Monday, August 26, 2013

when you rely on the Lord...He leads you

Wellllll here I am again.... it literally seems like it was just yesterday that I was typing away to you guys... It is crazy how time flies when you are out on a mission! I'll tell you what, it goes by way too fast! Ha! But I am so grateful for the time that I have now to email you!! :) So hopefully this email will be a little better! I want to say also, thank you all for all your prayers! Missionaries really can feel them! It's nice to know that even when you try your hardest and nothing is really going as planned... your family and friends are always there for you rooting you on at home! :) So thank you all and know that I love you all too!!!! :)

Well for this week!!!!

Monday: After our CRAZYYY p-day we were able to bring our Catholic investigator (pretty much the only guy who is really progressing now.. he is doing great!) to a family home evening at a members home! He doesn't have a family of his own but he seemed to really love the fact that we are so close as families! We played a little game and had a lot of fun! The members here are amazing... just amazing!!!

Tuesday: We had our usual district meeting where we learned a load on how to be better missionaries! Our monthly focus the past 2 months has been on the Book of Mormon... it's been so fun! So in district meeting we do little activities related to the BOM. One thing that I love more than anything is the love I have for learning! (I know, I know.. it just isn't like me...) however…challenge me to a Book of Mormon chase, I bet I could beat you! :) haha (I know I’m humble too) After that we were able to visit a less active in the Elders Area... she has been missing the Sisters and when we were there she told us that she doesn't like the Elders and she is mean to them hahah sad huh? But it was a good visit with her! :) We then had dinner at members then we had a pretty cool experience... I have been thinking a lot lately about how I have been slacking on sharing spiritual experiences... and I had come to the conclusion that it was because the spiritual things just happen slowly... however, it was just because I wasn't relying on my Savior enough. You who Sister Dahl! This is His work... He kind of knows what He is doing right?? Soooo anyways this was my humbling experience to learn this... We were given a referral from a member so we went Tuesday night to see if we could see her! Well once we got there we got scared... it was late... and we were like "maybe we could just try back later..." wellll finally I just said, let’s pray about it! So we did and we all got the feeling that we needed to go in and see her right then!! So we did, we got out and knocked on her door and she answered and seriously is the friendliest lady I have ever met! She let us right in! :) She said... "OH! I was just doing my family history work!!" AHHH! We were so excited! So she showed us all the stories, and man... this lady has done some research! ha so we asked if we could meet her again and talk more about this! She agreed! :) So yes... it is amazing how when you rely on the Lord and do all you can He leads you to the people that are ready and prepared!! :) Missionary work is the best!

Wednesday: Wednesday... we were able to go to see a Less Active which was really good! The relief Society pres. came with us and took us to lunch after! She really takes care of us...  :) then we were at the church and we were able to do some service for our ward! They have never had a librarian. Sooo we spent the day organizing the library!! I am pretty sure there is stuff in there older than my mom and dad! It’s crazy! So we got it all fixed up! :) Then we had young women’s and guess what they did?? Pedicures! Sooo I was kind of in heaven and I was able to paint the girls toes and put cute flowers on them! :) It was fun! :) They told me that if I don't get transferred this week that they want me to do a hair and makeup class for the young women’s.. ha! :) The Bishop asked us to be there anyways right? :)

Thursday: Wellll... one of my comps was sick again... sooo I spent the morning doing planning and studying! :) Always great! :) Then we went to dinner at a members house and then to see a Less Active! It was a really great visit!

Friday: Welllll... my other comp was sick this day... so the morning was again spent studying... :) YAY! haha There is no excuse now! I better know my stuff! :) But that night was good because we met with our Recent Convert and then we were able to go to another member’s house for dinner and that was fun! But you see... we had a pickle where we had to schedule TWO dinners that night... (good thing I wore the stretchy skirt!!!) The second dinner was with, the lady I talked about above doing the family history and then her sister and grandchild! :) It was a fun little girls night eating pizza... (don't worry I ate some shrimp on rice!) We talked a little more about family history! (thanks to all my family I was able to show off that my family history chart was almost all full!) It was really good. She called us "her new best friends!" So we really hope we established a relationship and can get her baptized! :) hahah

Saturday! We were able to teach our Catholic investigator again at the church about the Word of Wisdom! It was really good! :) Then we were able to stay there because we were having a ward party!!! :) There were water games for the kids... (I may have had too much fun during this part...) then we had dinner! There was a roasted pig in a box! It was great! There were so many people there! It was awesome! :) We were on cloud nine!!! :) They all said they had a really good time!! :)

Sunday: Church! :) Our investigator came to church which was really good! :) He seems to really like it and it is fun watching him! We then spent the rest of the day studying then dinner at a member’s house! :) Then I got a call that I will be going to Patterson this week on a three or four day exchange! So that will be interesting! :) Wish me luck!

But that was our week! :) Transfers are this week so by the next time I email you I will know whether I will be staying in Fardale land or I'll be off to somewhere else! I don't know.. I just love this ward so much! They are like my family!!! And the people we are working with are sooo great! But we will see! I will go where thou wants me to go dear Lord! :) Well have a great week! :) If you have time go on the and watch Sherri Patterson McRae story about her life! Got to watch it this week and it made me cry!! Anyways! Love you all! :)

Sister Dahl!

Link to Sherri’s story

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