Monday, July 14, 2014

Man. We are busy bees. It’s the best! :)

Uh... Soooo I am sorry but this letter is going to be a little short... :/ But this week has been a good one! :) Seeing miracles like crazy and doing the work of the Lord! :)

Monday: We had a great night with a returning less Active family, husband and wife, who fed us dinner! :) They fixed the BEST kale chips in the world. Mom don't worry I told her that you would love this and she said she would give me the recipe :) haha but anyways besides that... they are great. Taking the steps they need to! :) 

Tuesday: We had a great day at Zone Meeting then we were able to go and see an Investigator and then we were able to go to dinner and after that to a Less Actives for a lesson as well. Man. We are busy bees. It’s the best! :) 

Wednesday: We had a day where we met the Taggarts! That was fun and it was great to get to know them more. They are a great family! I am excited to work with them...after that I went on exchange to Patterson area and that was fun! We saw some great miracles! :) 
Thursday: We exchanged back, did weekly planning, and then went to a members house for dinner! :) 

Friday: WE WENT TO ELLIS ISLAND!!! It’s open and we were able to go and it was so fun! We were able to help soooo many people actually find their family members! :) It was amazing! I loved it so much! :) After that it was 7-11 so we had to go to 7-11 and get a free Slurpee... hah then we went on another exchange and Sister Herder came with me and we stayed in Caldwell and went to see some people! :)  
Saturday: we did studies and exchanged back and Sister Shearer and I saw our investigator… set her on a new baptismal date of Aug 10th... she is doing better with the's still hard though.. :( 

Sunday:  we were able to go to church and 5 investigators came! :) That was nice! Some of them I hadn't even met yet because I have been on exchanges... weird right? That is the weird thing about this calling… I really only know half of what is going on haha but it was a great Sabbath day! :) 
Okay #worstemailintheworld. I am sorry. I will repent and be better next week I promise! :) I can't wait to be able to tell you all my miracles and not have to worry about time. :) But know the church is true! I love what I am doing and I am grateful for this time... I LOVE YOU ALL! Keep sharing the gospel! :) 

Sister DAHL!!

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