Monday, June 9, 2014


Hey! Man... What a great week! :) Ya know… I am running out of ways to start my emails... ha so I guess I'll just go into what happened this week! Okay cool. 

Monday: Memorial day! YAY! So we had a half p-day because we were going to the temple and that is supposed to count as the p-day soo anyways we were able to go out and work that night a little earlier than usual. So we started by visiting some potential investigators at their homes. We went to one person’s house looking for this man and his wife answered the door and we said we were looking for him and she said he was sleeping but told us to come right up stairs! So we said okay! So we sat down and talked to her for a while and she is from Brazil! :) She is so sweet, eventually I think we woke up her husband cause he came out and we taught them about the Book of Mormon and I have never seen anyone get so excited about anything! After we explained it a little bit, she stops and says... "Can I have one?" And so of course we gave her one and she is so excited to continue learning more! What a miracle! :) So pray for them! That was the cool part of that night.
Tuesday: We had a great day as well... it was the first hot day in Jersey... 90 degrees with what felt like 400% humidity! YAY! Bring it on. But we had district meeting then we were able to go and do some knocking on doors and we met one cool guy! He said he would love to read the Book of Mormon so he took one and we got his info and will be meeting with him soon... (side note on him, we called him this weekend and asked if we can meet him and these were his words "Ya know what guys, I am really sorry... I didn't read as much as the Book of Mormon as I would have liked.. I am only about a quarter of the way through... give me till Friday and then I will be ready to talk it over with you!" WHAT?? He read so much! In like two days... this doesn't happen... so we are really excited to meet with him soon!) That night we were able to see the family we are teaching and our recent converts! That was good! They are still doing great...they have family home evening and read their scriptures as a family every night! I love them! :) 

Wednesday: TEMPLE DAY!! WOOOOOOO! Best day ever! :) I have decided that it is almost good for me to only get to go to the temple once every 6 months… bear with me... because when I do go, I get to appreciate it even more! :) So we were able drive to Newark... then hop on a train that took us under the Lincoln tunnel then pres. didn't want us walking around New York so he had us take the subway to the temple and back! And don't you even worry... I didn't even get robbed! :) In fact on the way there I contacted someone and gave them a card! That was fun! But anyways the temple was so great... I felt so much peace there. I missed it. After that we left and came on back! :) We got up at 5 that morning... so we were tired but we went to a members home and they fed us so much food... I have never been more full in my life then we came home and went to bed! :) Wonderful day! :) 
Thursday: We had a busy day this day! After our Weekly planning we were able to walk and go to teach a fun member... then we went with a member to go and see our recent convertl! WE actually went with her Visiting Teacher! So that was great! Then another member came and got us and fed us and then took us back home! :) That was a great day! :) 

Friday: This was our busy day! :) We were able to go and see a Less Active! She was married on our birthday mom! ha! Cool right? Anyways... that was a good lesson! She started to read the Book of Mormon again! Then we went to see another Less Active and she is really coming along great! :) then one more stop, a former investigator and super old but he let us back in. He knows lots of members so he said we could teach him again so we will see how far that goes! :) Then we had correlation that night and that was really that! haha 
Saturday: Now this day was one of the worst days... we set some time to go and knock doors for a couple hours because we really need to find new investigators... well we knocked all morning and got 31 rejections! (I know Cade.. that is like nothing.. but it was rough for us haha) anyways...we were super down so after our time was up we went to go to our appointments that night and they all juked us! Sooo I said a lil prayer and I asked Heavenly Father where He wanted us to go... and then a thought came to my mind to go to a referral that a member gave us so we did! :) And we knocked on their door and the lady let us right in! :) She said she was really impressed by the members that gave us the referral and she wanted to learn more! We gave her and her husband a Book of Mormon and we have an appointment next week! Goooood night :) Heavenly Father blesses us so much! 

Sunday: Awesome day! Went to church then we came home and we were able to go and after to study then they had a birthday party for our Less Active which was good and that was really it for the day! :) 
This week was great! Well that was that! We are super excited to keep working this week and to keep finding new people! Sister Robison and I get along great... it's been fun! :) I do know that the power of prayer is real. It's amazing how my testimony has strengthened of that overtime. I know that personal revelation is needed in this life. I don't know what I would do without it. What better thing than to know our Loving Father in Heaven is going to tell us exactly how to get back to Him. 

I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! :) 

Sister Dahl! :)
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