Monday, January 6, 2014

Ah. I just love everything.

WOW! Okay! Well this week has been one of the best, most stressful weeks of my mission! I don't even know where to begin... so I will just start!

Monday: For P-day we hung out as a district and played cards... So the Fardale Sisters came up and that was super fun! After that we had Family Home Evening at the church again and that was really great! :) Then we went to teach our baptismal candidate! We just talked to her about her baptism again and she was all set to go! :) And that was that!
Tuesday: Well we woke up and got studies done then we got word that one of the sisters in Fardale was super sick.. So our District meeting was delayed.. But after we had that, we were able to go and teach the some kids we have been talking to. Their Grandma is a member but they aren't so we have had some lessons with them. Wellllll the two girls weren't home so we talked to the boy on the door step and he was supposed to ask God if the Book Of Mormon was true and he told us that he felt a REALLY calm feeling when he prayed! So we helped him recognize that was the Spirit and then he was sooo excited! He was like "WOW! I got my answer? That’s great!" It was great to see him! :) After that we saw our baptismal candidate again... We talked to her about the Doctrine and Covenants and such! That was good... Then for New Year’s Eve one of our investigators Grandma invited us over! (our inv, wasn't even there! haha) So it was just this lonely Grandma that wanted us over so that was great, we went there and we talked and she fed us then we left to be home by 9! Then it was funny cause Sister Legg and I had these big plans and we made brownies and we were going to wake up at 11:57 and eat them and wait for the New Year... Well we still had to be in bed at 10:30 so we were out... ha! The alarm went off on time and we looked at each other and say "We are NOT getting up...Happy New Year..." haha then went back to sleep. So I guess you could say we had a great New Years! :)

Wednesday: We found out this morning that the sick sister in Fardale was in the Hospital because she had been throwing up all day.. :/ Not good... But we kept working. We had the opportunity to see soo many people today! :) We saw a Head Quarter Referral that wanted a Book Of Mormon and she didn't really want us to talk to her... but we delivered it to her and then she just opened up to us! She was an alcoholic for 30 years and she is now sober and we just told her that the Book WILL change her life! So we will hopefully get to follow up on that! :) After that, we saw a Less Active and that was good.... Then we went to see another new Investigator who had been taught before. He seems like he really wants to know so we will see how things go there! Then we were able to go pick up dinner at a members! So sweet of her! :) And then we saw another Less Active and her husband and they were really great! They were talking about going to the temple! They have been coming to church quite a bit so that’s nice! :) Then we were able to see another Less Active and it was interesting lesson because we just let her talk. She pretty much shared her testimony with us and it was amazing! We hope to work with that and get her back to church! :) Then last one... we went to see our baptismal candidate again and we had a Family Home Evening with her and her son and she LOVED it! :) She said she is going to teach her son everything she knows now! It was sooo cute! :) She said she will do that every Monday! I love seeing them come together!!! :)
Thursday: Well it was supposed to be our walking day but they knew a big storm was coming in on Friday so they said, go out today and don’t' drive Friday! So we did! We didn't have any plans... but we were able to still see a lot of people! We saw a member and then we went back to the house with the three kids and had a great lesson with them! We talked to them more about prayer and we prayed with one of the girls right there and she said that she felt that peaceful feeling too! So now she knows it’s true! :) We committed them to be baptized on Feb. 16... What a great day right Nicole? :) Oh yeah. They said yes! :) After that we went to see another Head Quarter Referral and she said she wants to learn more so we said we will be back! :) Then we went to see our baptismal candidate again and we had a great lesson with her about what to expect for her baptism! :) She was soo prepared! Then after we taught her son separate and that turned out really good as well! So a busy day! :)

Friday: SNOW DAY! (boring) I would rather work. But all is well... we actually got in our studies, then we went to clean the church with the Kays (they drove us) and so that was a great service! We cleaned the whole baptismal font! :) that was fun! Then after we actually went with the Kays to the hospital because the sister from Fardale was still there... :( So we went to visit her and keep her comp, entertained because she had just been sitting there for the last couple days... :( Then that was pretty much our day...
Saturday: Welllll the Fardale Sisters actually had a baptism this morning with a kid that I taught when I was there... So since they have been in the hospital all week they didn't know what to do... but President said we could go on exchanges so the other companion could go to the baptism! Soooo of course... I offered to go with her (I probably would have thrown up at the hospital anyways...:/) but I got to go back to Fardale and be there for that! It was sooo fun! It was like a family reunion walking in the door and seeing everyone! I missed them sooo much! :) I love them! The baptism went great!! :) It was cool to see this young man get baptized. I only taught him a couple times but he finally decided to be baptized! :) After that, we went back and we were able to exchange back and Sister Legg and I went to dinner with a member... Macoronni Grill! Don't worry... they have gluten free pasta WITH ALFREDO SAUCE!! It was the best! :) Then we went to teach another former investigator and she and her son were super interested and so that was good as well! :) Then we went to see our baptismal candidate again and had one last lesson with her about the sacrament and her baptismal covenant! It was great! :) Then we went on home!

Sunday: Stressful little day! Baptisms seem to be that way... I just want everything to go perfect! But all is well! :) She came to church in a beautiful dress and she was sooo happy and excited! So we made it through church and finally after church it was time! :) So we got her all changed, took pictures, and then started the service. Sister Legg talked on Baptism, and we had a special musical number with us missionaries "Teach me to Walk in The Light" That was fun! :) Then after that she was baptized! :) She only had to do it once!  WAHOOO! And when she came out she started to cry... she felt like a new person! :) It was such a cool experience! After that I talked on the Holy Ghost... and I didn't even prepare it because of our crazy week... but the Holy Ghost SURE helped me cause I just talked... ha! Then after she bore her testimony and it was so tender! She knows she made the right choice! :) I love her! Then that was that! She will receive the Holy Ghost next week! It was a beautiful service! After that, we went to see the kids again and had another great lesson about the Book of Mormon. Then we came home to study and then all of a sudden the Zone Leaders called us and told us we need to go on another exchange with the Fardale Sisters! So we packed up and went to see our new convert again and she told us a cool story.. She said that in November she had a dream that she was baptized by her grandfather in some river in Haiti... and when she woke up she knew that she was ready to be baptized! That’s why she told us she was ready! Well it turns out that just two weeks earlier, her son, had been baptized for her grandfather in the temple! SOOOO How cool is that? She was being worked on from both sides of the veil! So amazing! I am so proud of her!! :) So after that we drove down to Hackensack, NJ and dropped off Sister Legg and then I came up to Fardale and spent the night! Weird to think I am back here... but just for the day! Transfers came and Sister Legg and I are staying together another transfer in New City! I am happy and excited for what this one has to bring! :)
I love this gospel so much. I love seeing the happiness it brings other people! Witnessing this is incredible! I am so blessed that the Lord chose me for a tool... I love being the person in the middle and allowing the Spirit to work through me! :) I know Heavenly Father Lives! I know Christ Suffered for us! And I KNOW the Book of Mormon is the most amazing book we have! Ah. I just love everything.

Love you all!

Sister Dahl!
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