Monday, February 3, 2014

don't worry...just another snow day locked inside!

Well Good morning! :) Guess what we woke up to this morning? Another 4 inches of snow!!! I feel like I am in Alaska or something... it's getting a little out of control! But good thing we live so close to the Kay’s because they let us use their computer! :) ha! We are on lockdown and I am pretty sure we are like the only missionaries that can run next door and email! :) pretty luck I'd say! We will be stuck inside... probably playing 5 crowns again today! What a life! ;) haha!

Well goooo Seattle! I never realized how big of deal the super bowl was until it is almost impossible to get appointments! Superbowl parties are a big deal over here... but all is well! We still had a good... and exciting week! :)
Tuesday: We were able to go to district meeting then we were able to go and visit some people! We saw a member, then we saw an investigator! Then we went to see our baptismal candidates, the two kids who are going to get baptized in two weeks! Great lesson and we are super excited for that! :) But that was our day!

Wednesday: We had another great day, seeing a Less Active, and then our first convert and had a really great lesson with her! :) Then we were able to go to dinner at a member’s house and that was delicious! :)
Thursday: Well this is the exciting day! haha so we did our weekly planning like usual, then we were able to go to young mens and young womens that night! We had 7 nonmembers there… that is cool! The young women did a faith walk and we helped them with that and that was really fun! But then guess what??? Around 9 oclock we were getting ready to leave and all the sudden a young women comes around the corner and says there is water in the Relief Society room... so we run back there and there is water dripping from the ceiling! So by the time we get a garbage can and put it under there... the water started to pour from the ceiling!!!!!!!!!! It was everywhere!! So we ended up tearing off all the pictures and getting everything out of there and we ran out! They called the fire department and I guess the pipes froze and then burst and yes... it was a mess! So we got a picture with the fire truck... don't worry! :) But it was crazy! The whole back half of our church is flooded and currently under construction! Crazy night...

Friday: We had the best day ever on Friday! We taught 7 lessons! It was a record for me..... We were able to teach our recent convert and her son! They are both growing in the gospel sooo much! Then we were able to go and see an investigator again and help him with his faith! Then we saw a Less Active that we haven't seen in a while and that was really great... we had a lesson with her kids! Then we were able to go and see another recent convert we hadn't see in a while but she is great and she gave us a referral! :) Then we went to dinner at a member house!! Wooo! And then we had a lesson with a kid who comes to Young Mens and his mom even joined in the lesson! We taught them about the Book of Mormon and the Spirit was so strong!!!! I love being able to tell people about that Book for the first time... simply amazing! They agreed to read it and agreed to meet with us again! Hopefully something will come out of that! :) But yes... that was our day! The best!
Saturday: Not such a busy day, but we were able to go and see a member who is sick and we talk and comforted her for a sec, then we were able to go get our recent convert and go and teach an inactive member! That was fun! She loves coming out with us! She is such a good teacher! She testified to him this week about the Holy Ghost! She said she loves it so much and you always have to be doing the right things or it’s gone!!! ha she is just so cute! :) I want you all to meet her! I am trying to tell her to move to Utah... don't know how well that is going... ha! But anways... we did some contacting and found 2 new prospects! Got return appts for next week so hopefully something comes out of that! Then I'm not even gonna lie to you... for our dinner hour Sister Legg and I went and got Sushi! :)

Sunday: Well since our church is not doing so good right now... ha we were only were able to have one of our of church meetings and only use the chapel! So it was good... we had Sacrament meeting and the Spirit was great! :) As much drama happens in this ward I really truly love them all! I am really going to miss them if I ever get transferred! We had a couple investigators at church so that nice! And a guy who is planning on moving into Rockland County has been investigating the church for 10 years... he showed up and we were talking and he said his plan is to move her and get baptized! Pretty cool right? :) So we will see how that goes! :) After church we were able to get all our studies in… nice! :) Then we tried to think of all the people that weren't going to be watching the super bowl and we took our recent convert and went and saw some members and then we saw this guy who showed up at church the other day and we had an interesting lesson with him... He is from the body of Christ church and he pretty much just wanted to convert us.... nice try buddy! But that was our night! Pretty good week I'd say! :)
Wonderful week though! :) We were able to teach 21 lessons this week! The work here is really great and I am so grateful to be a part of it! I couldn't think of anything better than being able to testify to people what I KNOW to be true! As a missionary I literally get to offer people lasting peace and happiness. I bring to them the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ! Through Him, everyone gets a second chance, a chance to be better! To live a better life! How lucky am I?

Well hope you all have a great week!!!!!! :) hope it is staying warm... don't worry it's not here. ha! Well Love you all very much! Talk to ya next week!
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 Us and the fire truck...ahhhhh!
 Great members from our ward! :)

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