Monday, January 20, 2014

the Book of Mormon DID change her life!

What a wonderful week... one of those weeks that were just really solid! We were able to get a lot done and help bring others to the knowledge of the truth! :) Plus we found 4 new investigators this week! There is something about training a new missionary... because of their faith you see so many miracles! It's a fact in this mission!! I am grateful to witness it! :) 
Well to start off...

Monday: We went shopping at Goodwill... again... love that store. We just have one problem... When I came out on my mission I had like 8 skirts... well now I have 25! haha what in the world? That’s okay I am not willing to admit that I have a problem yet! :) But after that we had Family Home Evening and we had a great lesson on Christ’s Apostles! I am learning so much! 

Tuesday: We were able to go to Union City and have Zone Conference! We had to go super early because all the people that are bad drivers have to go and watch a movie about driving and then they get to drive again... well we had to go not because I am a bad driver but because of that wreck that happened a while back! Made me a little more bitter about it! haha but all is well, we had an amazing Zone Conference! :)  President talked and ya know, I can't even sum everything up, just know that it was incredible and the Spirit is always so strong! During lunch Sister Jeppson asked me to tell everyone how to barrel race! hahaha so i went up and I had 3 other sisters up there and I ran around them and showed them how! :) It was funny... I don't think anyone got it... but all is well! :) After all that we were able to go home and go and see our recent convert and she agreed to go out on a Team up with us so we grabbed her and brought her to see a new lady. She is Haitian and so there is a big lang barrier there... but our convert was able to talk to her in Creol and they had a great conversation. After they were done, our convert looked at us and said... "I told her that this Book (pointing to the Book of Mormon) changed my life!!!" It was so amazing to hear that... to hear that the Book of Mormon DID change her life! DID convert this lady! I know that she will be a strong member! :) 
Wednesday: We had district meeting this day and we had a great time! :) Then after that we were able to serve. We have this lady in our ward who is suffering from kidney disease and she has two kids about 12 years old so we went over and cooked them all dinner! :) We cooked pasta and cookies and all sorts of stuff! It was so much fun and the mom was so grateful! She was praying that we would be able to come because she was so hungry and didn't think she could cook... it was sad! It felt great to help her out! :) And it was fun to be with her kids! After that we met with this guy, I think i have talked about him before... he is the one that likes to argue and find mistakes in the bible... well... we went back and I had one of the most powerful moments on my mission I think I could ever have! He started out arguing and Sister Legg and Sister Kay (she came with us..) were trying to persuade him and I just sat there in silence. Every time I wanted to say something I felt like I couldn't/shouldn't. I was restrained! It was insane. Well... after I while... I just get this feeling I needed to testify to this man... however I had no idea what to say. But the Spirit overcame and I just told him to stop and all I remember saying was...  “Sir, I know that God is the Same yesterday, today and forever....." I testified of the Book of Mormon and after I was done he agreed he would read and pray and ask God if it was true. All arguments stopped and he wants us to come back. It was amazing. I have never felt the spirit so strong in my life! We will see what comes out of it... but i know that I did my job! 

Thursday: We were able to do weekly planning and go to Young Mens where there were more friends there and we were able to set up appts with them! :)  and that was really it.. 
Friday: We had a busy day... we were first able to see our first convert... she is doing good... we talked to her about receiving revelation! Then we saw our recent convert and she had a friend she wanted us to go and see so we went with her! :) We were able to teach her friend and she said she wanted us to come back! :) Then we saw an investigator that night, he is a funny one but we had a great lesson with him about the restoration! 

Saturday: Another good day, we had correlation in the morning then we went out and saw a less active... she is trying to overcome smoking so we had a great lesson about that! She wasn't sure if she wanted to quit it... so we left her with the commitment to think about it and Sunday at church she told us... Sisters, I am done with smoking. I know I need to stop! It was great! We also saw another new investigator! He was one of the youth’s friends and he wants to learn more and change his life! So we will see where that goes! :) Then we were able to see another LA and that was good! And then the Bishop invited us over for dinner that was good! And that was really our day! 
Sunday: A GREAT DAY! We had 3 investigators show up to church! :) Two who were our regulars and one brought a friend. :) And then someone who we picked up as an investigator Sunday as well! So that was soo much fun! :) We taught Gospel Principles and then we taught an investigator at church as well because he is really hard to get ahold of... he is a little brother of a recent convert and he comes to church all the time and he said we could teach him there so we did! :) It went great! But yes... great Sunday! :) Then we were able to go and see our recent convert and she told us of how she is really trying to always keep the spirit with her! She told us on Saturday she was at school (college) and all the people were having a party because it was the last day and they were dancing and swearing and everything! And so she said she didn't want to be there and she left and went and found herself a room and started to read the BOM! :) It was sooo cute to hear her talk about that! She is such a huge example! :) Then we taught her son as well, and then we were able to go and see a member! But that was our day! :)

Really great week being a missionary! :) Still loving it. But can you believe I only have 9 months left? Wow... Half way… that it just crazy! Well the best thing is, is that the church is true! This week my testimony of the Book of Mormon was really strengthened. I know that it is the word of God! I know it has power. I know when you read it, it really does bring you peace! I know it brings me closer to my Father in Heaven and teaches me more about my Savior Jesus Christ than any other book! I love it!
I love you all as well! Have a great week!
Sister Dahl!
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 Our District
and Sister Legg and I being our usual crazy selves!!

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