Monday, January 27, 2014

All is well. It's just freezing over here!

Well this week was... cold! As my mom and dad know... ha! Pretty crazy thinking that you were both sooo close to me this week! I am sorry you had to deal with the coldness... don't worry. I am sure Florida will be better for you... woot. (sarcasm intended.) But this week was good other than that! We still had a pretty good week and only one snow day! :)
Here is my week! :)
Tuesday: Well we had like 5 appts set for this day and yes! Guess what happened? It snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed some more! ALL DAY LONG! So they told us that we had to be on lock down again! I asked an older missionary how often this happened last year and they said that they had a snow day one time. We have already had like 5! It's crazy! And I'm not gonna lie, I go crazy sitting inside all day! We were going to try and see if the Kays could take us out and they said no! You silly? We aren't driving and we aren't going to let you walk either!!! So they made us come over to their house and be with them haha needless to say... it was a long day!

Wednesday: We got off lock down (I feel like I am in prison or something ahhah) around 11 and then we had district meeting late so we ran down to Jersey did that, then came back up and we were able to teach a couple people. We saw a Less Active who has been struggling with the Word of Wisdom and she said she hasn't had anything in a week! That was great! :)  Then we saw an investigator. We taught him the first lesson and the spirit was sooooo strong! It was great because he is the type of guy who likes to talk a lot but every time we testified he went quiet. No one can argue with that! So the whole lesson we testified and I know that he felt something! :) Then we were able to go another Less Active Member who we haven't been able to see forever and she cooked us dinner! :) So we sat with her and her boyfriend who is Jewish and had a nice talk and dinner with them! Their food was sooo good! :) Then we went home with all the left overs! :)
Thursday: Supposed to be our walking day but since we didn't use the car on Tuesday, we drove today! :) We had some appts fall through though so we saw our recent convert and her son and taught them great lessons, after which we went to Young Mens and Young Womens! :)

Friday: We had a good day on Friday... We were able to go to a member’s home and teach them for a little bit and check up on how they are doing! Then we were able to go and see another member who is really struggling and we taught them a short message. Then we did some contacting and we met this kid who is 18 years old and we talked with him for a while and ended up giving him a Book of Mormon. He didn't want us to come back... but the fact that he has that book means something! :) Then we saw our convert again then off to have an Herbal Life Shake for Dinner. yum.
Saturday: An interesting day because our ward decided to have a giant Blood Drive with the red cross in our gym. So they wanted us there the whole time in case any non-members came. So we were there all morning... and it was mostly just members! There was maybe 2 or 3 but they were getting their blood sucked out of them (sick) we couldn't really talk so that was hard. But we did leave and go and have a great lesson with our first baptism in the middle. She is doing good! :) Then that night we were able to teach another investigator and we had a great lesson with him about how the Spirit works! Then we were able to go and see another Less Active and found out he didn't even know why he got baptized... :( So we told him and so hopefully that will help him figure his life out... :( Interesting some of the people that get taught... sometimes you wonder how they even got baptized... :/ but then our next appt juked us so that was our night pretty much! It started snowing again so they told us to get back inside... yay.

Sunday: We had a crazy Sunday! But good! :) Elder and Sister Pead, came to our ward today, who are on a mission here in the city... they are over helping people get jobs and stuff... last time they came I found out they are the ones who are friends with Nana!!! But anyways this time they were here I found out he was the vice principle for Northridge in 2010... so I didn't know him but he was my vice principle!! haha and it takes both of us coming out here to meet! Small world! :) But three of our investigators came to church and we also taught Youth Sunday school... interesting! They are crazy! hah! but it was good! :) Then we taught a youth and we taught him a great lesson about praying to know! :) Then after church we went to the Bishop’s house and we taught the kids that are on date for the 16th of Feb. We hadn't seen them very much but they were at church and we had a great talk with them about what it means to be baptized and how important it is and after we left they asked Bishop to baptize them I guess... so that’s great! We will see what happens there... pray for them! :) And then we went to dinner at one of my favorite families! They are so sweet and that was great then we went to teach our recent convert because she was talking to Elder and Sister Pead during Sunday school and she missed part of the lesson and she was mad! haha she was like I need you to teach me what they were talking about! Tonight! So we went and taught her more about the Fall of Adam and Eve! :) That was good! :) And that was our day! :)
Pretty good week I would say! I am excited for this next week... is it already February? That’s crazy. But all is good! Super Bowl Sunday! Pretty crazy thinking I could literally drive to the super bowl in 20 min... weird! Don’t worry I won't, but let me know who wins! :) All is well here and hope it gets warmer... but if not, I still know the church is true! Heavenly Father really cares for each of His Children. Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of all mankind! And I know that Joseph Smith really did see them both face to face and that the Church has been restored!

I love you all so much!
Have a great week!

Sister Dahl

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