Monday, September 1, 2014

We shared the truth!

Welllll Good morning and happy Labor Day to everyone! It's seriously time to get out of bed now... some of us still have to work ya know? Savin souls! :) Jk. At least today is P-day! But man I am so happy I get to email you and tell you about our week! :)

Monday: Well we had a crazy p-day because we had a mission softball tourney! It was fun... our whole zone wore mustaches! Go look on for the good picture of us! :) Well just me and Sister Coulam! But we got knocked out the first round because half our zone didn't show up! Silly! But all is well it was super fun! :) It was good to get back to work that night and contact some people on the street of Caldwell… we talked/almost sort of bible bashed with two men and caught them in their words like 9 times but they didn't admit it... but all is well! :) We shared the truth!
Tuesday: Great day at district meeting! :) We were able to go on exchange with Sister Bair and Sister Cadizal… super fun! I stayed with Sister Bair in Caldwell and we were able to see great miracles! We went to see an investigator and had a great lesson with him and he wants to be baptized so he is on date for Oct 12th! He is super excited for that! :) After that we were able to see former investigator and her friend was there and they are from Nigeria! Had a great lesson with them! It was fun! Then we went to contact and we met a great guy on the street and we invited him to be baptized and he said he wanted to... granted, we haven't been able to see him since... but he really felt the Spirit while we were talking to him! :)

Wednesday: We exchanged back and had lunch with the Sisters! That was fun! Then we went out to do some more work... it was a great day! We were able to see a returning member and talk to him about the Restoration and that was good to try to help his testimony grow! :) After we went to dinner with a member at a fancy little Italian restaurant! It was named Stephanie's And that was really our night.
Thursday: We had a day of weekly planning then we were able to go and contact some people in a park near our house! It was fun and we had the chance to talk to loads of people! One guy was across the street and he actually came up to us and said he knew who we were! And that he loved our church... only thing was... he was a minister for another church... :( but it was a good conversation! :) …and cool to be recognized for good!

Friday: We had Mission Leader Council and that was great... We talked a lot about how to help the mission succeed. :) I am just grateful to be a part of it! :) After that we were able to go and see another investigator that night because that is all we had time for but we had a great lesson with him getting out his concerns. I love that family so much! He has so many questions though so it is so fun to be able to try and help him! :)
Saturday: Awesome day! We had District Leader Council in the morning to tell the District Leaders about the meeting we had and it was good then we were able to go and see our baptismal candidate later that day and that was super fun! We got him all pumped for church :) and we explained what it means to be baptized a little more. After that we didn't have much planned but we went to contact in West Orange and we met THE COOLEST GUY! We literally talked on the road for an hour and a half... one of the first things he said when we brought up the Book of Mormon was hey! That makes sense! He brought up the scripture in Matthew when Christ said... "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold " Before we did! It was amazing! So he wants us to come over next week and we are super excited for that! He knows a lot and loves what we were saying! He has a wife and a couple little kidos too! :)

Sunday: Awesome Sunday! Our baptismal candidate came to church and we had another person randomly come in because she wants to apply to BYU and she wanted to check out what the church was like! She left with our number but hopefully she will call us or something! :) Super great! After church we were able to go to a member’s home for dinner then stop by the investigator we’ve worked with who has trouble with smoking cause we haven't seen her forever and we got to  talk with her and help her to feel the Spirit again! :) Hopefully we can get back with her!
But that was our week! Pretty great! One thing that was really cool this week and I am sure some already know was what Elder Bednar talked about this week at Educational week! He talked a lot about spreading the gospel through Social Media! I loved that! Seeing how the church is so up to date on that and how we can touch so many more people’s lives by that than anything else! :) The work is moving forward and I am so grateful to be a part of it! :) If we only had ipads...

Well I love you all and hope you have a good week!!!!

Sister Dahl!
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 The Zone Softball Game Prep!
The sisters we had exchanges with

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