Monday, September 2, 2013

Last day at church in Fardale!

Hey hey hey! :) Well this week has been quite a different week... but a good one! :) My brain is kind of spinning so this might be a little confusing but I will try to update you the best I can! :)

Tuesday: We just had district meeting and then a member took us to Chili’s that night! :) MMM! :) (yes mother... I got the grilled salmon! The member is the one who is running the Metlife Stadium.

Wednesday: We had a great day... we finally got our ticket paid... ha! :) Then we were able to go and see a family who just moved in which is super good! Then we went to see a lady who is really struggling right now in our ward and she was getting ready to go "down the shore" (that’s how you say it here in Jersey) and guess what she needed? Her toenails painted! ha! So I was able to provide her some service! :) We painted them a cute color and she was super grateful! It's fun to be able to use my skills! Then we had dinner at a member’s house then I was off to Patterson! :) We went out for a little bit that night and it was so cool... I talked to so many people! There is people everywhere just walking around on the streets! People there are really humble so they really want to listen! It was defiantly different then I was used to... however I love it! :) (minus the part where a big dog tried to attack me.. when missionaries say dogs don't like them.. they aren't kidding!!!)

Thursday: So my new companion was Sister Morrison! There were 4 Sisters in one house there and it was pretty crazy! :) hahah but it was good! Thursday we were able to go to Liberty Island and serve there! It is always great! But so tiring... I met someone from Bordeaux, France and I told them to look for someone with a tag like I had on and tell him I said hi! :) haha I don't think they understood me! :) Then it took us 2 hours to get home (Jersey traffic is INSANE fyi.) but then I don't know how, but Sister Morrison has serious connections and we went to eat with an investigator at the Cheese Cake Factory! :) YUM! 2 weeks ago they came out with a NEW GLUTEN FREE MENU!! So I was able to have noodles AND a CHEESE CAKE!!!!! :)

Friday: Friday we woke up and we were able to go and do some service for a lady. We cleaned up her yard because we were having a young single adult party at their house the next day! So that was great! Then we went and got the supplies for the party... then we went and did more service for another lady... then we went to a member in my area's house for dinner! :) That was about it...

Saturday: We woke up and went and helped someone move!! Remind me to tell you why she was moving when I get home... I am pretty sure if I told you now, mom would be coming to get me! ha :) Then we went to my area because my other comp went to Liberty Island so we were able to meet a Less Active for lunch... (man... we eat so much) then we went and had a great lesson with our Catholic Investigator!  While I was gone they had a lesson with him and told him that pretty much he had to choose what church because he couldn't have one foot in both... so he was going to pray about it so in our lesson with him we were flowing up with that and it turned out the Spirit was sooo strong so we had him kneel and pray right there and ask what path he should take and after the prayer he paused and said.. "This is the path I am supposed to take..." I don't think I have ever been more happy! It is so cool to see the Spirit work inside someone like it did with him! So he will for sure be getting baptized Sept. 15! :) After that we ran back to Patterson and had the party for the Young Single Adults! That was great! Of course I had to do something embarrassing while I was there... we were all playing a game and we were sitting on chairs in a circle and I (thinking I am all tricky) am leaning back on two legs of the chair... and BAM! Fell backwards and gave everyone there a little show! My skirt was flying everywhere! It was great! hahah You would think I would learn! After that we came on back to my area and Sister Webb went with Sister Morrison and I stayed with Sister Spencer! It was good to be back home!

Sunday! Well Last day at church in Fardale! So it was really good! Our investigator (the children’s book author) came! :) It was really good to look around the ward and feel like I have done my purpose here! :) I felt at peace! Then after church we were able to study then go over to see a 10 year old girl who isn't a member and we taught her a great lesson about prayer! She will be baptized real soon! Then we went to dinner at another member’s house... they cooked us steak! Lucky right? Then we came home and waited for the transfer text... then at 11:40 at night I got word that I will be getting transferred! ahh! 

So that is why my mind is racing right now... I just don't know what to think! I can't believe I am leaving this area... these people have become my family! I love them all so much! But I know that the Lord needs me somewhere else and I will trust in Him... because He knows what is up! :) I will know where I go tomorrow... sooo I will hopefully let you know as soon as I can! If not, I love you all! And know I will be somewhere in Jersey! :) (Pray I get sent somewhere that feeds me as much as here! haha jk!) 

Have a great week! :)

 Our investigators...the one below is getting baptized!

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