Monday, August 19, 2013

"Think of yourself as Heavenly Father would"

Hey Everyone! :) Well this week is going to be super short... I am so sorry! We had a Sister Training meeting this morning where we learned how to behave ourselves... we did some yoga and had some great talks! It was all the Sisters in the Mission and noooo Elders besides President! It was crazy. 95 Sisters. All in one room. WAYYY too much for me! ha! But it was still fun minus the part that it has taken up our whole p-day and we only have an hour to email and we have to get back to work! So I will tell you some great things and some crazy things that happened this week!

We have been meeting with our Catholic investigator we just randomly ran into and he is progressing really well. He says that he knows everything is true! He said he knows he will end up coming to our church one day! :) I am pretty sure that as a missionary that is the best thing to hear!

Then another investigator we haven't been able to see him much but he texted us the other day and he said... "Well I think I will come to your church this week..." So of course we were like YES PLEASE COME!! :)  haha! So he showed up on Sunday and it seemed like he had a great day... then we asked if we could come see him that night and he said yes! So last night we went over to his house and this is where the real story comes in... hahah He fed us some... "Santa Clause Watermelon" none of us have ever heard of it... but let me tell you... it was really good! Super sweet and juicy! Well, all was well, we were just eating and talking then all of the sudden my throat starts to itch really bad... (like it always does when I eat fruit BUT WORSE!!) So I sit there and I feel my throat start closing up... I was so scared I didn't know what to do! haha so our investigator went inside to grab something and I tell my comp so she gets me some Benadryl and I hurry and take it and somehow make it through the lesson! ha! My throat started to get better but I think we caught it just in time! :) haha on the bright side our investigator said he really enjoys what we tell him and he wants to learn more and more! He is praying about it tonight and so pray for him! :) But then guess what happened on the way home?? I couldn't drive because I was feeling SUPER sleepy so my sweet companion Sister Spencer said she would drive home! So she did! Wellllll we have a broken head light we were planning on fixing today...... but guess what happened?! A cop pulled us over!! He didn't even give us a chance! He wrote us a ticket and said we need to get it fixed... $54 ticket!!! Missionary rule is that you have to split the cost of tickets... good thing we are in a trio so it'll be cheaper! :) haha but it was quite the night and I'm not going to lie, I was pretty calm because of the Benadryl! :)

We also were able to do a service in Patterson this week... (mom don't look that town up... hahah) which is in our Zone and we were able to paint a school! We painted the class rooms! It was a blast and being able to serve is so much fun! Don't worry... I didn't even get paint on me! :)

One of our Recent Converts has decided to go to BYU. So she is getting ready to move out there! :) We have been really excited for her! :)

Other than that our week was pretty slow again... we were just getting everyone back to normal health! HA! :) I really can't think of anything else... :/ I promise next week’s letter will be better! :) But I will tell you a great spiritual thought that Sister Jeppson said today:

"Think of yourself as Heavenly Father would. How do you think it makes Him feel when you think bad about a creation of His. He made you!! He knows you!! He loves you!!"

Well I hope all is well and everyone is off and married now... (yes three wedding invites in one week is crazy! Know that I was thinking of you all!) Love you! Have a great week!

Sister Dahl!

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 Our fridge...members give us so much food. Don't worry mom, I am eating!!
 Sisters in the painting service zone!

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