Monday, August 5, 2013

I love what I am doing!

Well hello all! :) How are you??? Things are doing great over here in New Jersey! For some reason... it has been really cold over here lately... Rain rain rain. But all is well! The work still goes on! So here is my exciting week!

Tuesday: We were able to wake up in the morning and go and get our new companion at the mission home! So we drove down to Morristown and met her there. She is soo funny! Her name is Sister Spencer and she is from Elk Ridge, Utah. Got some more Utah pride! :) She served in Russia for 2 months before getting sick. So in total (with the time at the MTC learning Russian) she has served for 6 months and is here now to finish up the year she has left! She is really excited to be here and to work, which is great! It is fun to learn how she did things over in Russia... Even though we are all on the same team... there are some differences! So it's been fun figuring out how to work out something that will be best for all of us. So after that we were able to go over to district meeting and learn and grow there! :) Then we were able to come home and allow Sister Spencer time to get settled in and unpack. Then we had an appt with an investigator. He is the man that we randomly found one day but he is really excited to learn more about our religion. He is Catholic and it was a great lesson. He has been reading the Book of Mormon and finished 1 and 2 Nephi already! He told us that he knows that it is true. He knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet and he knows Thomas S. Monson is one too! :) At the end of the restoration lesson we asked him to kneel and pray and ask if they are true and to pay attention to the feelings he receives. So he did! After we asked him how he felt and he said "I know it is true. I felt a tingly feeling throughout my whole body. I know that is the Spirit." It was so cool to hear those words come out of his mouth!!! Those words coming out of anyone’s mouth are amazing! Now we just have to help up understand how to act on those promptings! :)

Wednesday: This day unfortunately Sister Webb wasn’t feeling well so we stayed in most the day... but I sure got some good studying done! :) As much as I really don't like staying inside, I love studying! But I was glad that Sister Webb had the time to rest and feel better. That night we had a summer enrichment night at a members house that we were invited to go to! So our other investigator Cecilia wanted to go, of course, to make friends! :) So we went with her and another member and it was really fun to mingle with all the ladies of the ward. I really love all of them! They are like my "other" family! I couldn't imagine my life without having the opportunity to know them! Don’t worry! They take care of me! :)

Thursday: WALKING DAY! :) We were actually aloud to drive the car to go and have interviews with President! Which are always amazing!! President and Sister Jeppson are so close to the Spirit... I love them both! But we had great interviews with them then we were able to come back and plan for our upcoming week! After that it was our walking day and guess what it was doing??? RAINING! Of course! hahah sure glad I have a good umbrella! :) ha! But we walked to meet a member (who used to be less active but is now coming to church!) for dinner! She wanted to repay us for the time a while back when we helped her move! :) She is such a sweet lady! Then all we really had time for was walking back... and that was our day! ha!

Friday: These are always our busiest days! :) We love them so much! We were able to go and see so many people! 1 Less active family, 2 of our recent converts. And i don't know if I have told you or not, but we are reading Jesus The Christ with our recent converts... yeah they are amazing and are smarter than I am most of the time! It's amazing!!! But it's so fun because we read all during the week then we come together and talk about everything that we learned! It's amazing and I know that together, our testimony of Jesus Christ has all strengthened! :) Then we were able to see a family that is investigating as well. Our lesson with them consisted of us telling them our purpose with meeting with them and understanding their expectations with that. They said that they want to learn more! So we told them that will be great and we will be back next week to teach them about the Restoration! :) So that should be fun! :) Pray for them that they will be able to have and open mind and an open heart and accept our message!!!! After that, we were able to see Cecilia again at the church. She wanted us to pray with her because she is having some health issues. It's sad because she is the one who committed to being baptized however, her health is getting in the way of us teaching her. :( So we are just trying to take things slow with her. But that night at the church one of the little boys was able to be baptized!!! :) Awesome! She was able to watch how it is done and get a greater understanding of what goes on! So that was great! :)

Saturday! Was a great day!!! We woke up and did our studies and we had time to go and just find people. It was great because we were at someone’s home that is a less active and I know I told you a while back about Sue. We bumped into her and she said she was reading the Book of Mormon... well she is taking lessons from the Korean Elders here because she is Korean and she is understands a lot more from them.. She is getting baptized next week! :) Anyways... she told us that her son is coming in town the next day and she wants us to BAPTIZE HIM!!! She said he has too much freedom and he will be in town for 2 weeks and he needs "a baptism!!" hahah! Right? crazy? So we just said okay... we will come over tomorrow when he gets here and we will talk then... haha but we did find our less active and it turns out he is just going to the other ward with Sue! haha so then we had another meeting with our Catholic investigator about the Plan of Salvation and he really liked how it all sounded. He said that he didn't really believe what his church believed in about the Afterlife and stuff... so he was excited to hear about that! :) and he wants to keep meeting with us! Then we went to see Banana! She is great.... oh I just wish you could meet her! haha :)

Sunday! Wellll Yesterday was fast Sunday! :) Best day ever! After church and studies we were able to go and talk to Sue’s son. Now this was an interesting meeting. Sue pretty much set him up! We went over and he wasn't even home yet. In fact he was just flying in and so he came home to us sitting in his living room.... hahah his name is Huyn and he is a 19 year old kid. His moms just said now listen…enjoy! (The Korean Culture is different... hahah) so he just put his bags down and sat on the couch and said okay... So we just got to know him... he had lots and lots of questions and concerns but the Spirit was so strong there and it was able to help us answer all his questions! He seemed a little overwhelmed, as would I be too, so we are hopefully going back tomorrow to teach him again. His mom said she will keep him inside and we can come and teach him everything in the two weeks he is here... I don’t know how well this is going to go over... so just pray for us that all will work out and he will receive a witness that it is true! :)

But that is our week! :) It has been great! It is so amazing to be a part of soo many miracles each day! I love what I am doing. I love what I am learning. And I love my Father in Heaven and My Savior, Jesus Christ. I want to do all I can to help others stand clean before them both at the last day. That’s what this life is for! To perfect ourselves so we can say we did the best we could with the knowledge that we have! So I need to make sure all of New Jersey has the knowledge so they can do the best that they can! :) Well know that I love you all! Have a great week! :) Wish my brother a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :)

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 Sister Spencer (our new comp), Sister Webb, Sister Dahl
Our Church Building

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