Monday, July 22, 2013


Good Morning! :) Well transfers came and I am staying in Fardale. Sister Webb and I will stay here and Sister Nelson is getting transferred somewhere else… Change is weird but good. We will find out where and all the details tomorrow... I don't know if it will be just me and Sister Webb... or if we will be getting a new comp... ahhh. Tomorrow can't come fast enough! This waiting game isn't fun! haha! But we had a good last week as the three amigos! :)

I have been slacking on not writing many spiritual experiences... I have sooo many! The Lord has really truly blessed us so much this week... and so I will try to highlight those this week! :) 

Sometimes when we get referrals from people or other missionaries we are sent there to that place for a reason other than the referral. It is cool and I have a strengthened testimony of it this week. So we received a referral from another missionary who served here a long time ago and so we decided to go to her house. Well earlier this week we decided as a companionship to do something fun... every house we went to we made a deal that we had to knock on the neighbors houses on both sides and one across the street! So we went to this referrals house and she wasn't home so Sister Nelson and I (Sister Webb was on exchanges...) knocked on the neighbor’s house and a cute girl answered the door. She said she didn't speak very much English and that she was from Brazil... so with the little bit of Portuguese Sister Webb taught us we were able to tell her that we have someone with us that speaks Portuguese and that we would be back to tell her more about Jesus Christ! :) So she said okay!! So the next day when Sister Webb got back, we told her we had to go to her house! So we did and the girl comes outside and says that she is nannying for a couple and that she is learning English. So with the help of Sister Webb, we told her about us, the Mormons, and she said "oh yes! I know about them!" So we introduced the Book of Mormon to her and just like that, she said she wants to read it and learn more about it! So we luckily have a copy in Portuguese and we gave it to her and she is learning more! She is the sweetest girl and the Spirit really did lead us to her! :)

Then there is a mom and dad that we found when going to a Less Actives old house. We have mentioned them a couple of times I think... but this week we were able to go back to them. We gave them a Spanish Book of Mormon and we talked with them about what it is… we told them that it will give them peace for their family. And Arelli, who is about 12, we asked her what it would mean to her to have that peace in her family, and she said "It would be nice... it would be really nice to be a part of Jesus Christ’s family..." We were shocked to hear that answer from her. She is so prepared! :) Can't wait to teach her more!

Cecilia is doing good! :) We taught her two more lessons this week and she came to church again. She loves it so much! She loves learning and some of the things she says... you know she is so prepared. This week she asked me about the temple and how her friends haven't gone through yet... and she is really sad about that. She said, "It seems like such a special place... why wouldn't you want to go!" So keep praying for her! :)

Then we visited another Less Active who is sooo funny! This week we planned to teach her about the Book of Mormon and how she can read it more... well she called us before we taught her and told us that a brother in the ward gave her a simple version of the Book of Mormon and she has been reading it! She called us and told us... "This is a wicked story man!!!" hahah! So she is already in chapter 20 of Nephi and is loving every story! She did call us and ask us where Isaiah is because she couldn't find it anywhere in the Book of Mormon.. great price of pearl... (her words ahha) or that doctrine thing!! So we had to explain it was in the Bible! It was great! :) She is a sweet heart and she is coming to church every week! It is so neat to see her happy!

Then we visited with a guy we met on the street and gave him a Book of Mormon and he wanted to meet with us again, so we went and met with him this week and he had so many questions and wants to learn more! So he asked us how much we wanted him to read this next week and we said... well how much can you read?? and he said... I bet I could finish Nephi... meaning both First and Second Nephi!! ahah We were like WOW! okay great!!! So we will see how he does! Pray he knows it is true!!!

This week was amazing! We now have 5 New Investigators, 3 Progressing investigators who are making commitments and coming closer to Christ! We have 3 Less Actives coming to church... on a regular basis!! and still plenty more work to do! :) Missionary work is so rewarding! I love it so much! :) I am excited to see what will happen this week and putting my trust in the Lord so that He can guide me to help bring these people back to the knowledge that they all already know! :)

Also this week we were able to have a Day of Service at Liberty Park! Picked weeds all day... BUT it was good! :) Fun to wear yellow vests and it was good to serve! :) Also last night we put together a fireside for the members on how they can have a family mission plan!!! It was so great and we got such a good turn out! Our Fardale ward is the BEST! :)

But yes me staying in Fardale another transfer means I’ll be gaining another 20 pounds.. yay to skirts not fitting anymore! :) haha!



 Cecilia thought I should have a photo with these sunflowers because they matched my skirt!
 Service project at Liberty Park

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