Monday, December 2, 2013

BOY oh BOY did I eat WAY too much!

Goooooood Morning! Can you even believe that it is December? Wow... WHERE DOES THE TIME EVEN GO?? Well I am so excited to email this week and tell you about my week... It has been one of the CRAZIEST weeks on my mission so far!!! But first things first, we will start off with...

Tuesday: Sister Gaihe and I woke up and got her allll packed and headed out the door at 9:30 and headed to Short Hills, NJ. She was super sad to leave… she had been in New City for 6 months... so that was hard. But she was excited for the new adventure! :) We got there and President had all the Trainers and the Trainees meet in a room together and we just talked... (so much anxiety just to find out who our comp is!) then we talked some more... then we had lunch... then we came back and talked so more! I was about to die! haha But finally after all that we line up across the room. Trainers on one side and Trainees on the other and he will call us and we go in the middle and meet our comp! (all about the drama! haha) But anyways, my companion and I met together and her name is Sister Legg! But wanna know her first name??? KAYLA!!!!!! ahhh!! Right? How cool is that? I still call her Sister, don't worry... but it is tempting to just call her Kayla! Ha! :) But she is actually a Visa Waiter, waiting to go to Brazil! So she was assigned here while she waits! She is so sweet! She is from Idaho and has 3 horses! haha She doesn't rodeo... but we are sooo much alike it's insane! She is so much fun! :) Well after we got over the fact that we both have the same name, hah we had transfer conference with the rest of the mission and they all found out where they are going! So that was long... but then we headed back to our area after being there all day! Then I took her to see our recently baptized convert that night (Pres told us he wanted them to teach a lesson their first night! So we did!) So that was a great lesson and she was able to meet someone! :) Then we came home! p.s. Sister Legg is only 19... yes I feel so old...

Wednesday: Well we woke up and studied then we had to go to District meeting! So that was fun to get together with all the Zone again and have that! We learned a lot! Then we came back and had to finish studies and Sister Legg had her Lang Study cause yes, she is practicing Portugues! (or however you spell it..) Needless to say, I have had Lang. Study hour my entire mission! I am going to be speaking all sorts of languages when I get home! :) But then we were able to go and see an investigator that night! That was great! Then we went to introduce Sister Legg to Bishop... that was good... just to share a little thought with them! :) And that was pretty much our day.

Thursday: Ah! Thanksgiving! Craziest day of my mission so far. ha but so fun! :) So we woke up and Sister Kay said she needed help cooking so we went over there and helped her chop stuff up then we had to leave because two of our Zones were getting together to have a TURKEY BOWL! haha so we went to NJ and played Soccer and Football with some other Elders and Sisters! IT WAS FREEZING COLD cause we played outside but we bundled up and it was sooo fun! :) Then after that we were able to go back and go over to the Kays and have dinner! :) The Elders and our investigator were there and BOY oh BOY did I eat WAY too much! :) Then we kinda played a game of 5 crowns... ha then we ate more and ate desert! Then we decided since we didn't do anything all day and no one was going to let us come over on a holiday that we should go home and study! :) So we did! :) But... turkey makes you tired... ha! p.s. we made peanut butter cookies and jello for the thanksgiving feast! haha soo creative right?

Friday: Since this week so far has been the most unsuccessful week ever... :/ We decided we really needed to work today! ha! However, we had weekly planning to do... but we were able to see one investigator and have a great lesson with her! Then we had a dinner appt that night with a sweet family in our ward! They fed us leftover turkey! But it was great because we were able to talk to them about the temple! So that was a good lesson! Then we went over and introduced Sister Legg to another member of our ward. She is the sweetest lady ever and so that was really great! :) Shared a little short message with her! Then the Bishop called and had us come over and get more leftover turkey! AHH! So we have had lots of turkey since then! :)
Saturday: Well, Saturday was an okay day… ha we started out by a member calling us and telling us that she didn't get to cook a turkey and she wanted us to come over for lunch! So she had us come over and so that was fun! :) Yet another turkey meal! Good thing I like turkey! :) And it's crazy how many different kinds of turkey dinners there are! Everyone does it different! Then we were able to go to a Less Active member that we saw last week. It was her son’s birthday so we didn't get to do much… but after that we were able to go to another members for dinner! But don't worry, they didn't cook us turkey! haha but we sure were stuffed that day! :)

Sunday: Sunday was a great day! :) It always is! We were able to go to church, then after we went to see a Head Quarter referral that we got... however he didn't live there anymore but we both had a feeling that there was someone on that street that was there and ready for us! So we tracted the whole street and found a man and set an appt with him for next week! So that was fun! :) Then we brought a treat to another investigator cause he was sick... :/ then we went home and did our studies then we went back out to go and see our sister investigator that night! Awe she is so funny! But we sit down... and she looks at me and says, "When are you going to baptize me?" haha she just says, I'm ready!!! So I was like wow! haha but I backed it up a little and asked her why she wanted to be baptized and asked her how her Book of Mormon reading is going and she said great! She is already on page 35! I don't know what has changed with her the last couple of weeks but something has! She has such a strong desire to learn and be a member of the church! It's incredible! So we set a date of Jan 5! (she told me she wanted to make sure I am there.. ha) but the Sisters before taught her so she has pretty much all the lessons, all we have to do is review them with her and she will be ready for baptism that day! Pray that all goes well! :) Sister Legg was excited to see that on her first week! :) haha

But that was our week! It's been... different... and slow... ha but still great! Still so amazing to see our Brothers and Sisters want to come closer to our Father in Heaven! Still another week where I have become more and more converted to this amazing gospel! Still another week where I get to be a missionary! :) I love it! This coming up week will be great because we will get to see more of our investigators! Then starting this month we get to go to the temple! I don't know when yet, but I can't wait... I sure have missed that place! But all is going great! :) I love my Father in Heaven so much and my Savior Jesus Christ! I am so grateful for them in my life! :) And since its Thanksgiving weekend, I was especially grateful for my family for raising me the way they have! For giving me the gospel in my life, so that I can share it with others! I love you all so much and hope you have a great week! :) :)

Sister Dahl
(Click on photo to enlarge)
 Kayla and Kayla or you can say Sister and Sister...haha but my new comp! :)
 Us chopping up some things for Thanksgiving
Me, my comp and two other sisters at the turkey bowl FREEZING! :)

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