Monday, April 7, 2014

I love you!

Wow! What a spiritual filled week! :) Really just the weekend...but I love conference so much! Isn't just so funny how missionaries have this thing where once they become a missionary they just automatically love conference??? I mean... not that I didn't love it before, but I just had a hard time staying awake... but NOW. I get it. I love it! Anyways, I'll tell ya about that later... I'll start at the beginning of our week because it was pretty good too! :)

Monday: Monday night, after P-day we were able to go and see a lady. It was our second or third time back. She is a strong Baptist... but she is willing to listen. She just loves her Bible! :) Who woulda thought I'd be in the Bible Belt in Jersey?!? But it's good! No matter who ya talk to, the Book of Mormon is still true! :) We are just trying to help her recognize that! After that we were able to go to a members who hasn't been at church in a while and we helped her because she is having a hard time... :( But she will be alright!
Tuesday: Was a great day! :) We were able to see lots of people! We first started out by going back to a potential we found the other day. Her name is Sandra. She told us we could come back and so we did and she let us right in! We talked about the Book of Mormon and she was pretty interested! :) So she said we could come back again! WOO! After we met with a Less Active and that was good... he is just a cute old man that is scared of his wife! She doesn't want him to come to church so he won’t.. grr. But then we saw our Young Single Adult. She had some questions about conference so we were able to go over and talk with her about them! She is the best! :) Then we saw one more Less Active member. She is the greatest! We talked with her about the Plan of Salvation! Then we both felt prompted to talk with her about the Temple and being with her husband again, who has since passed, and she never really learned about the temple! We had no idea! So we are planning on teaching that to her again tonight actually! :) p.s. happy anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa this day! I didn't forget... I just forgot to tell you! But I was thinking of you! :)

Wednesday! We had Zone Meeting this day! All about how we can become more consecrated missionaries!!! I love that. We made a contract of how we will be willing to give up things and give it to the Lord so that we can serve him with all our heart, might, mind and strength! I guess I only have 193 days (Grandma and Nicole, stop counting! It's freaking me out!) I have to give it my all!!! ha! But after that, and all our studies, we were able to go and another lady again! We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with her... didn't really get anywhere.. ha! But we will see! THEN we saw a lady we met.. I talked about her last week I think. But she is amazing! Her husband was there... her ex-husband I think... and anyways... they didn't read the Book of Mormon, so we read the Intro with them as well and the Spirit was sooo strong! We talked about them getting baptized and she told us there were three people in the house that have never been baptized! Meaning her and her kids! Sooo we invited them to be baptized and they said yes! :) A family! We are so excited! So we will keep working with them. They are seriously so great! :) PRAY FOR THEM!
Thursday: Slowish day... but we were able to have a member take us out for a while because it was our walking day! We taught one lady then we were able to go and see some Less Active members as well and we actually caught one at home! It was great! Then we went home, did weekly planning! Then a member had us over for dinner that night! Wonderful! p.s. Sister Mendoza taught me how to say I love you in Tagalog! Mahal Kita! :) don't worry. I know like 4 Languages now.

Friday: Wow. So this day was going to be a productive day... ha! But instead it was a day full of service! So out of kinda nowhere we find out there was a wedding of a member at the church and we were asked to help set up! So we of course did! And when we got there... there was only 2 members helping and soo much to do! So all of us missionaries pitched in and we were there all day... putting up decorations, preparing the food... I did the brides nails... all sorts of stuff! Great service! There was no way they could of done it without us! The wedding was beautiful and it was great! The groom wasn't a member so I had a great talk with him about the Plan of Salvation! :) But great day! oh yeah... I inhaled helium for the first time :) hahahah missionaries still have to have a little fun! :)
Saturday: CONFERENCE! YAY! We were able to start out with our correlation meeting at the beginning then we just stayed at the church and watched conference on the screen in the chapel. Awe. I love the Spirit. First session: It amazed me how many talks were focused on the youth. Kind of scary! But I feel a serious responsibility for them... the Lord has a lot of trust in them! They really are chosen! I say this like I am 50... but I figure 21 isn't really "youth" anymore... ha! But I think my favorite talk that session was by President Eryring! (fyi: He grew up 30 min from where I am at right now. IN THIS STAKE! Cool right?) But I loved how much he talked about Covenants. And pretty much his talk helps a lot with investigators we have right now! :) After the first session... a member had lunch for us! :) YUM! Then we were able to kneel in prayer because we were starting and all mission fast. We fasted for us to find families to teach! It was powerful! After that, it was time for the second session and my favorite talk from there was: Richard G. Scott! I loved how he talked about sharing the gospel. Simply. Something I really needed to learn as a missionary! ha! I loved the line that he said that in order to make a difference in others life, they must know that we love God and we love the Gospel. No matter what. :) After that we were able to go and teach a less active. We invited him to conference the next day! :) And then we didn't really have time to do anything else so home we went! :) Spiritual day though right?

Sunday: Same thing! Woke up, studied, then off the conference! :) Favorite talk of this session was M. Russell Ballard about Following up! One of the greatest principles of missionary work!!! And how he challenged us to share what we learn in Preach My Gospel which is great! I am going to start doing that! :) I also really liked our beloved Prophet! His talk on how to love not more, but better was what I needed to hear! :) I love his line, "perhaps you will forget the kind words you say, but the recipient will remember them forever!" Something that really rang true. I do remember the nice things people say to me! They are special to me! And I want to be able to help others that way! :)  After that we were able to kneel in prayer and close our fast... it was just great asking the Lord to help us... and with this month of consecration we ARE willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to receive those blessings! :) Then we ate! The Spanish Branch brought sooo much food! So we all ate! :) It was great! After that, the second session... which was great as always! My favorite talk: L. Tom Perry. Of course! A horse! :) It made me really think and ponder though about how humble my horses are... well some of them... ha and how I need to be more like them and listen to those gentle tugs of the spirit! :) Doug... I'm sure you woke up for this talk right? :) ha! I love ya! Well yes. Conference was amazing. One thing President Jeppson challenges us to do is to write a question down we have had and watch it be answered by the prophets! It’s amazing how it really happens and I KNOW that the words those men and women speak ARE from GOD! :) After conference we went to teach one of our sisters about the Atonement and that was great! :) 
But that was our week! :) Great! Now that we are spiritually pumped we are excited to get to work this week! :)

What I learned in Preach My Gospel this week: The very most basic doctrine. God is our Loving Heavenly Father. He is happy when we are happy and he is sad when we are sad. He loves us more than we can ever imagine. One thought I had though is, putting myself in His shoes, I couldn't imagine how hard it was for Him to send us all to earth knowing that not all of us would make it back to His presence. I am sure He didn't really want to let us go. But He did. Why? He did it because He loved us. He wants us to enjoy life and to receive the blessings He has, to become like Him, and it is the only way. I am so grateful He was willing to let us go, so that we can receive those blessings! How more important is it to help those who are lost... recognize that they are entitled to those blessings as well?
Well I love you so much! :) Hope you have a great week! Sorry no pictures... left the camera at home!

Sister Dahl :)

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