Monday, July 15, 2013

All I can say is the CHURCH IS TRUE!!!

Well guess what? Another great week! I don't know if I will ever be able to stop saying that the rest of my mission! :) hahah Even on the long tiring days, something amazing happens!! The Lord is always giving us miracles and things to make our days! :)

Tuesday: We were able to go to district meeting this morning! District meetings are the best because it’s that time that you are able to come together as all missionaries and just feel the Spirit so strong and try to help each other out! :) We had a great lesson on how to use the Book of Mormon more and more! :) After that we were able to go on exchanges, so a Sister from Brazil came with us! (Sister Dorneles... She is the Sister Training Leader) It was so great because Sister Webb was able to talk Portuguese with her! I didn't understand much haha but that’s okay! We were able to meet with our Investigator Cecilia! Our lesson was alllll over the place but hopefully she felt something! She also agreed to be baptized on Aug 3!! :) She is super prepared! We just have to teach her the information and she has to feel the spirit tell her it's true! She said she already knows though... ha! She is great! :)

Wednesday: This day we had the great opportunity to have Zone Conference! Where President and Sister Jeppson come together and form a day of... learning! :) haha they are by far the cutest couple I have ever seen! :) They will sing songs together and joke around all the time! President showed us all our numbers and how we are doing good in some areas compared to others and what we seriously need to work on! :) It was great to see! And refocus our efforts on a more balanced approach! Then he gave the most amazing... lesson... on the Apostasy and the Restoration! I can't even tell you all the information he told us and how strong the spirit was but it was amazing! I never wanted it to end! All I can say is that the church is true. It is!!!! I will never be able to deny it! EVER!!! After that we went to dinner with a member and to young womens! :)

Thursday: So I was a little confused the other day when they told us we were going to Ellis Island... ha! Well I guess Ellis Island is still closed because of the hurricane! BUT!!!! We still volunteered for the Ellis Island Foundation... We just got to spend the day on LIBERTY ISLAND! Yes! The Island where the Statue of Liberty is at!!!! So we got on a ferry ride over there and we sat under a tent all day and talked to people! So usually at Ellis Island they get peoples email address so they can send them information about family search! :) Before the hurricane they would get about 3,000 emails a month! Well now they are at Liberty Island and they do a little catch... they offer to email people a free certificate saying that they visited the Statue Of Liberty then they get their email address and they are able to send them emails about family history!! Well the first day they tried this they received 9,000 emails!!!! Crazy huh?!?!? So by doing this they are able to tell more people about family history work! :) So all day long we talked to people from all over the world about getting a free certificate! :) I met people from FRANCE!! :) (I even met people from MARSIELLE!! or however you spell it... haha) India, Brazil, Australia, Africa, Spain, Switzerland, England, Mexico, Canada... ALL OVER! Speaking all different languages! It was sooooo fun! :) Wow! I can't wait to go back! :) After that we had an appt with our other investigator, and he cooked us dinner! We talked to him about the restoration and he finds it all very interesting! So pray that he will get an answer and that he knows it’s true!!! Then we helped a less active move and then taught a great lesson with a part member family after that! :) AMAZING DAY!

Friday: This was not a productive day. :( All day with the Dentist. Not fun. But hopefully they have my tooth problem figured out! :) grinding your teeth at night is not good. At all.

Saturday: We had the greatest day planned out for Saturday... but Heavenly Father planned differently! It was cool because our plans kept changing and leading us in different directions but through it all we were able to give 3 people the Book of Mormon and let them feel the power it has! :) And one of those people wants us to come back and meet with him again! :) The Lord knows what He is doing... all the time! :) All we can do is trust in Him!

Sunday! We sang in church... right?? Luckily I have companions that can sing really good so they cover up my voice! hah but we sang the EFY medley "As Sisters in Zion and Armies of Helaman" with the Elders! It was great! :) Cecilia came to church and we had three of our Less Actives at church as well! :) Some of the people that we consider Less Active probably shouldn't be called that anymore because they have been coming to church every week lately! It’s awesome!!!! :) Then we went to see Don, the man with cancer, and we sang songs to him and pretty much the whole nursing home he is at! :) All songs about Jesus Christ and hopefully we were able to make them feel the Spirit more! :) What a great day!

Well that was our week! Today we are going to have a big Zone play day which should be fun! This week is the last week of the Transfer so next Monday things will probably be changing... We will see! I hope that I stay here... there is a lot of work I still feel like I can help with./. But I know that whatever happens the Lord has bigger plans for me! :) Well The CHURCH IS TRUE! I am still so grateful I get to tell people that every day. Love you all and have a great week!
Me in front of the skyline!

 The Statue of Liberty

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