Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Amazing how much you appreciate working...

Welll. well well. So sorry I am a day late emailing... this week has been nuts!!!! All I can say is this...

We were on lock down because of the snow for 2 days, church was cancelled, AND we got in a wreck... But don't worry, it wasn't even my fault!

So I don't have very long... but I will give you the quick run down version of my week! Know that I love you all and that I love the Savior too! :)

Tuesday: We were supposed to have an activity with the Jeppsons at the mission home this day but it got cancelled because of all the snow... :( Well pretty much it snowed all morning long so we got a text this day that said that we weren't allowed to use the car for the morning... So we sat inside and waited for the snow to stop... then that night we went outside and finally worked! Amazing how much you appreciate working when you get told that you need to stay out of the snow... :( We were able to see a less active and our new baptismal candidate! :) She is doing soo good and is sooo prepared to be baptized! I don't know if I said anything but her date is on Jan 5 and so we will be having a baptism right after Christmas! :)
Wednesday: Noo SNOW! WOOT! :) We were able to go out and work! We had district meeting in the morning then we were able to go and see a less active and our baptismal candidate again. Since she lost her job she told us to come over whenever we want! :) So we are! :) She is amazing!

Thursday: Weekly Planning and our walking day! YAY... ha! But it was great because we were able to walk to a members work and have dinner with her... (minus the herbal life shake again..) but we walked there and after we had Elder and Sister Kay pick us up and we looked at the temp and it read 18 degrees... ha! We walked in that! But we survived! :)
Friday: This was a great day and we were able to see some great people! We saw a new investigator! He LOVED the Restoration and he totally understood Priesthood power. It was soo cool to see it click in his mind! So we were able to commit him to praying to know if it's true! He is a great kid that really wants to do the right things!! Then we were able to see another sister! She is so sweet! Had a lesson with her then we went back to see our baptismal candidate again! We had a lesson about the Plan of Salvation and out of nowhere she looks at us and says... "Of course we have a prophet!!! God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!!!" :) haah we weren't even talking about prophets but we were so happy to see that it clicked in her mind! She is gaining such a strong testimony! :) Then we had the opportunity to go to Emerson, NJ and sing carols for a big ward thing they were doing! That was fun! :)

Saturday! BIG SNOW STORM!! It snowed from 6:30 until 9:00 at night… all day! :( so guess what that means? We had to stay inside again... :( So sad! But we got some studying done and then we decided to have a snow ball fight then the Kay’s had us come over and we talked with them for a while! :) It was sad because we had a ward Christmas party and it got cancelled...

Sunday: Well here is the day... We were still on lock down that morning... AND our Bishop decided to cancel church... :( But the roads were fine around the afternoon (people just don't know how to drive here... it's sad... haha) so we went out to work! We saw a member then on the way back we were sitting at a stop light and minding our own business when suddenly I looked in the rear view mirror and a see 2 cars behind us not stopping and slamming into the car right behind us then all I remember is the car behind us coming towards us!!! Then BAM!! We got hit too! It wasn't bad we were totally fine! Just a little whiplash... and the car just had a baby scratch on it... We got realllly lucky (angles were protecting us that's for sure!) The car behind us was pretty bad... but all is well! The girl that caused it said that the light was green... however we were two cars in front of her and we hadn't gone yet! hah it was sad... so we spent the rest of the night getting all the paper work filled out and so that was fun... not! :) But I am grateful we were okay and that it wasn't my fault... hahah!
MONDAY: Well now to why I didn't email you... Our Jingle with the Jeppsons got re-scheduled to Monday so we woke up and went straight to the mission home and had a fun morning with them! Our whole zone went and it was a blast! :) They cooked us breakfast and we sang and then had a real spiritual moment reading the Christmas story with president! He is amazing! (p.s. they even cooked me GLUTEN FREE waffles! :) ) I love them so much :) Then after that we had to go to a singing practice because next Sunday the missionaries put on a missionary fireside where we sing Christmas songs! So we had to practice up for that! Then by the time we got home, we had family home even that night and that was that! So it was a long day! :( But still sooo fun! :)

TODAY: Then today we wake up and it snowed ALL morning again but luckily I don't think President knew it was snowing in New City cause we still drove! :) ha! We had district meeting then we were able to go to Costco with Sister Kay cause we didn't shop yet... ha! Oh…she made a cake and saved ME some frosting!!! After that we were able to see a new lady we met the other day and she is such a sweet heart and just wants to learn more! So we told her about the Book of Mormon and we will see her again next week! :) Then we saw our baptismal candidate again today and we showed her how to use LDS.org and she loved it! We watched the Nativity with her! Such a great tool! :) so then that brings us to now! :) wow...

So sorry this is the crazy run down version... but know I am safe and that I love you all! :) Also thank you soo much for all those that have already sent me things! You are all so sweet and I love you so much! :) Well all is well and know that I am being protected by angles!!!! D&C 84:88! He really is on our left and on our right and not just during those scary moments but in the times when we need His support! I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ! Love you and have a great week! :)
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 Playin in the snow!
Me n the Jeppsens! Love them!! NJMM!!!

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