see! :)

Monday: Woke up to snow... boo... Then we had to drop our car off because something happened with the Sister before and it had to be fixed…so we are now walking sisters for a couple days... :( After that we were able to go to Morristown again and we spent the day with all the Sisters in the mission and president and Sister Jeppson! It was great! Long day...after that we just came home and did our laundry and all that good stuff and got ready for bed! :)
Pretty crazy week! Not really a lot done...but we were able to take some time to see how we could be more effective missionaries which is always the best :) My testimony is always strengthened when I am around President Jeppson. He and his wife are really amazing and I am so lucky to be serving with them! :) President has also committed us to ALWAYS carry around in our hands a Book of Mormon! It's amazing how good you feel when you have that in your hands... and I love the way people look at it! Not all people will stop and ask what it is...but they see it and they will remember it! :) Love it!

Well keep being awesome! Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day AND my 11 month mark! WHAT? That's crazy. Well see ya in 7 months!
PS A million people emailed me this week and I don't have time to email them all back... :/ but tell them I love them if they say anything! ha!

Love ya!
Sister Dahl
(Click on photos to enlarge)
 Cool sunset on a river!

 Sister Webb and I
 Our green shirts for the training meeting.
 A group of us at training
 Sister Legg and I!

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