Monday, August 12, 2013

I’m slowly getting over my fear of this singing thing...

Monday's are the best day ever! Being able to receive an update on how everyone is doing is the best! :) Well this week wasn't the most productive... sad... sickness came over my companions! AHH! But we still got a couple lessons in! Pray that we will get better and be able to serve the Lord the best we can next week! But here is my week anyways!
Monday: After P-day we were able to teach a lesson to a cute sweet girl we found that is from Brazil. I think I have talked about her before... She speaks really good Portuguese so we decided to have the Portuguese speaking Elders come and teach the lesson with us or rather for us! ha they ended up teaching the whole thing in Portuguese which was good because she could understand it all so much better. She said that she could feel such a difference. It was so neat to be able to feel the spirit sooo strong in a lesson I couldn't even understand! ha well there is more to this story later. After that we went to dinner at a member’s house and then came home.

Tuesday: Well this is where it starts getting sad. My companion, Sister Spencer woke up with a horrible cold and couldn't do anything. So Sister Webb went to Zone meeting and I stayed home with Sister Spencer and studied... read and read the Book of Mormon and Jesus the Christ. All sorts of stuff. We ended up going to a member’s house for dinner that night but that was pretty much our day....

Wednesday: Same thing. Sister Spencer woke up and didn't feel good again... another day of studies! :) I was actually able to finish the Book of Mormon! :) Wow! IT IS TRUE! I love being able to read it again and just get that convincing evidence that it is true!!!!!! Half way through the day... we got a message from the girl we saw on Monday and she said she wants to give the book back and she isn't interested in learning anymore. It was awful. That is the worst thing to hear ever. So the only thing we can think of is that the people she is living with right now said something to her about us... because she that lesson was incredible. She knows it is true. So that was Wednesday.
Thursday: We had a kind of slow day. We were able to teach another investigator that... well... I don't even know what to do with. She was a teacher at Harvard and so we have decided that when we try to teach her she thinks of us as college students and tries to teach us instead. She comes to church every week and everything!! She wants to be baptized... just having a hard time. So we talked to the ward and they are willing to have someone who is older meet with her and see if they could talk to her better... she listens really good in Sunday school so hopefully that will help! :)

Friday: Last minute, Sister Webb and I got asked to go to Liberty Island! :) So Sister Spencer stayed in Fardale on an exchange with another Sister and we went there! It was great! :) I just love talking to so many people! I am learning quite a lot of Spanish, French, and Portuguese! :) But that was all on that day!

Saturday: We finally worked!! ha! YAY! We were able to visit our Less Active family and talked to them about reading the Book of Mormon and they told us they know! They already made a goal of that last week! :) It was cool! :)  Also we saw another investigator who is progressing really well! He LOVES Learning so much... I just hope he understands that ours is the only true church! We also saw some other less actives later that night! :) It was a great day! Filled with lessons! Fulfilling our purpose!
Sunday: A great day at church! The investigator we taught on Saturday came to church which was great! :) He seemed to like it! There was a baptism of an 8 year old after and he even stayed for that!!! It was wonderful! We will follow-up with him later and see how he liked it! :) p.s. we sang at the baptism too!! SCARY! haha I’m slowly getting over my fear of this singing thing...

But that was our week! Pretty slow... but hopefully the sickness will be gone next week so that we will be able to work some more! :) Our group of three is working good. I was told last week that I am the senior comp so if there is a problem I need to fix it :/ I found some gluten free cookie dough this week…did I eat it all? No... I did share with my comps but I sure didn’t cook it! J I must have lost a few pounds somewhere because I am now up to gaining 4 lbs since getting here. I love you all sooo much and hope you have an amazing couple last weeks of summer! :) Christ lives!
Sister Dahl!
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 Service with a smile!
 The Fardale group

 A wall we found in Newark
The Church in Newark...a beautiful building!
My cookies!!!

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