Monday, May 26, 2014

Another week gone by!

Happy Memorial Day! Wow I just love all of you! :) hope you all had a great week and are having an awesome day off! Guess what? We don't even get a full P-day today... we get to email and shop and thats that! But it's worth it because on Wednesday… WE GET TO GO TO THE TEMPLE! :)  So here is our week! 

Monday: Last Monday was great! After P-day we were able to go and see a potential investigator we finally made an appointment with and when we walked into his house his two friends were in there and they wanted to be taught as well! So we taught them all and now we have 3 new investigators! They seemed to understand the Restoration and why we need it! It is still super fun to teach with Sister Robison because she can teach! :) I love it! After we had our first family home evening with our recent converts! It was great! We played a game and read the scriptures and it was fun to watch them grow closer together! :)

Tuesday: This was a sad one... We were able to have interviews with President and Sister Jeppson and they were our last ones before they go home... :( Oh yeah. I cried! I love them both so much and they have taught me more than I can even imagine! I will be sad to have them leave... the new ones have big shoes to fill! But after that we were able to see some Less Actives and keep up the contacting! :) We had a cool story though! We were asked by the ward to go and try to find some more people on the ward list. They gave us some new address so we went to look for this guy and it turned out being his friend’s house and he just used his address for some things… WELL the friend said-hey I will have him call you tomorrow or something! So not even an hour later we get a call from this guy we were looking for telling us he was so grateful that we were looking for him! It made him feel so special and he wants to come back to church! :) Finding the lost sheep! Love it! Too bad he now lives in the Elders area.... :( hah
Wednesday: We were able to have district meeting! That was good! After that we went to see some more Less Actives which was good too! :) We also served our recent convert and spent time with the ward at young women’s! It’s been cool to see the way the relationship with this ward has increased! They trust us with a lot more things now! :) 

Thursday: Weekly Planning day! We also had the bishop’s wife take us out and we went and saw an investigator from a while back. We lost contact but got in touch with him again! He is great... just gonna keep working with him! After that we went to do more work with the ward list! Then we saw a family we have been working with! We were able to talk with them about Book of Mormon again and then the Spirit told us to invite them to be baptized and they said yes! We set them on a date of June 29! We still have a lot of work to do with them but they have a goal! :) 
Friday: We had exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders and I went with Sister Nelson again, my Trainer! That was good! We stayed in our area and saw some Less Actives again and did lots of contacting! :) 

Saturday: We exchanged back and we were able to go to a ward activity on Saturday and then the rest of the night we contacted because everything kinda fell through! But it was good and we were able to meet some fun potentials! :) 
Sunday: Was a good day at church! I love it so much! We had to sing in Sacrament! Joy... But it turned out okay I guess. ha! After we taught the youth Sunday School! That was fun! They are great kids here! Then after church we did our studies then went to contact some more! I am loving contacting because we meet the strangest people! Ha! :) 

Sorry this week is kinda boring... we are just doing a lot of contacting lately and so we are just praying to get this area booming! :) And I am really excited for temple this week! WOO! :) But I hope you all have a good week! I know that through God all things are possible! Something big I learned this week is having expectations! When you have expectations, you set those goals then God is able to use you better as a tool! :) I am grateful to be here as a missionary and serve my Father in Heaven! Have a great week! Love ya!
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 Sister Robinson and I
 Sister Nelson, my trainer, and I
Me with the Jeppsens!

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