Monday, August 11, 2014

here we go again!!

Wellll Good Morning everyone! Isn't Crazy I have been up for 5 hours already and I bet you haven't even been up for 2?????????????? Not going to lie... I probably will sleep in for the first week when I get back. Just saying! :) But not that we are thinkin about that or anything!!! Because I am so grateful to be a missionary! This week was... boring. Not even going to lie! But I have an AWESOME new companion, Sister Coulam! She is from St. George and she is super great! She is 23 and already graduated school to be a Math teacher... (just what I need) and she has been out for a little over a year! BUT the best part is... she is super sarcastic and funny! Which is just what I need because I lost a little bit of that out here and I needed someone to be able to break me so that I can be ready to come home to my sarcastic family. Heavenly Father knows what He is doing! :) hahaha

Monday: Well we spent the day at a Zone BBQ then the night with Sister Shearer visiting some people she wanted to see one last time before she left... and packing! 
Tuesday: In the morning we were able to go and see two great people and Sister Shearer just said goodbye to them as well! :) After that we got some ice cream and drove on down to transfer conference! It was weird having Pres. Taggart doing the conference and not Pres. Jeppson but that was okay... it was still good! :) Then we got the new comp and everything and drove on home! That night we had to get everything ready because the Elders took over half our area and we had to get everything ready for them!
Wednesday: We were able to have district meeting and then we had the chance to see a bunch of people which was great... just nobody was home so I guess we really didn't see them. Saw a lot of houses. haha but anyways! After that we went to coordination and got everything organized with our Ward Mission Leader! He is incredible! 
Thursday: We had a full day of planning... :( We planned for our week and we also planned for our newish area and then planned for the transfer and how we were going to see all the Sisters! :) so that was a good little day!
Friday: Well Sister Coulam had a meeting on how to be a STL so I went to Short hills with some other Sisters and spent the day with them... We mostly just did studies but we did go and do a service project and we were able to help this thing called Bridges. It’s where they get food and clothes and organize it and take it to people who are homeless in the city and in Newark. It was soo humbling to be a part of that and help them out. After that we came home and we had an appt with an investigator. He is still on our side of the area! But we were able to talk with him about the Priesthood! It was cool because his stepson who is getting ready to go on a mission just received the Melchizedek (please help my spelling) Priesthood so he had lots of questions. But the best part was when we asked his wife, who is a member, what the Priesthood meant to her, she started to tear up and the spirit swept in the room and she testified to her husband the blessing of being able to have her son have the Priesthood in the home. It was so powerful! I was so glad to be a part of it! So that was awesome! :)
Saturday: We had a whole day of meetings. Literally. We spent the day in Morristown at Mission Leader Council and then after that we had to go to District Leader Council and with driving time it took up the whole night!!! 
Sunday: We went to church :) Which was great! Had an awesome Sunday! We were also able to come home and study and then we were able to go to a member’s home for dinner and then go and visit some potentials after that! :) But it was a good Sabbath day! 
So that was our week. Exchanges start this week! For the next 4 weeks of the transfer we have something every day... yay! :) Love being busy! But all is well. Adding my testimony to our member’s... I know that the Priesthood power is real. I know that it really is God’s power on the Earth! I know not much would be able to done without it and I am so grateful to be able to have grown up around the Priesthood my entire life! Well know that I love you all very much! Hope you have a good weeeek!

Sister Dahl
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 Our District!
 Sister Shearer and I

Sister Shearer and Sister Coulam and I

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