Monday, July 29, 2013 lucky I am to be an instrument in God’s hands

Wellllll here I am, to report about another amazing week and to once again tell how much I love being a missionary. I am always filled with so much gratitude on Mondays because these are the days that I can just sit and think about how amazing my week was and just realize how lucky I am to be an instrument in God’s hands and to serve Him all day every day! So I did remember my planner this week so I will be able to tell you what happened each day... ha! So here we go!

MONDAY: After emails, we went shopping... :) ha so much fun!!! We went to the Garden State Mall... (that thing is huge) so you know what happened... I spent way too much... ha! We also went to lunch with the Elders at a place called Friendly's for Sister Nelsons last little outing with them... well guess what?? That night we must of all got poisoned or something because we were all sick!! :( not fun! So Monday night we were able to just get everything ready for Sister Nelson because we got news that she was leaving. So she packed up all night and we decided to get all our mattresses together on the floor and we had one last sleep over with the 3 of us! ha it was fun! :) Girls’ night! Even though I am a missionary-I can still be a girl! HA!

TUESDAY: We woke up and we felt much better! So we studied and got everything ready and packed up. Since Sister Webb and I were staying in the apartment we decided we didn't want bunk beds anymore so while Sister Nelson was packing we got out the tools and took apart the bunk beds! HA! I broke the screw driver... :/ but after that we headed off! We went to Short Hills, NJ where we had a giant transfer conference!  It was really neat, President talked and all of the departing missionaries got up and bore their testimony! Neat experience! But after we found out where everyone was going!!! Sister Nelson was transferred to Freehold, NJ which is down South we think... ha! Then everything was done and they didn't say anything about Sister Webb and I so that meant it was just us two!! Just me and her (two newbies) running the area of Fardale! We couldn't believe it!!!! ha! So we got back in the car and drove back to our area... We were able to go to dinner at a member’s house (who is moving back to Herriman, UT this week) and then it was time to go home. It was weird just having two of us... but it was great! Sister Webb and I should be real life Sisters. We are so much alike! We are ALWAYS thinking the same thoughts and everything! It is cool! :) So we were excited about the new adventure!!!! :)

So WEDNESDAY: We woke up and we were ready to get to work!!! We had District meeting which lasts all morning but then we had a lesson with a Less Active! It went okay... It's sad when you do all you can and it is just up to them to make the choice and ACT on their Faith and agency. They have to choose for themselves. But after that a member took us to dinner at a restaurant and it was delicious! :) Then we went to Young Women’s. I have really enjoyed going to YW every week... it may not be the most productive thing to do (but the Bishop has asked us to do it) but I hope we are able to make an impression on those Young Women and strengthen their Testimonies of Jesus Christ! :) Oh yeah... it was Pioneer Day.. How was that?? :)

THURSDAY!! We had the opportunity to go to the Statue of Liberty again!!! AHH! :)  This is sooo much fun! Only part was... we were outside all day and it was I bet 60 Degrees and freezing!!! NJ weather is worse than Utah... changes from hot to cold every hour!!! It's crazy! But we were able to talk to so many people! It was so fun! Even though we aren't able to preach to them, just by wearing our name tags we are able to represent the Savior! :) It was my goal to bring up to someone something about God and I did! :) I also told a lot of people about Family History Work and how they should check out Family Search! :) I met two people from SLC that were LDS... it was so fun! It's great when people recognize you! :) But this time I met people from: Brazil, France, Spain, Italy, Australia, China, Japan, Columbia.. I can't even remember the rest! Literally from everywhere!!!! It's so cool!!! :)

FRIDAY: This day was great... cause we were finally back to doing work... we were able to meet with both our Recent Converts! We were also able to meet with a Less Active… So I don't know if I told you about her a while back but was really offended... bad... :( when I got here I didn't think there was really a way that she would ever forgive or come back to church or anything... however, over the past couple months I have seen such a change in her! She has started to pray again, she has noticed blessings in her life, and she has been at church for the last month! :) It's been amazing! So her ex-husband isn't a member, and her two kids aren't either but only because her ex won't let them... :( but they are amazing! So they were at her house on Friday when we went and saw them and we had such a spiritual lesson! We planned to talk about Testimonies! So we did then we took time and gave them a piece of paper and we all wrote down our Testimonies on paper! Everyone wrote so fast-even the kids! The Spirit was there so strong! You could tell they all have a testimony of the Church! We challenged them to read it to each other later... It was really a great lesson! :) oh yeahh... so get this.. Friday morning we get a call! We are told we are getting a new comp! (missions are always changing!!!) We will be picking her up on Tuesday! She served in Russia and got sick so now she is reassigned here! Her name is Sister Spencer!

SATURDAY: What a great day! Kinda... ha we were able to first go see and two Less Actives! So they are great and have been coming back to church as well every week! They live in a rough situation... but when we went over there, there was another lady there (I’m guessing a friend) that said she was interested in learning more about the church. So we were excited and we started to teach her! It was a weird lesson... for some reason you just couldn’t feel the spirit... so about half way through she tells us that she is a WITCH!!!! It was crazy... she told us stories about it and everything so my comp and I knew we just had to leave... so we did... after we got out and we were like didn't know what just happened! Ha! But we knew we had to say a prayer to get the Spirit back and we did! :) It came right back to us! :) But we know it wasn't there earlier... After that we had time to contact Less Active people on our ward list and we made a deal to knock on every colored door we see when we do it! :) So we did and we found a girl this way that we were able to give a Book of Mormon too and she seems super interested!!! :) It was great! :) After that we had a ward member with us to go over to another lesson... with our Investigator... well he wasn't there... :( So we asked her if we could go see another person the old one, our investigator who we haven’t been able to get ahold of!! So we did and he was actually outside! He said he has been very sick but that he is planning on going to church tomorrow! So that was great that we were able to see him! :) Also our member said that she has this friend that speaks Russian and she wants to share the gospel with her so we told her about our new comp she got so excited!!! The Lord really knows what He is doing by putting people in the right place at the right time!!! :) p.s. Our first investigator did tell us later that he was super sorry he wasn't home on time... something came up and we are meeting with him on Tuesday! :)

SUNDAY: YAY!!! :) Best day of the week! We had TWO of our investigators at church! Coolest story though... when they walked in they both waved at each other and we were like whaT????? Turns out both of them know each other! They talk at the coffee shop all the time!!! Crazy huh!?!? Now we just have to get them to meet somewhere other than the coffee shop... and get them baptized on the same day! :)

Well that was our week! :) Great week! Cecilia's health is really not well either so she said she would like to push her baptism date back a little... which is good because she needs a little time! :) But things are really progressing! The work is really fun!!!

It will be interesting to get another comp again because Sister Webb and I were just getting things figured out! But I know she is supposed to be here and it will be great! :) But other than that! That's all folks! :) have a great week and know that I love you all! THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!

Sister Dahl!
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 Some photos with the Young Women :)

Monday, July 22, 2013


Good Morning! :) Well transfers came and I am staying in Fardale. Sister Webb and I will stay here and Sister Nelson is getting transferred somewhere else… Change is weird but good. We will find out where and all the details tomorrow... I don't know if it will be just me and Sister Webb... or if we will be getting a new comp... ahhh. Tomorrow can't come fast enough! This waiting game isn't fun! haha! But we had a good last week as the three amigos! :)

I have been slacking on not writing many spiritual experiences... I have sooo many! The Lord has really truly blessed us so much this week... and so I will try to highlight those this week! :) 

Sometimes when we get referrals from people or other missionaries we are sent there to that place for a reason other than the referral. It is cool and I have a strengthened testimony of it this week. So we received a referral from another missionary who served here a long time ago and so we decided to go to her house. Well earlier this week we decided as a companionship to do something fun... every house we went to we made a deal that we had to knock on the neighbors houses on both sides and one across the street! So we went to this referrals house and she wasn't home so Sister Nelson and I (Sister Webb was on exchanges...) knocked on the neighbor’s house and a cute girl answered the door. She said she didn't speak very much English and that she was from Brazil... so with the little bit of Portuguese Sister Webb taught us we were able to tell her that we have someone with us that speaks Portuguese and that we would be back to tell her more about Jesus Christ! :) So she said okay!! So the next day when Sister Webb got back, we told her we had to go to her house! So we did and the girl comes outside and says that she is nannying for a couple and that she is learning English. So with the help of Sister Webb, we told her about us, the Mormons, and she said "oh yes! I know about them!" So we introduced the Book of Mormon to her and just like that, she said she wants to read it and learn more about it! So we luckily have a copy in Portuguese and we gave it to her and she is learning more! She is the sweetest girl and the Spirit really did lead us to her! :)

Then there is a mom and dad that we found when going to a Less Actives old house. We have mentioned them a couple of times I think... but this week we were able to go back to them. We gave them a Spanish Book of Mormon and we talked with them about what it is… we told them that it will give them peace for their family. And Arelli, who is about 12, we asked her what it would mean to her to have that peace in her family, and she said "It would be nice... it would be really nice to be a part of Jesus Christ’s family..." We were shocked to hear that answer from her. She is so prepared! :) Can't wait to teach her more!

Cecilia is doing good! :) We taught her two more lessons this week and she came to church again. She loves it so much! She loves learning and some of the things she says... you know she is so prepared. This week she asked me about the temple and how her friends haven't gone through yet... and she is really sad about that. She said, "It seems like such a special place... why wouldn't you want to go!" So keep praying for her! :)

Then we visited another Less Active who is sooo funny! This week we planned to teach her about the Book of Mormon and how she can read it more... well she called us before we taught her and told us that a brother in the ward gave her a simple version of the Book of Mormon and she has been reading it! She called us and told us... "This is a wicked story man!!!" hahah! So she is already in chapter 20 of Nephi and is loving every story! She did call us and ask us where Isaiah is because she couldn't find it anywhere in the Book of Mormon.. great price of pearl... (her words ahha) or that doctrine thing!! So we had to explain it was in the Bible! It was great! :) She is a sweet heart and she is coming to church every week! It is so neat to see her happy!

Then we visited with a guy we met on the street and gave him a Book of Mormon and he wanted to meet with us again, so we went and met with him this week and he had so many questions and wants to learn more! So he asked us how much we wanted him to read this next week and we said... well how much can you read?? and he said... I bet I could finish Nephi... meaning both First and Second Nephi!! ahah We were like WOW! okay great!!! So we will see how he does! Pray he knows it is true!!!

This week was amazing! We now have 5 New Investigators, 3 Progressing investigators who are making commitments and coming closer to Christ! We have 3 Less Actives coming to church... on a regular basis!! and still plenty more work to do! :) Missionary work is so rewarding! I love it so much! :) I am excited to see what will happen this week and putting my trust in the Lord so that He can guide me to help bring these people back to the knowledge that they all already know! :)

Also this week we were able to have a Day of Service at Liberty Park! Picked weeds all day... BUT it was good! :) Fun to wear yellow vests and it was good to serve! :) Also last night we put together a fireside for the members on how they can have a family mission plan!!! It was so great and we got such a good turn out! Our Fardale ward is the BEST! :)

But yes me staying in Fardale another transfer means I’ll be gaining another 20 pounds.. yay to skirts not fitting anymore! :) haha!



 Cecilia thought I should have a photo with these sunflowers because they matched my skirt!
 Service project at Liberty Park

Monday, July 15, 2013

All I can say is the CHURCH IS TRUE!!!

Well guess what? Another great week! I don't know if I will ever be able to stop saying that the rest of my mission! :) hahah Even on the long tiring days, something amazing happens!! The Lord is always giving us miracles and things to make our days! :)

Tuesday: We were able to go to district meeting this morning! District meetings are the best because it’s that time that you are able to come together as all missionaries and just feel the Spirit so strong and try to help each other out! :) We had a great lesson on how to use the Book of Mormon more and more! :) After that we were able to go on exchanges, so a Sister from Brazil came with us! (Sister Dorneles... She is the Sister Training Leader) It was so great because Sister Webb was able to talk Portuguese with her! I didn't understand much haha but that’s okay! We were able to meet with our Investigator Cecilia! Our lesson was alllll over the place but hopefully she felt something! She also agreed to be baptized on Aug 3!! :) She is super prepared! We just have to teach her the information and she has to feel the spirit tell her it's true! She said she already knows though... ha! She is great! :)

Wednesday: This day we had the great opportunity to have Zone Conference! Where President and Sister Jeppson come together and form a day of... learning! :) haha they are by far the cutest couple I have ever seen! :) They will sing songs together and joke around all the time! President showed us all our numbers and how we are doing good in some areas compared to others and what we seriously need to work on! :) It was great to see! And refocus our efforts on a more balanced approach! Then he gave the most amazing... lesson... on the Apostasy and the Restoration! I can't even tell you all the information he told us and how strong the spirit was but it was amazing! I never wanted it to end! All I can say is that the church is true. It is!!!! I will never be able to deny it! EVER!!! After that we went to dinner with a member and to young womens! :)

Thursday: So I was a little confused the other day when they told us we were going to Ellis Island... ha! Well I guess Ellis Island is still closed because of the hurricane! BUT!!!! We still volunteered for the Ellis Island Foundation... We just got to spend the day on LIBERTY ISLAND! Yes! The Island where the Statue of Liberty is at!!!! So we got on a ferry ride over there and we sat under a tent all day and talked to people! So usually at Ellis Island they get peoples email address so they can send them information about family search! :) Before the hurricane they would get about 3,000 emails a month! Well now they are at Liberty Island and they do a little catch... they offer to email people a free certificate saying that they visited the Statue Of Liberty then they get their email address and they are able to send them emails about family history!! Well the first day they tried this they received 9,000 emails!!!! Crazy huh?!?!? So by doing this they are able to tell more people about family history work! :) So all day long we talked to people from all over the world about getting a free certificate! :) I met people from FRANCE!! :) (I even met people from MARSIELLE!! or however you spell it... haha) India, Brazil, Australia, Africa, Spain, Switzerland, England, Mexico, Canada... ALL OVER! Speaking all different languages! It was sooooo fun! :) Wow! I can't wait to go back! :) After that we had an appt with our other investigator, and he cooked us dinner! We talked to him about the restoration and he finds it all very interesting! So pray that he will get an answer and that he knows it’s true!!! Then we helped a less active move and then taught a great lesson with a part member family after that! :) AMAZING DAY!

Friday: This was not a productive day. :( All day with the Dentist. Not fun. But hopefully they have my tooth problem figured out! :) grinding your teeth at night is not good. At all.

Saturday: We had the greatest day planned out for Saturday... but Heavenly Father planned differently! It was cool because our plans kept changing and leading us in different directions but through it all we were able to give 3 people the Book of Mormon and let them feel the power it has! :) And one of those people wants us to come back and meet with him again! :) The Lord knows what He is doing... all the time! :) All we can do is trust in Him!

Sunday! We sang in church... right?? Luckily I have companions that can sing really good so they cover up my voice! hah but we sang the EFY medley "As Sisters in Zion and Armies of Helaman" with the Elders! It was great! :) Cecilia came to church and we had three of our Less Actives at church as well! :) Some of the people that we consider Less Active probably shouldn't be called that anymore because they have been coming to church every week lately! It’s awesome!!!! :) Then we went to see Don, the man with cancer, and we sang songs to him and pretty much the whole nursing home he is at! :) All songs about Jesus Christ and hopefully we were able to make them feel the Spirit more! :) What a great day!

Well that was our week! Today we are going to have a big Zone play day which should be fun! This week is the last week of the Transfer so next Monday things will probably be changing... We will see! I hope that I stay here... there is a lot of work I still feel like I can help with./. But I know that whatever happens the Lord has bigger plans for me! :) Well The CHURCH IS TRUE! I am still so grateful I get to tell people that every day. Love you all and have a great week!
Me in front of the skyline!

 The Statue of Liberty

Monday, July 8, 2013

This was easily the best week of my mission so far!

Hey! Wow! What a week. I must say this was easily the best week of my mission so far! After all the playing we have been doing this week was centered around work... finally! It was the most rewarding thing too! I am so blessed that my Father in Heaven trusts me enough with His children... He has trusted me and my comps with 5 new people this week to help them come closer to Him! Wow- as Ammon says... “I am not boasting of myself...I am boasting in my God!” He is amazing! The work we are doing is for a purpose! And I am so glad I can be an instrument in His hands to bring happiness and peace to people here in New Jersey!

Well here is my awesome week:

Monday: After our P-day we decided to get out and try to find some more Less Actives on our ward list... Well we came to this person’s house and we knock on their door and it turns out that it wasn't them. A new family had moved into the house and so of course we teach when we find and find when we teach! :) So we asked if we could talk to them about our message… and they agreed (we were a little shocked haha usually people say no…) so we gathered our thoughts together and with a lot help from the Spirit we introduced the Book of Mormon to them! :)  They seemed interested and said we could come back anytime to talk about it! They also want a Spanish Book of Mormon... so luckily we have one of those :)

Tuesday: We had meetings all morning long... yay... but it was really good and we learned a little bit more about how to use to Book of Mormon and really truly testify of it! We also made a goal to make baptisms important. Really search for those people to be baptized! So we did! After that we had a dinner appt. with a member family from California! They are so great! I don't want them to go back to Cali :/ But we made up a game to play with them... Headbands... but make it Book of Mormon Characters! So we had flash cards and we put them on our heads then we had to ask questions to try and figure out who we were! It was soo much fun! :)

Wednesday: This day we were able to go see that member family that is from California's brother that is in the hospital (kind of confusing.. but the brother lives in our area and he is in the hospital right now going through Chemo and so they are here to see him!) and we shared a message about Jesus Christ and sang with him and just tried to let Him feel the Spirit during this hard time! It was great! He called me the "giddy one" out of the bunch cause I couldn't stop smiling... haha hopefully that is a good thing! After that we went and saw a Recent Convert John... who is incredible! I just learn from Him every time we talk... He was baptized in January and I swear he knows more than me! It is so cool to watch His testimony grow and grow! :) (He is the one who looks online for me to see how Jody and Jesse is doing haha he loves rodeo!) After that we saw another Less Active who we haven't been able to see for a long time and we had a great lesson with her! :) Then we were able to go contacting in a little town by our house and talk to people! That, to me, is so much fun! Just trying to find those random people on the street that are ready and prepared! :) We were able to talk to quite a few people and my fear of that is crumbling down haha P.S. one of the Elders in our Zone lives in Roosevelt... so he ropes with the Richards sometimes and says he knows them. Well anyways at our meetings today he had a rope! So I got to swing a rope for the first time in a while! :) It was great! :) We made everyone walk around so we could rope their feet hahah

Don't worry the miracles are coming! :)

Thursday: 4th of July! Today was our weekly planning day so we take a couple hours and really plan out what we are going to do for the next week! We also had apartment checks... don't worry! We passed! :) Then we had a BBQ with a family in our ward and it was delicious! :) Then we were able to go watch some fireworks! We drove and met up with our zone and we went and watched the Fireworks at Montclair University! It was a blast! So much fun! But it was weird too... ha we were allowed to stay out until they were done so by the time we got home it was about 11:00... wow! Too late for a missionary! I never thought I would say that... hah but all I wanted to do was get in bed and sleep!!!! But I am grateful for the chance that we have to be free and that we can share the gospel with everyone!! :)

Friday: Morning came fast. Too fast. :( But we did it and we got out of bed and we went outside to exercise... really we just walked around the block and usually we talk the whole time... yeah we didn't... we didn't say one word to each other all morning because we were still half asleep hahah it was great! We got ready and tried really super hard to stay awake during study! haha but we ended up having a really super successful day and got a lot done! The Bishops wife had us over for lunch... YUM! She is such a good cook! Then we saw a Recent Convert and had an amazing lesson with her! She is moving to Utah to go to BYU this fall! I am so happy for her! Then we saw a Less Active and had a great lesson with her and then an elderly women after that! :) Great day! Then the lady from Cali had us over for dinner again and she cooked us steak and salmon and all sorts of stuff! Man it was so good! We just ate it in the Lobby of her hotel! ha it's a nice Marriott.. has a grill outside and everything!

The miracles are still coming! :)

Saturday: We had a great nights rest then we were able to go see a Less Active! Great Lesson! They are coming to church every week now so they are doing so great and progressing! :) Then we went and saw that man at the Hospital again and he needed a haircut so I gave him one! It felt great to serve! :) Then we went to dinner at a member’s house and then we had correlation with the mission leader! :)

Sunday!!!!! OKAY HERE THEY COME! :) 1. So earlier in the week we received a referral from Boston, MA about a lady who lives in our area and had friends that just got baptized in Boston and she wants to come to church and get baptized! So we were like YES! We can help her with that! :) So we called her up and she said she will see us at church! So she came to church and stayed the whole time and had such a great time! :) She said we can meet with her this week and we will be able to talk with her more about things! :) Miracle!! :) She is about 80 years old! but that’s okay! :) 2. Four Less Active families we were working with came to church today! Miracle!!! 3. We also received a Head Quarter Referral earlier this week... someone got on and said he would be a great person to go see! So we go over to where it says his house was and we try to find it however we couldn't see it... :( the address was wrong! So "luckily" there was a man outside fixing his porch and we went over to him and asked him if he knew who the man was! He was oh yeah he just lives over here let me show you... so he showed us where to go and right before he left we asked him about the church and one thing turned to another he said he had lots of questions and we told him we have the Book of Mormon... and it can answer ALL your questions about life!!! So we gave him one and he said we could come back and see him again! His name was John!!! :) 4. We finally make it over to the referral house and we knock on his door and he tells us to come on in and told us to sit down then asked who we were! hah Nicest guy ever!! :) We told him he has been referred and he didn't know anything about it... however... he was super interested! He told us he didn't pay tithes... but he could! He just didn't know what church to do it to... WOW! Then he wanted to know what kind of study plan we had for him...WOW again! He just seems super prepared! He said he wants to see us again!! :) We are soo excited! I guess he is an artist and a really great child book writer...His wife just passed away... :( so he is kind of lonely! So the gospel is JUST what he needs! :)

Well that was our week! :) Amazing right? Can't you just see the Lords hand in everything! :) I love what I am doing and I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing work! :) Pray for these people that they will find an answer to their prayers and pray for us that we will be able to follow the Spirit and teach them what they need to know! :) I love you all! Hope you have an amazing week! And share you testimony! It can make a difference! :)

Our whole mission! Try to find me!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

I am just loving every minute of this experience...

Wow! That is all I can say! We had quite the week over here in New Jersey! So much info to tell you! :) I am just loving every minute of this experience I am going through! Only thing that would make it better is if all of you were here with me! :)

Monday: First, this is a super embarrassing, but after we were done emailing on Monday we went to practice our skit we did for our mission conference with our whole zone… so we brought our jeans to change into... So we get over to the church and I go to change into my jeans and I am like... "man… this things are getting a little tight..." so of course I do some stretches to get them loosened up and they RIP!!!!! :( haha the dryer must of shrinked them or something... but that’s just my excuse! The real story is that I AM GETTING FAT... :( hahah but don't you worry because one of the Elders in our Zone knows how to sew... So he stitched them up for me… only problem is I still can't fit into them... hahahahhaha. Missions do bad things to sisters bodies... haha but it's okay because we found a “good will”  here so I went and found some new pants for $3 :) and a couple of sweet old grandma light weight skirts that will be awesome for the summer! They are pretty ugly but they work! :) I'm fat now… my clothes don't fit... my hair is a mess…I just don't care anymore! :) hahah

Tuesday: Well Tuesday we had District meeting then the rest of the day we spent making a cake for our mission activity... made it with a less active so we got a lesson in! :) haha it was fun though! A couple people from our zone came over and helped out! It was full of gluten so I didn't really care that much about it hahah

Wednesday: This was a great day! We woke up and went down to Morristown and had a giant mission activity!! Our whole mission was there and it was so much fun! We played games-kick ball, dodge ball, volley ball, soccer! It was a blast! Afterwards we went to the chapel and ate and then every zone did a skit! Ours was the best one... not even joking! We did a remake of ICE ICE BABY! But said "IT'S THE BOOK OF MORMON!!" It was great! Then we did have a spiritual side of things and the Manhattan Temple President and his wife came and talked to us and that was really good! All about family history work and how important the temples are! :) After that they judged all our cakes… yeah ours didn't win.. haha but then we were able to take a mission picture and we got mission tee shirts! Yeah our mission is the best mission ever! :) President and Sister Jeppson are the BEST! :)

Thursday!!! AHHH GUESS WHAT WE DID THURSDAY!!! I was in NEW YORK CITY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!!!!! :) We woke up bright and early and went to the train station... first crazy experience... haha I’ve never rode a train before... but I sat next to this man that was so nice he worked on wall street and I pretty much forced him to get off his phone and talk to me... haha. He ended up telling me about his life and I got to tell him that I was going to the temple and that turned into a great conversation! :) Power of one! Well anyways we got off the train and there were people everywhere!! Just like in the movies!!! HOLY MOLY! We got off on Penn Station which is on 32nd I think and we walked up 7th ave and Broadway to get to the temple 30 blocks away! It was such a long walk but sooo cool! :) The buildings are crazy! I was just super overwhelmed not gonna lie... and a little nervous... (Now that we got back safe I can tell  you mom that it was just us three girls walking the streets of NYC... haha I was a little nervous but don't worry the Lord has about 20 guardian angles around us all the time! :) so we were safe!) I guess we kinda stuck out like a sore thumb because randomly people would walk past and say HI SISTERS! :) haha. Finally the last guy that said it I stopped him and was like WAIT! We are a little lost! Where is the temple!! haha And so he walked us to the temple and told us he worked across the street and he served his mission in London! :) The Lord really was looking out for us because I don't think we would have found the temple without him! Haha. Well we found the temple and it was amazing! :) I don't think I have ever wanted to get inside the temple more in my entire life! :) But once we walked into the doors it was so cool how it went dead silent! NY is so loud but inside the temple walls it was soo quiet and peaceful! Such a cool experience!! I was so happy to be inside a temple again! I was able to talk to a French man inside the temple and I got to ask him if Marseille was a safe place... He kinda was beating around the bush I think… but I am not really sure… I couldn't really understand him... hah hopefully I can understand Cade when he gets back… :/ haha But it was great! I LOVE THE TEMPLE! :) It is a small one with a couple floors! But after we were done with the session, we were able to walk back on 5th ave and see lots of cool stores, central park, Rockefeller center! WOW! What a great day! :) We were sure tired when we got back though... like super tired! Lots of walking! I know why NY people are so skinny! But hopefully I walked off enough to fit into my jeans… hahahha. But it was great! NY is a great place to visit... I sure don't ever want to live was still great to experience for my first time though! :)

Friday: Now Friday we were back to having a normal missionary schedule! I have to say... I missed it! I was excited to get back to being a real missionary again! :) We had a great lesson with our Recent Convert and with a Less Active! :) We also had a dinner appt with a family and they got me gluten free hamburger buns! Sweetest Family ever! :)

Saturday: Another great day! We had a lesson with a less active and the teen age girl told me she was super sad because she doesn't want us to leave... but she said that she will just jump in my suit case and come along with me where ever I go! :) It was sweet! I didn't know I had that big of an influence in her life! Her and her Grandma have been coming back to church every week now and it has been so great for them all! :) We also had a funny lesson... we went over to see if an investigator was home but she wasn't... her roommate was there! So we decided to have a lesson with him! After we asked if we could pray with him and he said "Sure! But can I light a cigarette first?" and we were like uh... can it wait? and he said no!!! haha So we started praying and half way through the prayer he yells "OH Next time you come over I’ll put my tooth in for you!!" haha we didn't know what to say... so we just kept praying… and when we finished he acted like he didn't say anything at all... haha it was so weird... so we just left! hahah Then we had a lesson with our Less Active who has changed her name to Banana... yes Banana! She is a sweetheart though and so funny! She is really progressing though!! :) She comes to church every week now too!!! Then we had correlation meeting with our mission leader after that! Great day!

Sunday: Church is the best thing ever! :) I love it so much! That’s all. We studied afterwards and then had a dinner appt with an awesome member family! YES WE EAT A LOT!! :) haha

Monday: We woke up and drove to ELLIS ISLAND and had a giant training! :) Starting next week we will be going to the Statue of Liberty every other week and we will be able to help people with family history work on the island! I cannot wait! :) It was so cool to see it! But I forgot to tell you... on the way there this morning... there was a FLASH FLOOD WARNING! It was raining soo hard! The streets were literally rivers!! Things were floating everywhere... it was scary! but we made it out alive! :) don't worry! haha

But that is our week! Cool huh?!?! NYC, TEMPLE, and The Statue OF LIBERTY all in one week! WOW! Talk about the best mission ever!! :) I am excited for this next week to be more productive and to be able to share the gospel a little more! :) That is really what I am here for! Telling people about Jesus Christ! The Great Redeemer! Where and from who Salvation comes! I love you all! :) Have a great week! And remember to be a member Missionary! We can't do this without you! :)

Love, Sister Dahl!!!

Our beautiful skirts from the "good will"

This is Elder Newman from Grandma Dahl's ward
Our Zone! 

On the train to NYC  
My first view of the Big Apple!
A Giant Red Lobster for you Mom!
And Bill O'Reilly for Dad! Times Square!!
              In front of the Manhattan, NY Temple!               


The New York Public Library
The Elders and Sisters in our area
                   The Statue of Liberty...can't wait to work there!!                  
What a day in NYC does to a girl from Utah!