Monday, September 16, 2013

Another week hard at work! :)

Good morning everyone! :) Well another week I get to email home! As much as I am focused and ready to work, I have to admit these are still some of the best days! Being able to talk and to think about your family and friends! :) Well this week I have learned a lot about Charity. This work that I am doing can't be done without Charity! You really truly have to love everyone the way that the Savior would love them. Something that has really helped me is thinking of them the way the Savior would... Besides the fact that I need this to serve a mission, there is a scripture in Moroni 7 that Charity is the only way to get into Heaven! Soooo it is prettyyy important! :)
Monday: Well after our emailing I was able to get some food and finish out our p-day before we had to go to a sweet member’s house for dinner! :) (yes the members feed us here! Not as much as Fardale, but they try really hard!) Then we were able to have a lesson with a Recent Convert and a Lesson with an Investigator! It's always great when you can still get so much accomplished even on a P-day! The Investigator seemed like he took in the message really good... however, he was going to be partying alll weekend sooo either he has a lot to learn still or he isn't really interested in changing his life! ha! We will see! :) Cool thing... (kinda) happened this day... Well right after our P-day ended my eye started to get really red and itch way bad and it didn't look good! So I told my comp that I needed to get some eye drops bad! So we went into Walgreens to get some and we saw one of our investigators that didn't come to church! She said she was sorry but that she wanted to meet with us tomorrow! :) That was good! Then when we were checking out, there was a guy in line and he asked us what Church we were from... so of course we told him and he was like "ahh.. I want to learn more!" So we got his information and told him we would be calling him! :) So that was great! I got the eye drops and my eye hasn't had a problem since... so I think the Lord wanted us in that Walgreens pretty bad! :) hahah
Tuesday: We were able to have District meeting in the morning which happened in New City which is great so that means that we didn't have to drive far! :) Then we had an appt with another Investigator that was interesting... he talks a lot! ha! And it's in half French half English so it's like Frenglish! It's hard to understand to say the least. ha! Then we were able to have dinner with a Less Active who the missionaries have been trying to see for a while! He bought us Pizza! :) Then we went to see our investigator that works at Walgreens and we had a great lesson with her! :)
Wednesday: Now this day was probably one of the hardest days so far. First off we woke up and it was 100 Degrees! NO JOKE. It was crazy!!!! ha! We had 8 appts set up for this day.... and ALL of them but one stood us up. It wasn't very fun... ha! But we were able to use our back up plans and find some potential investigators which was really good! :) The one appt we were able to go to was a younger kid. He was a former investigator and he is awesome! He really does want to learn more so hopefully things with him will go good! :)
Thursday: Okay now remember how yesterday was 100?? Now this day was like 50 degrees! It is out of control! ha! We had weekly planning this morning which was good because we stayed inside all morning planning, and there was a GIANT THUNDERSTORM! It was crazy! To me, it was like a mini Hurricane! ha! It only lasted like 5 min though!  Then we had a great lesson with a Recent Convert then we went to teach a lesson to a 13 year old girl we found trackting and she speaks great English however, we had a team up that translated Spanish to her mom... and after the lesson she said she would rather be taught in Spanish. That was super sad because she is awesome! She will be baptized one day! :) Soooo we gave her over to the Elders! ha yay. At least we are all on the same team.
Friday: This was a great day! We were able to meet with the new guy at Walgreens! We met him in the park and he was super late so while we were waiting we did some contacting! That was fun... however we met this one guy on the bridge over a little stream and he made me so upset that I was about to push him over the bridge! Ha! BAD BAD BAD! Don't worry...  I didn't! He just kept saying the Book of Mormon wasn't true... he had read it and everything is a lie. It doesn't talk about Christ or anything. WOW. No matter what we shared with him... he wouldn't listen. You never realize how much you care about something till you have times like these. After, I calmed down and walked away haha. I am just so grateful for the testimony that I do have to know that this is the True Church of Jesus Christ. That is that! None of it is made up. It all came from GOD!!! I really hope he softens his heart one day! :) Anyways we were able to meet with the man and introduced the Book of Mormon and he said he really just wants to learn more and more so we were able to set up another appt! We then went to dinner at another Member’s house! :) They are Spanish and we trackted around their house before we went there cause we were early and the whole community spoke Spanish so I learned how to say “We are Missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” in Spanish so when they answer the door we could say it! :) Now all I need is French... :)
Saturday: Was another rough little day where everything fell through... :( But we were able to do lots of trackting! That was good! Then we had a lesson with our Progressing investigator and it went good! Then we had this other lesson with an older man and he seriously talked the entire lesson. He thought he was preaching to us... little confused there... soooooo yes, it was great. ha! But that was really our day!

Sunday: Sunday was a great day like always! The older investigator came to church and that was good! :) Then we were able to study and go to dinner at another member’s home that night... it was tasty! :) Then we went out all night visiting investigators that didn't come to church! They all had excuses but it was a good time! :) Oh I almost forgot, this senior couple from the New York North Mission visited our ward today... they do something for our ward I don't really know... but they live over by Swan Lakes! And guess who they know?!? NANA AND PAUL!!!!!!! :) Their names are Elder and Sister Pead. They said they used to be in their ward but then it got split... but they would still go visit them all the time! Tender Mercy! I love being able to run into people all the way across the country! :) Tell NANA they said hi and tell her that I love her! :)

Wellll that was our week here in New City! :) Things are still going good! :) I am still loving it and still know that this is what I should be doing! :) I love you alll so much! :) HAVE A GOOD WEEK! :)
Our New Apartment

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