Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Family First...

Okay since last weeks email was sooo bad... I decided to put my Family Email first so hereeee we go! :) It was a great week but super busy... we had 3 exchanges and that just wears me out! :) but that is what preparation day is for right? So here is the week that we had! :) 

Monday: During our P-day we were able to go and have interviews with President and Sister Taggart… bitter sweet to take away our P-day but it was okay! :) They are a great couple. So different from the Jeppsons but I love them! They are really laid back. Sister Taggart just loves to talk and it is great... because we all know I like to talk too.. :) haha After that we were able to go and see the Bishop’s grand-daughter and teach her at their home. That was fun, she is 8 but isn't baptized yet. She loves learning sooo much so we were able to teach her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! :) Then we came back and contacted some more before the night was over.

Tuesday: We had district meeting and then after that we were able to go on exchange with Sister Spencer and Sister Mendoza (both my former comps!) I was sad that I couldn't go with Sister Mendoza because I can't drive... :( But I was able to go with Sister Spencer and that was fun! We were in our area and we saw lots of people! We saw two investigators who are just funny people who want to know more. The man informed us that Isaiah is bald.. How does he know that?? haha After that we were able to see some Less Actives... then a Recent Convert who we talked about Testimonies and how to strengthen it every day!! He needed that! Then we saw another recent convert, we teach her 6 year old wild son who is so funny! :) So we showed him a magic trick about the gospel of Jesus Christ! :) FUN!
Wednesday: We were able to go contacting and we talked to some great people! :) Then we exchanged back and then ran to a meeting we had at the mission home with all the Sister Training Leaders to learn how the best way to help the Sisters is! :) So that was fun! The Taggarts fed us! YUM :) then after that we ran back home and went to an appt with a part member family! They are great and we watched the Restoration movie! It was super spiritual! (fyi.. they came to church Sunday! WOO)

Thursday: We did another exchange and I was with Sister Webb! That was fun because we were here in the area and we were able to contact all day because it was walking day! We met this guy on the street who told us that... "ya know... the way the Mormons do things is right!" We got his address and should be stopping by soon! :) 
Friday: We met with this guy we met on the street last week and wanted us back so we taught him… he was interesting but wants us back! :) So we will keep teaching him. Then we exchanged back and Sister Shearer and I had one appt together with a couple! They are a part member family with two girls who are waiting to get adopted and as soon as they are adopted they will be baptized! :) Just the paper work that takes forever... :( But we had a great lesson with them! Also their friend wants to investigate as well! :) yay! Then we had another exchange with a Sister named Sister Stansel. She came here and Sister Shearer went to Paterson with her companion and so that was a fun exchange. We went to teach a lesson to our awesome three investigators!! They are from Brazil... (and they are impressed with my Portuguese!) But we taught them the Plan of Salvation and they loved it! :) 

Saturday: We were able to contact in the morning then exchange back and then we got juked all day which wasn't fun :( so we did some planning and more contacting! :) 
Sunday: We had a great Sunday with 7 investigators at church! I think that is a high for me! It was fun! :) Hopefully we can get them all with a date soon! :) After that we taught a man who lives in a part member family and had a lesson about baptism with him... he wants to be baptized sooo bad he just has to wait for permission from church headquarters.. :( But it'll come soon! :)  Then we were able to teach a recent convert that night about family history work and that was fun :) and that was our crazy day!! 

Prettyyy crazy week! Exchanges are so fun... this week we will have two more then we get a rest because we are will be getting ready for transfers! They called and told us our area is splitting sooo we will make plans for that. That will be really good because we will be able to focus more on the important things! :) We have way too much work! (Never thought I would be saying that!! haha) but I love being busy. Ya know, I really love being a missionary. Thanks Nicket for reminding me that I have 100 days left, dad for telling me only 12 emails left, and Grandma counting down 3 months! Flip! Time has gone too fast! But how lucky am I to be able to have 3 months still! :) Remember "After all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to Preach the Gospel" and personally I think the best way to "Preach The Gospel" is by your actions! How you live and what you do! :) know I love you all so much! Have a great week!!!!
Sister Dahl! 

p.s. hopefully this email was better...
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My bowling score from the other day...the highest score :) be impressed!

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