Monday, September 9, 2013


Well! Good Morning! :) It's about time I get to email you! Sorry that I didn't get a chance to email this week… it has been a really busy week and we didn't have any time to get on the computers to tell you where I was! But no worries, all is well… I am happy, safe, and IN NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
So my mission covers a little tiny tiny area of New York, Rockland County! And that is where I am! In the New City Ward! The ward is really small and struggling... the Bishop wants us to find new people every chance we get so that the ward can be strengthened! So I will be doing lots of tracting and finding new people! :) And I am pretty sure there are maybe 5 white families... it is really amazing and a great place to be! Rockland County is full of people from Hatti or Jewish. Soooo we teach the Hattians! :) They are the sweetest most humble people I have ever met! And they can speak French! :) I've been learning a little...
I am soo lucky to have my companion be Sister Gaihe from the Phillipians! She is amazing. She has been out one transfer less than I have but I am learning so much from her! She is a recent convert of about 4 years. Both her parents passed away and the only member of her family is her Sister and her Aunt. Being out here on a mission means EVERYTHING to her! It is so amazing! She isn't afraid to talk to anyone. She will go up out of nowhere and ask people if we can come see them... it took me by surprise the first couple of days but that’s how we get so many appts and investigators! She has really brought me out of my shell! :)

I don't even know where to begin, but this week has been incredible! The field is white and really ready to harvest here. There are people everywhere that want to learn more about Christ! But I’ll start with my last day in Fardale!
Monday: Well last Monday was spent teaching our investigator who is getting baptized for the last time and visiting families for the last time before I left... I never realized how close I got to the people in Fardale. Leaving them was almost as hard as leaving my family!!! I loved them so much! I know that they have taught me a lot too! :) I had dinner at the Bishop's family’s house... that’s where my first dinner was and my last! :)
Tuesday: Tuesday morning was full of packing alll my stuff! I NEVER KNEW how much junk I have collected over the period of time that I was in Fardale... I am already scared for all of the stuff I am going to have when I come home... it's going to be scary! hahah but then we were able to say goodbye to more people then head off to Morristown for Transfer Conference! So President starts off by just calling people up and telling them where they are going and who their comp is... it is sooooooooooo nerve wracking! So he called my name and told me I would be in New City with Sister Gaihe and I would be the driver... AGAIN! :( ha! So after that all the departing missionaries that are leaving bare their testimonies and it was really good because 3 of the AP's were leaving and so was some STL's! So it was a great conference! Then we were off! I loaded all the stuff into the new car... Chevy Cruise! :) It's nice! Then drove off to New City! It was about an hour away... we were able to go see an investigator that night! :) We didn't get to talk too much but he had some questions so that was great! Then we came home and brought all my stuff in and went to bed. I was tired! :) p.s. I will take pics of the apartment next week... It’s huge!

Wednesday: We woke up and had Zone meeting so we headed down to West New York, NJ. The road we take hugs the Hudson River the whole way so the drive is so pretty! It's the coolest view of New York City EVER! :) AHH! I just can't believe I am here... hah We had a great Zone Conference then we were able to come back and we had appts alll day! It was great! We had appts with a couple new people, an older man who wants to learn more so we taught him then a lady who just happened to be in the room while he was there and we taught her as well. We visited three former investigators and we got an appt with them and they said that the missionaries before just stopped meeting with them but they want to learn more! So we are teaching them and they are great! They are all about in their 20's and are super cool and want to learn more! :) Then we also met with a Less Active which was really great! :)
Thursday: Was our walking day but the ward really helped us with rides and they picked us up and dropped us off everywhere which was really great! We found 3 new investigators this day and they are really interested in joining a church! A lady and her brother and his wife! The lady told us that she was having a really crazy day but as soon as she met with us she felt peace. Her mind seemed calm! It was so cool to hear her say that! :)
Friday: Busy day... but I can't really remember... haha I think we met with some investigators and things! :) sorry family! haha
Saturday: I remember this day we were able to see our investigator who has a baptismal date! He is really cool! His cousin just got baptized so he is really interested in the church! He still has a lot to learn but I believe he will make it there! He used to play college football! We also were able to see some less active people and do a little tracting and see two previous investigators again! :)

Sunday: We went to church! It was actually ward council so the Stake Presidency came and 3 members of the Stake Presidency/high council were from my ward in Fardale so it was sooo good to see them again! :) Church was great! There are some Spanish in the area so everyone goes to church together and the Spanish just have headsets on! It’s great! The ward is really nice and they were all so loving and kind! I loved it! After that pretty much all our appts fell through but we were able to see a couple people and find some new people that want to hear about the church! :) 

But that is my week! I am really looking forward to this week to WORK! This past week I really have learned what that actually means... I am so tired... like soo tired every night! My head literally hits the pillow and I am out! haha But it's the most rewarding work ever! Being able to allow people to feel the spirit that comes with the sacred calling I have is amazing! I am so grateful for the trust the Lord has in me and for Him allowing me to serve! :) The Church is TRUE! :) I love you all and hope you have a good week! P.s. it's getting chilly isn't?

 An Investigator from Fardale
 Great family from Fardale!
 Me playing the drums at their house :)
 Bishop and family from Fardale
 Ward Mission Leader and his wife
 ALL my stuff to pack!
 Recent convert from Fardale ward
 My new companion Sister Gaihe
About half the sisters in our district

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