Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yesterday was the greatest day ever!

Wow! What a great week! Much better than last week... and I am so sorry but I am warning you now, this isn't going to be a good email. President asked us to only email for an hour in exchange for having an Apostle of the LORD come to see us... so we said okayyyy fine! :) Soooo pretty much I am just gonna tell ya some highlights of the week... ha! WITH some pictures! 

ELDER L. TOM PERRY!!!!! Wow! Yesterday was the greatest day ever! We were able to gather all together as a mission and have him and his sweet wife come to see us! I guess his second wife is President Jeppson’s cousin. In fact, President hooked them up! President is the coolest guy ever! :) ha! So anyways we were all gathered together and he comes in and everyone stands up and is silent and the Spirit was soooo strong! I started to cry because I could feel the Spirit telling me that he was an Apostle of the Lord! Then we all, 250 of us, got to shake his hand! He asked if I was from the Philippians like my companion... biggest joke ever! haha! But then we got to listen to him talk! He sounds just like he does in conference! haha! Did you know he is 91 years old? OLDEST one! And yet, he is still kickin it like he is 60! He talked to us about the organization of the church and the Apostles of old! Just to show how true our church REALLY is! Then he allowed us to ask him questions and he would answer... most of them were about missionary work. But it was cool! One of them was, how can I improve my prayers? And he told us to always pray! You need to find that quiet time to talk to the Lord... but always have a prayer in your heart. EVEN when you think you can do something by yourself, humble yourself and ask for help and guidance anyways! His biggest theme was to RECOGNIZE HIM! In everything we do! I wish I could tell you everything but he ended with saying this: I have had so many experiences where I know this is the true church. Experiences that are too sacred for me to share. But I know that Christ lives! Ah. It was simply amazing to be in his presence! I know that he is an Apostle and a special witness of Jesus Christ! :) 
Cooooooooooool Miracle that happened this week!!!! So I felt bad that we had never contacted the guy that we hit (with our car)... we never talked to him about us or anything right? Soooo this week we were outside and all the sudden we hear a honk and I look over and this taxi cab driver is yelling out the window... "HEYYY I REMEMBER YOUUU!!" and he was soo happy! ha! Wellll... all I could say was... ahhhh you got a new car! haha because he had a new one! Then he drove off! So I was thinking... what are the chances of us running into this guy again!?!? And yet again I missed my chance to talk to him! WOW! I felt bad! ha! But then the next day we were walking again and same thing happenend... the guy honked his horn and waved and this time we weren't letting him past! So we ran up to him and talked… He is from India and we asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ and everything and he is Muslim.. BUT get this! The conversation ended with him saying... "Okay, I have to go, but you give me your bible!" Sooo ha! He said he needed it in Arabic... and of course we don't have one of those in our back pockets... ha so we said we would order one and give it to him! And he said deal! Soooo yes, our car is still a mess, yes, we are still walking, BUT this man is going to have a Book of Mormon soon! :) Miracle right? 

Okay so the one girl we are teaching? Well she is doing great and this week we committed her to be baptized on May 11th and she said yes! :) Sooo we will be having a baptism soon and we are soo excited for her! :) Pray for her! :) 
But that is our week...sorry again this is not good! But next week will be better! I love you all. Study preach My Gospel because next week I will have something real good to share and I wanna hear yours too! :) 

Love ya all so much! :) 
Sister Dahl! 

p.s. happy Easter! We had stake conference... it was different but good! :)
p.s.s. I have been on my mission for a year... weird... 

(Click on photos to enlarge)
 Sisters at the beach
 Jammed my pinkie playing basketball :/
 My one year mark...made myself some brownies!!
Ohh...just me shaking Elder L. Tom Perry's hand!!

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