Monday, December 30, 2013

Missionary work is the best!!! :)

Wow! What a week here on the East Coast! Christmas was great! I GOT SPOILED! Thank you all so much! Now that the New Year is coming... I can't believe how much has happened this year.. .who would of ever thought I'd be on a mission right?? ha! But I am so grateful for the way this year went and I am super excited to see what comes about in 2014! (I have been graduated from high school for 3 years.. that’s gross… I am getting old!)

Well this week went great... slow in terms of missionary work... but we had some great memorable things this week! :)
TUESDAY: Christmas Eve! You know, it is weird having Christmas on the mission... it didn't even feel the same! But it was still a great day! We were able to have our studies, then we had a meeting with Elder Kay (he is our ward mission leader) to go over plans because were in charge of the 5th Sunday lesson! So we went over that! Then that night we were able to go caroling! :) We went to visit some of the Elder’s Investigators and then some of ours! It was great to be able to bring that Christmas cheer! Then that night we all went back to the Kays and we played Five Crowns and ate food! Funny... we were so excited to open our Christmas Eve packages! Well we got in bed and at 10:47 we remembered that we didn't even open them!!! Soooo I woke up Sister Legg and we ran out there and opened them up and changed in the living room then went right back to bed! haha But I couldn't still couldn't sleep... only thing that is the same about Christmas! I am still like a little kid!!!
WEDNESDAY: CHRISTMAS!!! YAY! Such a great day! We woke up and went straight to our presents! It took us forever to open them all!  (packages are a lot harder to open then regular boxes) but I got spoiled and thank you all so much! Then we got ready and went to Emerson for district meeting! That was really great! And after that we hung out as a Zone for a little bit and had a big present exchange! ha that was really fun! :) We all brought a $5 gift! Then we went back and visited our baptismal candidate and the new investigator we just met! It was great! THEN WE GOT TO CALL HOME! :) That was the fastest hour of my life but so worth it! :) I loved it so much! Thank you for being there! :) After the hard hang up… we went to make dinner. We made gluten free pancakes! After that we went back to the Kays and played 5 Crowns and I got the amazing score of 15! It was pretty great! Then after that the Fardale Sisters came up, and we had a sleep over with them! So that was our Christmas night! It was the greatest! :)
Thursday: Well we didn't just have a sleep over with the other sisters for no reason... haha they came over so that we could go to the temple together cause we got to go into the CITY on Thursday and do that! :) That really was a great Christmas present! :) We met up with our whole zone in West New York, NJ in the morning and rode a bus through the Lincoln Tunnel and then we were in the city! We walked like 30 blocks and through central park and all that (all I could think about was home alone...hah that movie!) but the temple was amazing though! I am so grateful we had the chance to go to that! The peace you feel there is so incredible and it was just amazing! After that we walked on back and it was cool to see the city cause it was almost dark and it was so light! Then all we had time for was coming home and going to bed! hah long day but sooooooo worth it! :)
Friday: Guess what? We finally got to work on Friday! It is crazy how much I missed it! haha! But on Friday we were able to see our baptismal candidate and we had this great lesson with her but at the last minute I had this feeling we needed to change it and ask her the baptismal interview questions... so we did! And it was really great because we found out how much she really knows! :) And we also found out that she needed to be interviewed by President Jeppson! So it was really great that we switched that because we needed to schedule that in because she is on date for next Sunday! So I love those promptings! We also were able to see our recent convert! Who we haven't seen in forever but we had a great meeting with her and talked about her reading! :) So that was fun!
Saturday: We spent the morning getting ready for our Member Missionary thing again then we were able to go and see our baptismal candidate again! :) She is super prepared to get baptized! But that was really our day...

Sunday: We had church which was great! :) Then we had got to teach the 3rd hour of church! We taught all the members HOW to be a missionary and for them to have a plan! It went really well and we hope this will get them super excited to share the gospel with their friends! :) After that we had studies then we went to get our baptismal candidate with the Kays and bring her to the church because President came up to Interview her! President is the most amazing man! He interviewed her then after he gave her a STRONG blessing... Her shoulder has really been giving her problems and so he offered that and it was so amazing because after he was done she looked at us and said... "Wow! I feel great!" She had no more pain! It was so amazing to witness a miracle with the Priesthood! Oh yeah AND SHE PASSED HER INTERVIEW! :) So this week we will be preparing for that and next Sunday she will be able to be baptized! :) Pray for her! :)
That was our exciting week! So much happened! But I am excited and honored to be a part of this sweet sister’s experience! She is an amazing lady and it's so cool to just be the women in the middle. Because I know that it wasn't my teaching... it was ALL the Spirit! I was just that person the Lord used to put the words in my mouth that could touch her heart! :) Missionary work is the best!!! :)
Well hope you all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR! :) As you are watching the ball drop in times square... just remember.. I AM LIKE 20 MIN AWAY FROM THAT! :) how cool is that? haha wellll hope you have a great week! I love you all very much! :) Until next week...
Sister Dahl
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