Monday, July 8, 2013

This was easily the best week of my mission so far!

Hey! Wow! What a week. I must say this was easily the best week of my mission so far! After all the playing we have been doing this week was centered around work... finally! It was the most rewarding thing too! I am so blessed that my Father in Heaven trusts me enough with His children... He has trusted me and my comps with 5 new people this week to help them come closer to Him! Wow- as Ammon says... “I am not boasting of myself...I am boasting in my God!” He is amazing! The work we are doing is for a purpose! And I am so glad I can be an instrument in His hands to bring happiness and peace to people here in New Jersey!

Well here is my awesome week:

Monday: After our P-day we decided to get out and try to find some more Less Actives on our ward list... Well we came to this person’s house and we knock on their door and it turns out that it wasn't them. A new family had moved into the house and so of course we teach when we find and find when we teach! :) So we asked if we could talk to them about our message… and they agreed (we were a little shocked haha usually people say no…) so we gathered our thoughts together and with a lot help from the Spirit we introduced the Book of Mormon to them! :)  They seemed interested and said we could come back anytime to talk about it! They also want a Spanish Book of Mormon... so luckily we have one of those :)

Tuesday: We had meetings all morning long... yay... but it was really good and we learned a little bit more about how to use to Book of Mormon and really truly testify of it! We also made a goal to make baptisms important. Really search for those people to be baptized! So we did! After that we had a dinner appt. with a member family from California! They are so great! I don't want them to go back to Cali :/ But we made up a game to play with them... Headbands... but make it Book of Mormon Characters! So we had flash cards and we put them on our heads then we had to ask questions to try and figure out who we were! It was soo much fun! :)

Wednesday: This day we were able to go see that member family that is from California's brother that is in the hospital (kind of confusing.. but the brother lives in our area and he is in the hospital right now going through Chemo and so they are here to see him!) and we shared a message about Jesus Christ and sang with him and just tried to let Him feel the Spirit during this hard time! It was great! He called me the "giddy one" out of the bunch cause I couldn't stop smiling... haha hopefully that is a good thing! After that we went and saw a Recent Convert John... who is incredible! I just learn from Him every time we talk... He was baptized in January and I swear he knows more than me! It is so cool to watch His testimony grow and grow! :) (He is the one who looks online for me to see how Jody and Jesse is doing haha he loves rodeo!) After that we saw another Less Active who we haven't been able to see for a long time and we had a great lesson with her! :) Then we were able to go contacting in a little town by our house and talk to people! That, to me, is so much fun! Just trying to find those random people on the street that are ready and prepared! :) We were able to talk to quite a few people and my fear of that is crumbling down haha P.S. one of the Elders in our Zone lives in Roosevelt... so he ropes with the Richards sometimes and says he knows them. Well anyways at our meetings today he had a rope! So I got to swing a rope for the first time in a while! :) It was great! :) We made everyone walk around so we could rope their feet hahah

Don't worry the miracles are coming! :)

Thursday: 4th of July! Today was our weekly planning day so we take a couple hours and really plan out what we are going to do for the next week! We also had apartment checks... don't worry! We passed! :) Then we had a BBQ with a family in our ward and it was delicious! :) Then we were able to go watch some fireworks! We drove and met up with our zone and we went and watched the Fireworks at Montclair University! It was a blast! So much fun! But it was weird too... ha we were allowed to stay out until they were done so by the time we got home it was about 11:00... wow! Too late for a missionary! I never thought I would say that... hah but all I wanted to do was get in bed and sleep!!!! But I am grateful for the chance that we have to be free and that we can share the gospel with everyone!! :)

Friday: Morning came fast. Too fast. :( But we did it and we got out of bed and we went outside to exercise... really we just walked around the block and usually we talk the whole time... yeah we didn't... we didn't say one word to each other all morning because we were still half asleep hahah it was great! We got ready and tried really super hard to stay awake during study! haha but we ended up having a really super successful day and got a lot done! The Bishops wife had us over for lunch... YUM! She is such a good cook! Then we saw a Recent Convert and had an amazing lesson with her! She is moving to Utah to go to BYU this fall! I am so happy for her! Then we saw a Less Active and had a great lesson with her and then an elderly women after that! :) Great day! Then the lady from Cali had us over for dinner again and she cooked us steak and salmon and all sorts of stuff! Man it was so good! We just ate it in the Lobby of her hotel! ha it's a nice Marriott.. has a grill outside and everything!

The miracles are still coming! :)

Saturday: We had a great nights rest then we were able to go see a Less Active! Great Lesson! They are coming to church every week now so they are doing so great and progressing! :) Then we went and saw that man at the Hospital again and he needed a haircut so I gave him one! It felt great to serve! :) Then we went to dinner at a member’s house and then we had correlation with the mission leader! :)

Sunday!!!!! OKAY HERE THEY COME! :) 1. So earlier in the week we received a referral from Boston, MA about a lady who lives in our area and had friends that just got baptized in Boston and she wants to come to church and get baptized! So we were like YES! We can help her with that! :) So we called her up and she said she will see us at church! So she came to church and stayed the whole time and had such a great time! :) She said we can meet with her this week and we will be able to talk with her more about things! :) Miracle!! :) She is about 80 years old! but that’s okay! :) 2. Four Less Active families we were working with came to church today! Miracle!!! 3. We also received a Head Quarter Referral earlier this week... someone got on and said he would be a great person to go see! So we go over to where it says his house was and we try to find it however we couldn't see it... :( the address was wrong! So "luckily" there was a man outside fixing his porch and we went over to him and asked him if he knew who the man was! He was oh yeah he just lives over here let me show you... so he showed us where to go and right before he left we asked him about the church and one thing turned to another he said he had lots of questions and we told him we have the Book of Mormon... and it can answer ALL your questions about life!!! So we gave him one and he said we could come back and see him again! His name was John!!! :) 4. We finally make it over to the referral house and we knock on his door and he tells us to come on in and told us to sit down then asked who we were! hah Nicest guy ever!! :) We told him he has been referred and he didn't know anything about it... however... he was super interested! He told us he didn't pay tithes... but he could! He just didn't know what church to do it to... WOW! Then he wanted to know what kind of study plan we had for him...WOW again! He just seems super prepared! He said he wants to see us again!! :) We are soo excited! I guess he is an artist and a really great child book writer...His wife just passed away... :( so he is kind of lonely! So the gospel is JUST what he needs! :)

Well that was our week! :) Amazing right? Can't you just see the Lords hand in everything! :) I love what I am doing and I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing work! :) Pray for these people that they will find an answer to their prayers and pray for us that we will be able to follow the Spirit and teach them what they need to know! :) I love you all! Hope you have an amazing week! And share you testimony! It can make a difference! :)

Our whole mission! Try to find me!!

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