Monday, January 13, 2014

Wellll goooood morning from the FREEZING east coast!!!!!!

Wellll goooood morning from the FREEZING east coast!!!!!! But no worries, I am still living. The first couple days this week it was a high of 10 degrees. But thennnn the last couple days it’s been in the 40's and I have been walking around without a coat cause it feels like a heat wave! :) Soo alll is well... the work goes on! :) (and I just pray for warmer weather!) :) 
It has been a really good week! It's the first week that we have almost had a normal week! :) It's been great though and we still experienced lots of great miracles and felt the spirit a lot! What is better than that? 

Monday: As you know I was in Fardale area on exchange... well that night we went to the hospital to switch back and since it was P-day we decided to play games with the sister who was sick. As we were playing she started to eat... (she hadn't been able to keep anything down for a week!) then we just started to distracting her and played more games and guess what? She kept it all down! :) She was released the next day and is doing much better! :) Glad we could help them and be of service!

Tuesday: Well since Sister Legg was at the hospital alll day she didn't get to email so we studied then we were able to have her do that, then that night we went to see a sweet member, and our recent convert! We were able to talk to her about having Faith and it went really well! :) She is so strong! 
Wednesday: We had Zone meeting! We have a focus each month for us to work on and this month’s focus for the mission is Repentance. It's so great! Repentance usually sounds scary… sounds hard! But that is so not the case! Repentance is a GIFT! That we get to use to change our life!! Change those little things about us that make us better! :) It was all about Repenting every night and coming up with a plan on how you are going to FIX that thing tomorrow! It's been great! I love the gospel!  Then since we didn't get to go shopping on Monday, we ran to Cost-co... yay! Then we saw our recent convert again (don’t worry.. it seems like we see her a lot.. but we are supposed to I promise! hah) we talked to her about Temples and oh my goodness! She wants to go sooo bad! :) Then we saw a head quarter referral! All he wanted was a bible... but we gave him a Book of Mormon too! :) then we saw the Herbal Life member again! :)  woo. 

Thursday: Sooo it was our walking day and so we decided we were really going to walk! and walk far!! :) So we had an appt with a member for lunch and we walked to her our convert’s house and then we had a member with us so we asked her to take us home! But it was still good! We had our hand and toe warmers and all sorts of stuff and we started to sweat! hahah after that we did weekly planning and then had young mens and young womens and that was great! sooo many people were there! The youth ALWAYS bring their nonmember friends! It's great :)
FRIDAY: Oh goodness...most interesting day of my mission so far. So we went to see this old lady this morning that is Less Active...she is so old, that she didn't even know she was a member! haa but we go see her every great once in a while cause she is all alone and super lonely! Well we get there and she opens the door and tells us she is super sick! So we tell her to go sit down and we tried to talk to her for a second to make sure she was okay. She wanted us there! So I was sitting next to her and we were talking and then she just stops talking and starts breathing really hard! I looked at Sister Legg and the only thing that was running through my head was that this lady was going to die... it was sooo scary! soooo me, being scared, like woke her up! haha and she snapped out of whatever she was doing and she decided to call the hospital! So she did and then the ambulance came and got her! haha it was nuts! But then we just left pretty sneakily! :) After that we saw 2 Less Actives and then saw our convert again and talked to her about a family History! She already knows what name she wants to take to the temple! Then we talked with her son as well! It was a great day... near the end! 

SATURDAY: We were able to see a member and her kids who are really struggling right now... she is super sick so we made a plan to make her and her kids dinner next week! :) I love that being a missionary you can just simply serve. That makes me so happy! :) Then we saw an investigator. He is funny... he is one that we will have to work realllly slow with! Then we saw a member for Dinner! A Spanish member but her food was soo good! :) They are a cute family! Trying to learn English. Then we saw our convert again and talked with her about her conformation! :) 

SUNDAY: awe! Sunday was a great day! Our recent convert received the Holy Ghost! :) She was sooo happy! I honestly have never seen the gospel change someone like it has changed her! I have been so blessed to witness it! She has forever changed my life and I know this gospel has forever changed hers! She is one that will be strong for the rest of her life! :) After church we were able to go and see the 3 kids we have been teaching and they are all on date to be baptized! We had a great lesson with them and they even came to church! But that was really our day! :) We ate dinner... and don't worry Sister Legg and I are such good cooks. I don't remember what it was called that we cooked last night but it was goooood! :) hah

But that is our week here in the big New City! :) I love being a missionary and being able to help people change their lives! That’s what the gospel is alllll about! I love what I am doing and I can't believe I am almost hitting the downwards slope... this is going by too fast… too fast!!!
Well I love you all and know that I love my Savior more than anything! 

Have a great week!
Love ya!
Sister Dahl
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