Monday, June 30, 2014

...back up to the North!

Wellll good morning! :) I am here reporting from Caldwell, NJ! Right where I thought I would go! :) Here is my info!!
my phone number is 862-223-.. hahah just kidding :) 
GET THIS! Caldwell touches Fardale and Fardale touches New City! So coming back to visit will be easy... my areas are really close... minus the Shore! :) 

Well this week has been super crazy and I don't even know where to start! Sooo I guess I will just start on Tuesday! :) 
Tuesday: After packing everything up we went and ate Sushi and went to transfer conference! Probably the saddest Transfer Conf ever! We got the whole mission together because President and Sister Jeppson were leaving! And boy did they make their testimonies short! THEY WOULD! We all wanted to hear more... hah but they are amazing! Afterwards we all got to give them hugs and confession! President totally hugged me! It was great! :) I love that man so much! Okay so yes, found out my new companion and it is Sister Shearer! From Hurricane, Utah! She is the greatest! :) I love her! :) After that we came home and ran over to our Ward Mission Leaders house and that was it! :)

Wednesday! We had district meeting! Which was super great to meet all the Sisters in the Zone! :) And Elders I guess.. ha but after that we went to visit a sweet Filipino lady and had a great time with her! :) Then that night we saw a Recent Convert! He is funny! But then we played Volley Ball with the Young Single Adults and one of them even brought a friend! Then we went to institute! 
Thursday: WE found out at the last min I had to go to a meeting to be trained on how to be a Sister Training Leader That was great! Seeing how the mission works is amazing! Sad though President wasn't there... but it was still good! :) 

Friday: We had a crazy day with back to back appointments! Seeing a Less Active first who is making those first steps at coming back. It was an incredible lesson we had with her! :) Then to see a Recent Convert, he worries me… :(  I guess he used to be addicted to drugs and we think he may be back on that... Then we went to see some investigators whose lessons went pretty crazy... haha but then too see Filipino lady again and then to see another Less Active that night! Sorry there isn't much detail. But it was a crazy day! There is so much work here! We are the only missionaries in the area and we cover 24 cities! INSANE! p.s. mom... don't google where I am at... I may or may not be right next to Newark... doinks..
Saturday: Wonderful day! We did service for a member who is moving! Didn’t even get to know them... ha, then we were able to go and see an investigator named who is planning on getting baptized July 27th! :) Hopefully... she is currently trying to stop smoking so pray for her! She is really excited to get baptized though! :) Then that night we did Exchange planning and we planned out all of our exchanges for the transfer! It was so cool. We are in charge of 9 companionships of Sisters so that means 9 exchanges in 6 weeks! Crazy! But we were able to pick days for them... and it was cool because when we started I didn't feel good about it... but we prayed and revised many times and finally we got it figured out! :) And the last time all the bad feelings went away and it felt great! :) The Lord has such a huge part in this! :) I can't wait... we are going to be BUSY though! :) LOVE IT!

Sunday: We went to church! Met everyone! Which is super nice... love being able to put names with faces! Then we taught a lesson to a guy after church and get this-he works down south in Eatontown at a Subway and when I was there I met him and talked to him and he said he was meeting with the missionaries! And now look at this! I am teaching him! :) Then we went to see a Recent Convert after that... well two different ones! See we are so busy... it was a long day! :) But all is well! I love it! :) 
I am so excited... this week I am going to NEW CITY and ENGLEWOOD on exchanges! It will be so much fun! Especially going back to my old area!!!! I can't wait to help these Sisters out and I am excited to update you next weeek! :) Well know I love you all so much and sorry this is crazy! 

Have a good week!
Sister Dahl
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My new Companion and all my STUFF!!!

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