Monday, February 17, 2014

So my invitation to you...

(This email is from Monday Feb. 10th)

SNOW SNOW GO AWAY!!!! NEVER COME ANOTHER DAY!!!!! haha! I think I need to be more positive about the snow... but I just feel like it's never going to go away! President and Sister Jeppson said this is the worst winter they have had! 3 lock down days this week.... but luckily only 2 were half days! But it's all good... the work still goes on! :) And we should have 2 baptisms this week! :) But here is our week:

Monday: Lock down all day... woot.

Tuesday: It unthawed a bit and we were able to go to Zone Meeting! That was great and our focus this month is on the Book of Mormon! President has challenged us to read it in 90 days! I love when he does this! The Book of Mormon is the greatest! :) But we came back and we were able to meet with our inv that loves the Bible... and we had a strong lesson with him about the Book of Mormon. He is so close to just accepting it... so he said okay… give me time to sit down and read it... come back in two weeks! So we agreed so we will see what goes on there! :) Then we saw a referral from our recent convert, her friend, and we taught her about the Restoration and we had a great lesson and she wants to keep listening! :) She really wants to go to church! Great day!

Wednesday: It snowed in the morning... but we had interviews with President! And luckily we made it out and we made it there and we had a great time with them... I love them so much! I tried to get out of Pres. If I was getting transferred but he wouldn't say... man! So we will see! :) But after that we went up and taught our baptismal candidate the Plan of Salvation! She loved it and she is excited to get baptized on Sunday! Then we were able to go and see our recent convert as well and had a good lesson with her and that was really our day! :)

Thursday: We did our weekly planning and then we were able to go and see our first baptism again! She is still so sweet and progressing slowly... but we were there with her mom too so it was a good lesson! Then we went and taught our second baptismal candidate and he is super excited to get baptized too! Then we went to see our second convert... she is still doing great! I love her! She is learning what it means to continually change for the better... it is great to watch that! Did I tell you that she wants to go to BYU? Cool huh?

Friday: We had a busy day on Friday! We were able to go and see the new investigators from last week! They are so great! It is a mom and her son and we asked them last week to read 3 Nephi 11 and they did and we asked them what they learned and the thing that stuck out to them the most was that Christ gave his authority to people... wow! How amazing is that? So that lead in perfectly for the Message of the Restoration!! They agreed to pray and continue reading! They are so great... I really hope they accept the gospel!!!!! But after that we went and tried to do service for a member... she just wanted to talk to us the whole time... ha! But then we went to see a Less Active and she was doing great! :) Then we went to see a member who is sick... and that was really needed! Then after that we went to see our recent convert and we signed her up on Family Search and we were trying to help her think of a name she could take to the temple! :) That was so fun!! I showed her my family line and she was like wow!!! That is so cool! :) Thanks Mom and Shauna... for making me look great... ;) oh yeah… random side note: One of the sisters taught us how to tie our hair in a doo rag!  We have been practicing! :) See photos!

Saturday: It was a slow day but we were able to go and teach our baptismal candidate again! That was fun! We helped her to understand the importance of the Book of Mormon! She has been reading it soooo good! :) After that we went and saw another Recent Convert and had a good lesson with him about reading his scriptures too. Then we went out contacting a bit then we were able to come home and get ready to go to Stake Conference! We drove to Caldwell, NJ and had it there and it was great...  a member of the 70 (who was also the Senator for Oregon) Elder and Sister Smith came and talked about Hastening the work! Probably the best topic a missionary could ask for! :) It was wonderful!!!

Sunday: Same thing next morning only we were able to go to Morristown because the chapel is bigger! It was all filled up and it was another great day hearing from them and the Stake Leaders! I saw so many people from Fardale! It was a fun little reunion! :) I have been in this Stake my whole mission! The Stake President came up to me and told me I was tough as nails... Don't really know what that means... but he is right! I am totally tough! ;) hahah But it was a good morning again! Filled with the Spirit! President and Sister Jeppson came too... it was great to see them! But after that, we went home and we saw our baptismal candidates again! Taught them some more and they are so excepting of everything! I am excited for next week for them! Then we did some studies and we went and saw an investigator and had an interesting lesson with him... but it's all good! he is just funny! But then it started to snow again and they told us it was time for lock down! :) Lovely! But it was still a great day!

It was a wonderful week. Something I learned that is cool to me... is with the focus on the Book of Mormon this month Pres asked us to pray to know if it is true every time we read it... I was a little hesitant at first because I was like... I already know it's true! Why do I need to ask more?? But I have tried it and I have been pleasantly surprised! Every time I do the Spirit witnesses to me so strong that it is true! That the people and the experiences are real! And my testimony is growing even more than it already was! And I am able to recognize the Spirit more and more! So my invitation to you... if you haven't asked in a while... just do it! :) Pray to know or confirm your feelings that the Book is true! I know by the power of the Holy Ghost, you will know the truth of all things! :)

Well that is our week! Might only have one more week here in New City! I will know next week! Hope all is well... Even in Florida. Lucky Dogs! I love ya all! :)
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