Monday, September 15, 2014

last 6 weeks...what?

Well... drum roll... where will I be spending my last 6 weeks as a full time missionary?? 

Right in the same place doin’ the same thing! :) haha

I will be staying in Caldwell with Sister Coulam and still asked to be a Sister Training Leader! I am so excited and really couldn't be happier! :) It will be a good transfer... I can feel it! :) 

Monday: Wellll it was a good p-day! We went bowling! And I found a sweet salon that had my name on it... hence the pics! Look at that! :) After that we were able to go try to find some people to teach... we got some good info about some people moving... hah that was good... I guess.. :) 

Tuesday: We had district meeting! Woot! Then we decided to go on a last min exchange with some Sisters! Sister Dorough and Sister Allen! So Sister Dorough came with me and stayed in Caldwell and that was fun! :) We went to teach our baptismal candidate and had a great lesson with him and committed him to pray to know for sure if he should be baptized. Then we went to dinner with a family. They asked me what my favorite gluten free meal was and they would cook it and I never told them but I got there and guess what they had cooked me? Nachos! :) Inspired right? They were sooo good! :) haha then we were able to go to one more investigator! We were able to read from the Book of Mormon with her and it was good... she is seriously going through so much right now it's sad.. :( But that was our night!

Wednesday: We exchanged back and we were able to go and do a service activity at the hospital place! It was super fun! They were having a petting zoo there so we were able to help people in their wheel chairs and move the around! I love doing service and being able to talk to those people! Then we spent the night trying to find people to teach! We found a couple but none that were super interested! But a good night still!
Thursday: We went up to New City to help clean because the Sisters actually had bedbugs... (remind me to tell you that story of me and the bed bugs when I get home...) and so they were moving apartments so we went to help them clean! Good service! :) Then we came home and we were able to do some weekly planning and getting ready for the next transfer! :) 

Friday: A busy day! In the morning we actually were able to go and I cut Sister Zamora’s hair! That was fun! Then we went to see an investigator but he totally juked! :( So we had a member with us and we decided to go to a former investigator and he let us right in! We had a great first lesson with him and that was super fun! He is excited to learn more again! :) Then we went and finished making new planners and such and that night we went to see another investigator, the one in a part member family! He is the best! We had a funny lesson with him... he couldn't stop laughing... haha then it was like 8:30 at night and we had two people to stop by... potentials we had never met before and we went to one and they moved but the guy that was there said we could come back :) then we went to the other one and knocked on the door and the door opened and someone SCREAMED at us!!! (mind you it was super dark outside) and so then we, okay I, screamed really loud and hid behind Sister Coulam because I thought I was going to die and we look at it is this kid who looked just as scared as we did! haha He said he was super sorry he thought we were one of his friends! Hahahah… it was sooo funny!! So then we actually laughed it off and shared a message with him and gave him a BOM :) see if he ever tries to scare anyone again! :)
Saturday: It was kind of a sad day... We went and had a lesson with our baptismal candidate and he told us that he had a dream and inside that dream it told him not to join the church... he looked super confused so he pretty much said he needed a break to take some time and figure things out... so we were sad about that... we testified and invited him to pray again to make sure. :( So pray that he will get an answer! :) After that we went to change the tire on our car because it totally had a nail in it... then we went to stop by and see the 12 year old girl... well we haven't seen her in forever.. :( she has been really hard to get ahold of so we went to stop by and she was home and let us right in and we had a lesson with her and she said we could come back this next week so that was good! :) But other than that-that was our day! :) 

Sunday: We had a good Sabbath day! Our baptismal candidate didn't come to church... but it was still a good Sunday. After church we were able to go and see a member family! They fed us a good dinner :) they even had an artichoke! I told them I haven't had one of those in 18 months! I was so excited :) haha Sister Saunders thought I was crazy... but after that we went to an appt but she wasn't there so we just went and tried to find some people to teach! :) It was fun… pretty sure Sister Coulam makes everything fun! She is hilarious! :) 
But that was the week... kind of sad but I am so excited for this next transfer! It will be good! :) I love what I am doing! I kind of am getting a lil lump in my throat thinking about the fact that it's coming to an end... I told Heavenly Father last night... I can't believe it's gone by so fast!!!!! But at least I have 6 weeks to keep being His full-time servant! And I am going to live it to the best! :) I love you all-always remember-the church is true! :) 

Have a good week! :) 
Sister Dahl
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 District Bowling Day!
 Sister Coulam and I :)
 Me in front of my new salon... ;)
 Our group

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  1. Bowling?! That sounds right up your alley (snicker, snicker)!! I'm sure you had a ball, with time to spare (ROFL)!!! Oh boy, I'm cracking myself up with these terrific puns! Anyway, it was an honor knowing you, and I hope to see some of your amazing rides on the WPRA website. If you were here, I'd shake your hand Brother You-Know-Who style.
    Thanks for being such an example of Gospel obedience, Sister Dahl.