Monday, July 7, 2014


Wellll Goooood Morning! :) 

So I totally forgot my planner to do emails again this morning soo I can't go through day by day and see what I did… but I will try my hardest to remember all the great and crazy details this week! Went on some exchanges and I honestly was in my area maybe 1 full day this week... crazy. But all is well because we had a baptism! :) 
Monday: PDAY! It was a great day! We were able to have fun by going shopping and going to play sports with our zone! :) 

Tuesday: We had district meeting in the morning then after that, we went on our first exchange of the transfer! I was able to go to NEW CITY for my very first one with a Sister named Sister Rigby! She is a sweet heart and loves New City! But we were able to go to an awesome member’s house for dinner and then they planned a lesson for me to go and see the lady that was baptized while I was there... it was great and she is sooo amazing! She is actually getting her Patriarchal blessing this week! I am so excited to hear about that! She just wants to go to the temple already. She is one I definitely want to come back and watch go to the temple! :) 
Wednesday: We did our studies and such and talked about what we learned from the exchange and how to improve and that was good then we exchanged back and as weird as it sounds... it was good to be home. Home in Caldwell at least! :) But then Sister Shearer and I went to loads of appts and I wish I could remember who we saw but I can't... :) 

Thurdsday: We were able to go to Leadership Meeting with President Taggart! First time we got to meet him and it was great! He is a lot different than Pres. Jeppson but still a good different. The meeting was inspiring and fun to see what the new monthly focus is going to be! Spiritually connecting with people! :) I am so excited to see the miracles from this focus! Then we went on another exchange after the meeting and I went to Englewood with a Sister named Sister Dorrough! She is brand new and she is a funny one! But that night we went out contacting and it started to rain... no actually it started to pour and neither of us had our umbrellas or rain jackets or anything and we got SOAKEDDDD!!!! It was nuts! haha but fun! We contacted 30 people that day!
Friday: We were able to wake up and do some more contacting and we actually found 2 new investigators for them. That was so fun how the Lord placed them in our path. They needed it! :) After we taught some lessons and then we exchanged back and Sister Shearer and I ran to eat dinner with a member then we were able to get together with the Zone and watch fireworks! Pics below. That was so much fun! We got to stay out til they were done and then come home! They were great fireworks and we didn't get home till 11:00!

Saturday: We were pretty tired sat morning... haha but we woke up and went and taught Bishop’s granddaughter... she is just here for a little bit but her dad is out of town and she hasn't been taught anything so he asked us to watch her. After that we went to a meeting with the zone leaders and district leaders to discuss the new monthly focus and then we were able to run back and we had our little investigator have her baptismal interview. Well you haven't heard me say anything about her that is because I never taught her. Hahah I was on exchange or it was before i got there... sooo anyway, she is a 10 year old girl and her mom is a returning member and she was sooooo excited to get baptized! :) She passed the interview and then that night we had a couple of appointments and ended with dinner with our Ward Mission Leader who is so amazing! :) 
Sunday: We woke up and went to church and after we were able to witness the baptism! She was soo excited and it was a great experience! After that we were able to teach a lady who is on date to be baptized soon but she needs to stop smoking so we talked to her about that... then we were able to come home and plan our week for next week because we still hadn't done that! :) But that was that! 

Crazy week eh? But it was awesome and fun! I am grateful for the chance to be here on this mission. I am grateful for the things I learn and the opportunity i have to serve others... whether it be missionaries or investigators! I know this church is true with all my heart and I KNOW Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us! Know that I love you and hope you have a great week! :) 
One favor: Everyone give Cade a hug for me.

Love you! 
Sister Dahl
(Click on photos to enlarge)
 Sister Ribgy and I grabbin' lunch!

Sister Dorrough and I soaking wet!!
 Sister Shearer (my comp) and I at fireworks!
Our Zone at fireworks!
 The baptism :)
The Jersey Sunset

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