Monday, April 28, 2014

I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God

Good morning everyone! How are you? This Monday I actually have time to write you a good email. Sorry about last week... but this week is still full of miracles and I get to report a little better :) Wanna know something great? From walking and not driving, I am getting some nice calf muscles AND losing weight! Woot! I'm gonna be back to my normal self in a couple more weeks... minus all the Easter candy that’s gonna add some back on! But anyways! Here is my week! :) 

Tuesday: After emailing we were able to go on exchange with our Sister Training Leaders and I was able to go on exchange with my Trainer! :) Sister Nelson! It was great to be back together again and see how much we have BOTH grown! We went to her area and taught lots of people and that was fun! Then we stayed up super late talking! It was super funny... every lesson we went to the people said that I looked familiar and that they knew me from somewhere... like it would of been fine for just one to say that... but they all did! It was weird! It would be super cool if I get to serve there one day! :) But that was really our day! 

Wednesday: We exchanged back and Sister Mendoza and I shared everything we learned and that was great... then we went out to work! We saw a Less Active lady and talked with her about making a vision for what she really wants to accomplish spiritually in life! It was good and fun to see where SHE wants to go! :) I love helping people set goals to get back on track! After that we did lots of walking and stuff... then we were able to go and see our sweet investigator! We had a great lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! She is so excited to be baptized! It is amazing how well she is progressing! :) Then it was getting dark and she didn't want us to walk home so she took us home :) So sweet of her! :) 

Thursday: We did weekly planning! YAY! And then we had a couple of appointments and they cancelled! Then we had one more and we walked all the way to her house and she wasn't home... doinks. But it was okay because we were able to contact! :) So we had 7 contacts and we went inside to have dinner and we had to finish weekly planning so we were just thinking about staying in and finishing that… but I  had this feeling we needed to go out and get 3 more contacts! So I told Sister Mendoza... Lets go! So as we were walking out I decided to grab the Arabic Book of Mormon that we have to give to the taxi cab driver and I asked Heavenly Father that if there was anyway we could run into him... let us! :) (I was surprised by my confidence... not gonna lie!) So we go outside our apartment complex and we start to contact and we got our 3 and start heading back in and  I look up and I see the Taxi (the new one of course) and I about have a heart attack! I tell Sister Mendoza and we RUN over to car and there the man was and we gave him the Book of Mormon and he was SOOOOOOOO excited! We didn't have time to talk but we got his number and told him that we will call him soon and ask what he thinks! :) Ah. Such a miracle! I know I see Gods hand in my life... Amazing how I am just a tool for Him and He leads and guides me! Who knows what more will happen with this man... But I know if for anything... from this wreck, he now has a Book of Mormon. And I know that Book has power. 
Friday: YAY for Friday! We were able to have a super busy day because our District Leader let us use their car! :) SOOOO we saw lots of people. We saw a returning member who goes to the YSA ward and she was giving a talk on Sunday so we got to help her prepare for that. After we saw a Less Active and talked with her about the importance of Obedience! Then we were able to pick up a member and go see another investigator. We haven't seen him in a while... but this man is 80 years old and he has read the Book of Mormon before cover to cover. Only sad thing is, is that he is more interested in the geological history of it than the actual doctrine.. :/ so I don't know how to get over that one.. :/ But then we were able to teach a sister and I just wish you could meet this lady! One of a kind that you only find in Jersey. :) Then our next appointment cancelled so we did some contacting and we met some pretty great people then we ended the night with the family we have been teaching and had a crazy lesson! Sad when you have those lessons when people straight up don't want to listen… man! But it's all good :) 

Saturday: YAY! Full day of Service! We were able to go and help this family move! Their house was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy so they are moving from place to place until they rebuild their house! So we were helping them move to another place and it was fun to serve. The husband is actually not a member so it was good to help and try to be friends with him! :) After that we were able to go and teach our baptismal candidate again! She had read the first 6 chapters of the Book of Mormon! :) She loved it! And we were able to teach her some commandments and get her ready for church! After that we had to do our studies so we spent the rest of the night doing that! YAY! 
Sunday: Yay for church... I love it so much! :) Our baptismal candidate and her two kids came to church! They all looked so cute! They stayed all three hours! :) It was great to see them there! The kids loved primary too! After that we came home, and studied it up then went out to contact! :) We met some great people and got some RDV (rendezvous as Cade would say) ;) haha or appointments with people! :) Then it was funny because as we were walking we ran into our baptismal candidate and her boys and so we walked with them to the park and talked there for a little bit then came home! It was a good Sunday! 

But that is pretty much our week! I love being a missionary. I wonder if I look back at these emails how many times I have said that in the past year... probably I have way over used it... But I can't think of anything else to say to describe how much I love doing what I am doing. Last week the reality hit me that I only have 6 more months to do this. That is it. I can't believe how fast the time has gone when you really truly are having fun! :)

What I love the most too is how much I have learned! This week in Preach My Gospel: I focused on Following the Prophet and I was able to learn about the way God reveals truth. In PMG it focuses on how important truth is for us to know. And how we can put our Trust in God that He will tell us truths. Like really, He isn't gonna lie to us... He isn't going to say something that we shouldn't do! And I love how we can put our trust and confidence in the Prophets because that is the way God has chosen to tell us these truths. By listening to them and what they say, we can feel and know it is coming from God. I love how organized God is! I know that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and that God DOES in fact reveal truths to him through the power of the Holy Ghost! :) 

Well I love you all! Thank you so much for all you do! :) Thank you for fattening me up with Easter Candy :) Hope you have a great week and I CAN'T WAIT FOR MOTHERS DAY!!!

Sister Dahl! :) 

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