Monday, August 25, 2014

Exchange Insane!

Wellll I made it. I am back! And still kickin! This week was the craziest week of my mission.. (I’d love to count how many times I have actually said that.. haha it's probably a lot.. they just keep getting crazier and crazier I'm tellin ya!) But really…this week was nuts! BECAUSE WE WENT ON 4 EXCHANGES! That is like an exchange every day! But it was so good and fun to be with so many of the great Sisters! It's really cool… I think Heavenly Father gave me this calling because He knew I needed to learn from all the other sisters we have around us… because that’s what I did this week! Learn from each of them! :) But hereeee we go! :)

Monday: P-DAY! We had a zone activity and played some games! Then after P-day we were able to go to a family’s house for dinner! :) They are so sweet! It was fun to be with their family and their kids! After that we went to try to visit some Less Actives :)
Tuesday: We had district meeting then I went on exchange to be with Sister Monsen in Paterson! She is Spanish and so there was a lot I didn't understand...haah we had a lesson with an older lady in a hospital... then we had correlation with her ward mission leader... all in Spanish... and then we went to contact people on the street… all in Spanish! haha we found a couple English! It's funny though... I am like a useless missionary when I can't talk to the people! But it was fun to be with her! She is a sweetheart!

Wednesday: We woke up and studied and set some goals, then we were able to find some service opportunities for them to do in their area! That is a big push from President right now so it is fun to be able to go and find something for the Sisters to do! We found some great ones! Then we went back and had lunch all together at our house and then I was able to go on another exchange with Sister Mendoza but I stayed in the area this time! :) Since Sister Mendoza and I BOTH can't drive we got some members to help us out! We did teach one lesson at the church to a returning member and it was really good! It was all about Missionary work! :) Then we had another member come and pick us up and we went to their house and they fed us and then we did service for them! We painted their doors because they are getting ready to sell their house! :) Then she drove us back home and that was that day! :) It was fun to be with Sister Mendoza again! Love that little squirt! :)
Thursday: We woke up and studied then we were able to meet back together as companions and have lunch! We made some Filipino food! mmm :) Miss that! haha but it was good! Then we had a couple seconds to ourselves before we went on another exchange! I left and went with Sister Shiman in Rutherford! It was a good night! Luckily this one was in English so I could understand it :) but we contacted a lot of people... we even contacted a guy who was using his phone and we asked him to watch a video called Because of Him so he did! He loved it so much and said he felt the chills! He was so cool he said the video made him feel like it was just a trailer to something bigger! So we said you are right! Can we come and teach you! :) haha so he gave us his info! It was really cool! Social Media is pretty cool… when it is used for good! :) So yes that was good! Then we taught a lesson with a family that night and that was about it! :) Gooood day! 

Friday: We had a good morning and we were able to talk a lot! :) and set some really good goals then our companions came back and Sister Coulam and I had like 11 min together and we were off to the last one! I went with Sister Haycock in Passaic! Another Spanish speaking one... haha it was really good... I think... haha we taught some lessons and I just tried not to fall asleep I am not going to lie... :( but all is well! :) It was a good day! We had fun!
Saturday: The next morning we woke and went and played soccer with some people in her branch! That was fun! Hispanics are really good at soccer! And I am really not! But it was fun! Then we came back and studied and then went to one appt where of course they fed us! A GIANT PLATE OF RICE AND CHICKEN!!! oh lanta I wanted to die... there is this real thing called a Hispanic tummy. Where you eat sooo much and then it just sits there in your stomach and doesn't digest. It made me want to die! But it was soo good :) But I am glad I am English! :) Then we did exchanges back and finally we were done! :) Sister Coulam and I had to run real fast to an appt to the guy we met a couple of weeks ago! We had a good lesson with him and our Ward Mission Leader came! That was fun! We had a good lesson. A Little unfocused... typical jersey lesson :) But all is well! He said he would want to be baptized and we committed him to continue to pray for an answer! :) Then that night we came back and filled out a million exchanged forms and then we were able to go to the Adult Session of Stake Conference. That was fun! :) And that is that! It was all about missionary work… which we like right? 

Sunday: we were able to go to Stake Conference and that was really good... it was kind of interesting because it was really just a big testimony meeting but some people shared some really good testimonies! And because I am back in the stake I am usually in I saw so many people that I love! :) So that was really fun! :) but then we went back and had to do weekly planning because we didn't get to do that during the week and so that was pretty much our day... it was good though! :) 
Well not too much of an update of our area because I wasn't here! haha so hopefully the next couple weeks I will be here and I will update you more on that :) Today we get to go and play softball with our mission! We are having a tournament! We will see if my softball skills from before the mission are still there... haha yeah right! But I am doing good! :) loving life! Love my comp! And I love the gospel! I was reading in Alma 5 this morning and that is probably one of my favorite chapters in the Book of Mormon. HE JUST THROWS down to the people. Okay he doesn't, but the Spirit does! What came to me this morning is the fact that it never talks about the people’s reaction. Ever. If a guy was asking me those types of questions I would react some way! But what I liked a lot is I kept reading into chapter 6 and it talked immediately about how they built up the church. That was what they did. That was their reaction. It was ACTION. They repented and did what they needed to do! That’s what the gospel is all about. Acting. Not just having faith but acting on it. Not just repenting but Changing! I love that and I am so grateful I get to share that will others and help them ACT on the gospel of Jesus Christ! :) I love you all so much! Hope you have a good week! 

Sister Dahl
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 Sister Monsen and I
 Sister Mendoza and I
 Sister Shiman and I
Sister Haycock and I
What my comp did to my desk while I was getting ready this morning! haha

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