Monday, October 7, 2013

YES! General Conference!

Yes! I am so excited to be emailing today... ya know… I was just super excited to wake up this morning! ha! Something about General Conference really just leaves you on a high... the best kind of high ever! Spiritual high! :) Not to mention all the sweet notes about my birthday and the presents and cards! :) You all really love me! Thank you so much! :) It was just a great week!
Well to start off, I have to say one thing that I learned from conference... or I guess one thing that I was humbled to learn. I need to say thank you for all the prayers that people send my way! I realized during conference all the people around the world praying for missionaries... but then I thought all about all the people that are praying for me and it really just made me grateful. I couldn't do any of this work without those prayers! I want you to know that I feel them all and they help me and the people of New Jersey to come closer to our Father in Heaven! So thanks! :)
Okay now on to the week! Not gonna lie, the work was reallllly slow this week... :( So many people were busy... so hopefully it picks up next week! :) No. It's going to!  I know it! :)

Monday: We had an awesome p-day then we had dinner with a sweet member of our ward who has more cats than I have horses... but she was really sweet! Her and her husband both speak French and her husband used to live in Cade’s mission (the Switzerland portion...) so we had a great talk about that! :) And they cooked some awesome food so that was super fun! :)
Tuesday: This day was really what I needed. We had an amazing Zone Conference in Emerson, NJ and it was all about Faith. The spirit was so strong! I love Zone Meeting because they are centered around us. How to be better missionaries! I loved the focus of Faith because that is something we allllll need more of! No one has perfect Faith besides the Savior Himself. So in order to have that kind of perfect Faith, He is the only one we can rely on! So in missionary work that is what we have to do... rely on Him! :) It was amazing and it's great because I know that will help me in the work and also for the rest of my life. After that we had a chance to do an exchange with the STL's. So Sister Biolenna, from the Phillipians, came to my area. She only has a month left of her mission!!! She is awesome and it is so fun to learn from older Sisters! We were able to teach one lesson together to a Less Active lady so that was really good! :) Then we spent the rest of the night hunting for those Less Actives on our ward list so we can help them come back! :)

Wednesday: We drove and exchanged back companions and I was able to drive through Fardale. Miss that little place! ha! It was great though... I love driving and seeing all the leaves change! It is sooo beautiful! :) After that we had one apt with another Less Active and he committed to watching conference when he could! :) (We did have an awesome talk about how the government shut down this week... uh... scary...) but we talked gospel too don't worry! :) Then that night allll our apts. fell through... :( Bummer :(
Thursday: We spent this day weekly planning then that night we had the chance to go to see a member... (uh.. by the way mom... she is coming to Utah the end of the month and I may or may not have offered her to stay in my room... haha she is the one with cancer who is supposed to be calling you... she is amazing!!) But we talked to her more about the family mission plan and she already gave us a person to teach! :) She is going over to her house today so hopefully something good will come out of that! :) pray!!! Then we had correlation that night and talked about our work!

Friday: 10-4 good buddy. The best day of the year! jk! But I had a great birthday! :) It was just another day but the Lord really blessed me with people to teach! So we were first able to see our person who is on date to get baptized soon... and we had a great lesson with him about following the prophet! He always has such good questions! Then we had a meeting with the investigator who found us in Walgreens... and three hours later of chasing him around trying to find a place to meet... we met in the Library and had a great discussion of the Restoration. It was great! We really got to know him too and he has come from a rough back ground and he really wants to change his life! Which is great! :) After that we hadn't gotten lunch yet... sooooo... me and Sister Gaihe found an awesome little Sushi place and we had lunch there! :) mmm it was a great lunch! :) THEN! We got a Head Quarter Referral (a referral of someone requesting an item or someone went online and wants to learn more!!!) and they sound so promising! It is two people that live in the same place I guess... but they both have Book of Mormons and they want to strengthen their family relationships... they have friends that are members and they love temples!! WHAT?!? Best birthday present ever!! :) So we called them and they were at work so we are going to call them again today and hopefully we will be able to teach them! Pray for us! :) Then for my birthday dinner I ate an Herballife Shake...... hmm... haha it was different but this sweet lady in our ward offered us dinner that night and that is her business so that is what she fed us... haha It was nice of her! :) Then we were able to go and teach another investigator who is still on track to be baptized and we taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! :) It was awesome! :) So over all it was an amazing birthday and I really felt the love from everyone! :) Thank you so much for all you did! :) I love you all! :) Mom, I thought of you all day! :) I hope you had a great day too! I love you! p.s. it wasn't the same without you... I know you would have loved the sushi.. :) or the shake...

Saturday: YES! General Conference! So we were able to wake up and study then go straight to the church where we had the satilite or however you spell it hooked up and we watched conference there! :) I loved all the talks. It was so cool to see the Prophet stand up... I almost started to cry... just thinking about how I teach and testify of him all day every day. I have grown such a love for him and the work he does through Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ! It was amazing! :) But all the talks were so good... Ah. I forgot my notes... I wish I could tell you what I like the most from this session... but know that I loved it! :) ha after that we had our little break and it was Elder Kay’s birthday so we went to lunch! :) Elder and Sister Kay took us to Chili's to celebrate! :) That was a great day and I love them so much! :) Then we went back to learn some more! I really liked the last talk of this session about member Missionary work! :) It was cool because that is what we have been working so hard to implement in this ward, but then to hear the Apostles say the SAME thing! Wow it was great! :) Then we were able to go to dinner at a member’s house that night and it was great to be there as well!
Sunday: Yet another day of watching conference! :) There was a good turnout for the first session! There were some members from our ward there... but then for the second session it was just us missionaries... so that was sad..  :( but it was still good to listen! ah I really wish i had my notes but I don't even think I could chose a favorite talk! I loved them all! But I really did like all the emphasis on the virtue of women and their roll in life! And keeping ALL the commandments! And I felt like the biggest emphasis was the Atonement of Jesus Christ! It is really cool to me how everyone could hear the same thing from all the speakers, yet we all learn something different. The Spirit speaks to us in such different ways! When I took notes this time I split my paper in half and one side was all the words I heard... then the other side was the words the spirit was telling me! It was really cool to see what I got out of conference for ME! What the Lord wanted ME to learn!!! Because sometimes that is more important than what is actually said. I really liked Elder Hales talk about continuing to study those notes! This morning I went over what I learned again and organized them into things that I need to learn and work on for myself! It was really cool! :) Such a personal experience! Anyways I am rambling... that is one thing I learned that I need to talk and preach like those speakers do... they say what needs to be said and that is that! :) HA! Anyways! :)

Well that is my week! :) I can't wait to start another week full of preaching the word! :) wow. I am 21... Getting so old! But know that I love you all and I hope that you had an enjoyable weekend! Stay warm... and know the church is true! :)
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 Sister Gaihe and I eating sushi
 Rodeo Drive :)
 Out to dinner with the Kay's
 Some of my birthday things and a sweet wish from my Nana!

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