Monday, December 9, 2013

always REMEMBER your Savior!

Holy Smokes! It's almost Christmas! :) Ah I love this time of year! :) I love the Spirit of Christmas! If any of you got to watch the fireside last night I loved what they focused on... Christ’s role in our life! To start of my email I wanted to share my favorite line from Russell M Nelsen... He said: "Christ made mortality a reality and eternal life possible!" That is so true! He made our life have purpose! And that purpose is to make it back to God, something we couldn't do without Christ!! I love being able to stand as a Shepard, or a Witness, during this Christmas! To be a witness of Jesus Christ during this time is the best thing I could ever be doing! :) I love it so much! Oh... and I miss all of you too... :) We had a really rough week... but the Christmas devotional made it all better... thinking about the fact that what I am doing is still important! :)

Wellll to start of the week (this was really our last normal week this month! ha starting this coming week... we will have so many Christmas things to do... it’s crazy! ha)

Tuesday: We had zone meeting clear in West New York, New Jersey (that is quite the mouth full to say...) but it was a great little drive down there! It was Sister Legs first time seeing the city and she loved it! :) And guess what, I didn't even drive on the bridge this time! haha But we had a fun Zone meeting! We got there and our Zone Leaders gave us Santa hats so the pictures below will show that! But it was a lot of fun and the message was great! This month we are all working on Remembering Christ! That is one of the most important things... if we but Remember Him, we won't ever have to worry! :) It's just the remembering that becomes the hard part! But I am grateful to work on that, along with helping our investigators as well! After that, our young investigator called us! She had been having some family problems so we hadn't seen her in a while, but she called us and told us she was available and to come over! :) It was a great lesson and she is still wanting to be baptized and come to church! She is an amazing girl! Keep praying for her!

Wednesday: Now this is where the sad day comes in... ha! But it was just because we had back to back appts. and all but 2 juked us! But it was okay because we were led by the Spirit to be exactly where we needed to be at that moment! It was amazing! So we spent all day getting juked then that night after our last lesson juked us, we had a Zone goal to ask to people to be baptized this day! ha so I told Sister Legg, since all our appts. had fallen through we had to go and ask someone!! So I had this feeling to go to Spring Valley, which was really far away from where we were... but we decided to go anyways! So we get there and we were going to go to this main street that had lots of people on it we could talk to when suddenly we saw a Recent Convert (his mom is one of our investigators who is going to be baptized soon and also juked us that day...) so we saw him walking and he looked lost so we yelled out to him! We told him to follow us! We went and parked and he said that he didn't know where his mom was and he was locked out of his apt! So we said okay, let’s go try again and if not, you can come out and be a missionary with us! :) haha so we just kind of made sure he was okay... so we went to see one of his friends and invited him to be baptized! That was great! But then we went back to try to see if his mom was home yet and we were ringing the door and finally she came up and answered and she was a wreck!!! She said she had come home and pretty much passed out and didn't hear anything! She was soo grateful her son was with us... she was just getting ready to go out and look for him! It was so amazing to be driving in the right place at the right time to see him! I felt like a little angel watching over him! But this is the sad but really cool part! She really wants to be baptized but she hasn't been able to come to church because she works on Sundays... Well she told us on Wednesday night the reason she was sleeping was because she lost her job that morning and she came home and just cried herself to sleep... she was really struggling.. It was really good for us to be there at that time to comfort her as well! But one last cool thing... We have been praying for months now that she would be able to somehow get Sundays off so that she could come to church... As sad as it is that she lost her job, we saw that this is the way the Lord was preparing her to be able to follow the commandments and get baptized! It was an amazing thing to see the Lords hand in this whole entire day! :) So hopefully she will be baptized on Jan 5! She was even at church on Sunday! :)

Thursday: We actually had a great day! We did weekly planning and then we were able to see a new lady! She was really sweet... she told us she was almost baptized once, she was a former investigator and so we will hopefully be able to set up another time to see her! :) After that, we were able to see our young investigator again! We just read with her then she came to Young Womens that night and had a lot of fun as well! :) But that was really all that we did... still a good day! We also came home to a package... from my awesome grandma! A CHRISTMAS TREE! :) Our apt looks soo cute now! :) Love you! :)

Friday: We had appointments all day... and everyone juked us! :( Sad... but for dinner Sister Legg and I cooked up some really good chicken and rice... we got all creative and that helped us feel better! :) Plus we were able to find lots of Potentials! :)

Saturday: Full of service day! We spent the morning helping the youth clean up garbage off the road... ya know what those troubled youth do when they pick up stuff off the high way? Yes... that was us! haha but it was for a good cause! Our ward adopted a highway so we have a sign up that says the name of the church so it's good for them to see then all we have to do is clean up the road 4 times a year! So that was fun! :) haha After that we were able to go to Super Saturday for Relief Society and we did some more service there by making stockings! :) Then we were able to go and see a family in the ward and ask them to help us get an investigator to church! We have a plan to get him there next week! :) That way he will have a friend!
Sunday: What a great Sunday, after a roughish week, we were able to be blessed and have two investigators at church! :) One was a guy that we met on the street one day! He is actually a mailman and he is from the Philippians and he said he talked with missionaries there... so he said that he would come to church! Sooo he did! And he loved it! :) So hopefully we will be able to start teaching him soon! He is super prepared! :)! We also visited a member that night then we were able to watch the Christmas Devotional! :) That was super good! I loved it! :) But that was our night!

It was still a good week! :) And even when things don't go the way we want, I have realized that the Lord always has a better way! And if we are listening HE will place us right where we need to be! :) Wellll Hope everyone has a great week! Remember that I love you! :) And always REMEMBER your Savior! :)

Love, Sister Dahl
(Click on photos to enlarge)

 Zone Meeting and our Christmas Hats!

 Crafting snowmen from our 25 days of Christmas
package from Mom!

 Our beautiful Christmas Tree from Grandma!

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