Monday, October 14, 2013

I am still addicted to shopping

Okay family... I am really sorry... this is probably going to be really short... :( number one: the Mall opened up this week so we have spent all day shopping... (yes, I am still Sister Dahl and I am still addicted to shopping. But don't worry. Got some good deals! One skirt for $2!!!!! SCORE!) and number two: I forgot my planner at home so I don't really know what we did last week... haha I feel like there is this thing that missionaries get called missionary brain. We can't remember much... Names of people, songs, places, what I did yesterday. It's pretty crazy... :( but hopefully it's not just me... anyways..

Transfers this week: I am staying here with Sister Gaihe and I am sooo excited! :) I love her and I know that there are still things I need to do here! :)

So Lets see here... I will try my best to remember everything...

Tuesday: We had district meeting which was really great! :) And we were able to go to a member’s house and talk to her more about a member missionary plan... and we were able to have some other good appts?? (man this is gonna be a mess...)

Wednesday: We were able to have a great meeting with one of our investigators! We were able to really ask him questions and find out his concerns to see what we could help him with! :) The spirit was really strong and we were really able figure out what is going on... so hopefully things will start going better with him. Then we were able to meet with some LA's and another member for the missionary plan! :)

Thursday: We spent all day preparing for the transfer. We had to make our new planners, plan our week, and clean our apt! DEEP CLEAN. yay! It wasn't too bad! :) Then we had Young Women’s and there were like 3 or 4 nonmembers there! :) It was awesome! The youth are sooooo good at inviting friends sooo hopefully we will see some progress outta that! 

Friday: We made some brownies and we spent some of the day dropping them off to people that have been really hard to get ahold of!! So that was great! We saw two investigators and a less active, and then our investigator with a baptism date! She has been sick this week... but she loved the brownies and she is still on for her baptism! :) 

Saturday: We were able to go hunting for some lost Less Actives and some Former Investigators which was really good! We found quite a few and were able to set up appts. with them! :) 

Sunday: Sunday was really great! Some members got up and bore their testimony about the member missionary plans we have been doing and how they have actually worked!!! It's so amazing and it was so good to help others feel the missionary spirit! :) After that we taught Gospel Principles! A great lesson and we also taught Sharing time in primary! So much fun! :) I miss my little sunbeams!!! So that was really fun! :) There is about as many kids in the whole primary as there were sunbeams in my ward at home! hahah crazy!! But it was great! Then we had dinner that night and we were able to go to a member’s home and they had a lady over who wanted to know more about the church! She was a nursing student and she had to learn about our religion for a class... but it was a good night and she left with a Book of Mormon! So that is always great! :) Hopefully she will be able to feel something!

But that was really our week... :( I am so sorry this isn't very good... but know that I love you all so much! P.S. I got a work out video last week. Biggest Loser Edition! So don't worry… you can keep sending me treats... I’m gonna get in shape now! :) haha


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